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We are updating our website to meet Standard Process (SP) Guidelines regarding on‑line sales of SP products. Temporarily, with any SP orders or questions about SP products, please call us directly at 1.800.231.806324 hours per day, seven days per week.

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Below is our quick order form for your ease of ordering products when you know exactly what you want. For more information on something, please select from the categories on the right.
"Health Alert -- America's Trusted Alternative Health Resource since 1984"

Please mail with your check or money order to:
Health Alert
30 Ryan Ct, Ste 100
Monterey, CA 93940

Tel: 1.800.231.8063
Fax: 1.831.372.3805
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  8701 Sinus Relief™ $12.001 
  8702 Super Neti Juice™ $44.001 
  8703 Managing Sinus Health Book $15.001 
  8704 Neti Pot $4.501 
  8705 Sinus Support™ $10.001 
  8706 Congestion Relief™ $10.00225 
  8707 Rash Relief™ $24.001 
  8708 Shingleze™ $25.001 
  8709 Sleep Apnea Relief™ $40.0030 
  8711 Respiratory Relief™ 4oz $26.004 
  8714 Nebulizer Comp AIR NE–C801 $39.001 
  8716 Digestive & Urinary Tonic™ $29.008 
  8717 Wound Relief™ Gel 4oz $17.001 
  8719 Maui Aui™ spray $10.954 
  8721 CHILD face mask $3.001 
  8723 Oral and Dental Therapy $29.008 
  8724 RAW lip balm Lemon/Coconut $4.751 
  8725 RAW lip balm Orange/Tangerine $4.751 
  8726 RAW lip balm Pineapple/Coconut $4.751 
  8727 RAW lip balm Pomegranate $4.751 
  8728 RAW lip balm Rose/Mint $4.751 
  8729 RAW lip balm Vanilla/Chamomile $4.751 
  8730 Throat Relief $22.991 
  9000 Flax Oil $15.001 
  9007 Ph Paper with dispenser $6.001 
  9075 Nutri–Flax® Powder 16oz $10.0025 
  9175 Butter Oil X–Factor™ Gold High Vitamin $45.00120 
  9250 Cod Liver Oil Blue Ice™ High Vitamin $30.00120 
  9300 Coconut Oil (Virgin–Full Flavor) $14.5016 
  9350 Coconut Oil (Organic–Flavorless) $10.0016 
  9450 Balsamic Vinegar $3.0012 
  9635 Gardener Salve (Lemon) $8.504 
  9655 Gardener Salve Lavender 4oz $8.504 
  9675 Rose Water Spritzer $8.501 
  9700 Celtic Sea Salt® (Fine Ground) $10.001 
  9715 Celtic Sea Salt® Pre–Filled Grinder $6.951 
  9725 Celtic Sea Salt® Light Grey (Coarse Ground) $4.951 
  9750 Celtic Sea Salt® Shaker $8.001 
  9775 Kyocera Ceramic GRINDER (white) REFILLABLE empty $19.001 
  9900 RAINFOREST Handmade Bar Soap 4.8oz bar $5.001 
  9925 Penetrate & Prepare Scalp CONDITIONER $18.001 
  9950 Restore & Thicken SHAMPOO $14.001 
  9975 Invigorate & Shield Scalp DEFENSE $17.008 
  GIMD The GI Mediterranean Diet $10.001 
  Index Master Index for back volumes $13.001 
  LFL Low Fat Lies High Fat Frauds $15.951 
  new1 1 yr new sub $39.0012 
  new2 2 yr new sub $77.0024 
  new4 1 yr new sub $49.0012 
  new8 2 yr new sub $87.0024 
  rnu1 GREAT DEAL One year renewal to Health Alert $39.0012 
  rnu3 BEST OFFER! Two year renewal to Health Alert $72.0036 
  ROTD Rays of the Dawn $12.001 
  SBFR The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution $18.951 
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Guarantee: If you decide these products are not for you, please contact our offices at 800-231-8063 within 30 days of the order dated to receive instructions (only unopened/non-expired/unmarked/undamaged products and packages accepted) and an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number that is required in order to process refunds.

Notes: These products are not designed to take the place of medical care, which you should get from a licensed medical physician. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

* Tax rate is 8.75% in California, sales tax on other states is not collected.

^ Standard Shipping is $11.00 for orders below $250.00. Standard Shipping is included for orders above $250.00.

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"Health Alert -- America's Trusted Alternative Health Resource since 1984"
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