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Skin Care

Rose Water Spritzer

This face and body spritzer is made up of the water component of the essential oil distillation process. Very effective at remoistening face and skin, whether at 30,000 feet in an airliner, at home, in the office or the car. Defeat the drying heat in a moist satisfying way. A pure product, nothing artificial or reconstituted.

Rose Water Spritzer
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Our Price: $ 8.50

Shingleze "Shingleze"
When shingles virus (HVZ) attacks, even swallowing the most powerful prescription anti–viral is not enough. You need on–the–spot action to: stop the virus, ease the pain and help to repair the damaged skin.

The powerful anti-viral action of Humic Acid and the herbs in Shingles Relief will shut down that viral activity faster than any other course of action. What’s more, these herbs and plant derivatives are all natural and won’t harm your liver like prescription drugs.

Shingles Relief uses nervine herbs like Lavender, Passion Flower, St. John’s Wort and others to calm irritated nerves and reduce itching. Pain relievers like White Willow and Arnica are time–tested remedies for pain that work with the Comfrey and Aloe, helping to repair the skin.

This lotion can be gently rubbed on the Shingles or Herpes outbreak two or more times per day to maximize the healing and soothing benefits.

Can be used on Shingles, Cold‐Sores, Fever‐Blisters or any Herpes outbreak.

Contains 45 ml (1.6 oz). Safe for any external use.

Note: If you have a large outbreak over a large area of skin, we suggest that you start by purchasing 3 containers.

SKU:8708 Qty:1/package
Our Price: $ 25.00
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