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Skin Care

Coconut Oil (Organic–Flavorless)
Coconut Oil (Organic - Flavorless) "Coconut Oil (Organic - Flavorless)"

Coconut oil is a healthy oil for cooking or consuming raw. Coconut oil supports brain health.

SKU:9350 Qty:16/package
Your Price: $ 10.00
Coconut Oil (Virgin–Full Flavor)
Coconut Oil (Virgin - Full Flavor) "Coconut Oil (Virgin - Full Flavor)"

Coconut oil is a healthy oil for cooking or consuming raw. Coconut oil supports brain health. This 100% organic Virgin coconut oil is full‐flavored (coconut flavor) with the natural coconut aroma.

SKU:9300 Qty:16/package
Your Price: $ 14.50
Flax Oil Omega Nutrition Hi-Lignan
FLAX Oil "FLAX Oil" lignan

is a supreme source of essential fats and fatty acids.

It is omega‐3 unsaturated fatty acids—a tonic, especially for seniors and children. It is an excellent source of nutrients to help normalize blood fats and cholesterol. It is also full of nutrients that support healthy skin and hormone production.

SKU:9000 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 15.00
Gardener Salve (Lemon)
Gardener Salve (Lemon) "Gardener Salve (Lemon)"

SALE ITEM - Regularly sold for $12.00 - discounted today to $5.95

Same effective formula as our popular Lavender Gardener's Salve, but with Lemon Verbena. This salve has also proven to be very effective in healing dry elbows, knees, heels, hands and cuticles. Contains pure and extra virgin olive oil, pharmaceutical grade cocoa butter and premium beeswax

SKU:9635 Qty:4/package
Your Price: $ 5.95
Maui Aui™ spray

This is one product that I can't say enough about.

I've been in the health field for 45 years, and I have never seen anything work like this. We used it on bad sunburns after a day at the beach—and we had the same results. Just spray it on and forget it. This unique herbal formula, created by one of the best herbal experts in the country, delivers cooling, soothing relief while providing essential nourishment to your skin for repair. The white willow bark works to provide quick relief. The Lavender and St. John's Wort relieve the itch of sunburned skin. The Calendula soothes and restores your skin's healthy balance. And the Comfrey and Arnica work together to support the repair of damaged skin cells and their replacement with new cells.

These amazing herbs are blended with tropical oils containing nutrients for protection and repair. And this formula is embodied in an Aloe Vera base to help soothe and heal. And best yet it comes in a spray bottle so there's no rubbing of uncomfortable skin. It goes on gently in a fine mist. And it is free of the chemical ingredients found in most sprays. The 4–ounce bottle is handy and lasts a long time—a little goes a long way. I am never without Maui Aui™, and you shouldn't be either. You will absolutely love it.

SKU:8719 Qty:4/package
Your Price: $ 10.95
RAINFOREST Handmade Bar Soap 4.8oz bar
Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, this soap is handcrafted in small batches, using only the finest ingredients—including brazilnut, hazelnut, sunflower oil and flax. The flax seed material provides a gentle scrub. It lathers beautifully, leaving your skin silky soft.

SKU:9900 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 5.00
Rash Relief™
Rash Relief "Rash Relief" itch skin 8707

Dealing with rashes can be excruciating. Often nothing seems to help, steroids can be just too dangerous, and lotions are too often ineffective.

Herbs have been used for centuries to support healthy skin and your skin’s natural defense system. Traditional herbs to support your skin’s fight against rash‐causing environmental factors are Poke Root, Chaparral, Neem, Burdock, Blood Root, and Humic Acid.

Traditional herbs to support healthy skin recovery are Aloe Vera, Calendula, and Comfrey. And Traditional herbs to promote healthy skin while supporting your body’s functions to promote relief and assist in reducing itching and swelling are Arnica Montana, Willow Bark, Calendula, St. John’s Wort and Chickweed.

Rash Relief™ has all these herbs carefully formulated so that it can boost and support the body's ability to heal and maintain skin health.

SKU:8707 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 24.00
RAW lip balm Pineapple/Coconut

Raw Lip Balm "Raw Lip Balm"

I’m holding a stick of the best, hand-crafted, organic lip balm in the world. RAW lip balm isn’t your ordinary lip balm...as a matter of fact, Raw lip balm is far from ordinary. RAW lip balm was inspired by a California high school student, Avery Shannon, who was suffering from years of pharmaceutical medications that left his lips dry and cracked. He embarked on making his own lip balm after trying all the conventional lip balms on the market and finding that they didn’t provide long-lasting moisture nor were the textures and tastes desirable. Several years later he has perfected his recipe and is now selling tens of thousands of lip balms around the country.

They are made with truly organic ingredients and packaged with the environment in mind. I am enthralled with RAW lip balm and I want you to try it, too.

SKU:8726 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 4.75
Rose Water Spritzer
Rose Water Spritzer "Rose Water Spritzer" Bonny Doon Sale

SALE ITEM - Sold for $8.50 - discounted today to $5.95

This face and body spritzer is made up of the water component of the essential oil distillation process. Very effective at remoistening face and skin, whether at 30,000 feet in an airliner, at home, in the office or the car. Defeat the drying heat in a moist satisfying way. A pure product, nothing artificial or reconstituted.

SKU:9675 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 5.95
Shingleze "Shingleze" 8708

When shingles virus (HVZ) attacks, even swallowing the most powerful prescription anti‐viral is not enough. You need on‐the‐spot action to: ease the discomfort and help to repair the damaged skin.

Shingleze contains Humic Acid as well as herbs and plant derivatives that are all natural and won’t harm your liver.

Shingleze Relief™ uses nervine herbs like Lavender, Passion Flower, St. John’s Wort and others to calm irritated nerves and reduce itching. Discomfort relievers like White Willow and Arnica are time‐tested remedies for discomfort that work with the Comfrey and Aloe, helping to repair the skin.

This lotion can be gently rubbed on the Shingles or Herpes outbreak two or more times per day to maximize the healing and soothing benefits.

Can be used on Shingles, Cold Sores, Fever Blisters, or any Herpes outbreak.

Contains 45 ml (1.6 oz). Safe for any external use.

Note: If you have a large outbreak over a large area of skin, we suggest that you start by purchasing 3 containers.

SKU:8708 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 25.00
Wound Relief™ Gel 4oz
Wound Relief Gel "Wound Relief Gel" wound care 8717

Wound Relief is a silver colloid gel that is perfect for everything from scratches and road rash to puncture wounds and burns. If you have any kind of skin irritation or damage this gel is simply amazing—rashes, burns, scrapes, cuts, punctures, bug bites, roadrash, sores, and more.

Wound Relief™ is made with Aloe Vera and 45ppm Silver Colloid to support your bodies healing and immune response. Don’t be caught without it! I never will.

SKU:8717 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 17.00
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