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Natures Rite

Congestion Relief™
Congestion Relief "Congestion Relief" chronic sinus allergies allergy 8706

Congestive Relief is the herbal formula for people with sinus issues and congestion. Chronic sinus issues can lead to sinus infections. And millions of Americans suffer from chronic sinus issues and infections.

Congestion Relief™ contains Yarrow Leaf, Horseradish, and Elder Flower to support your sinus production of natural antihistamine components to fight congestion. It also contains Eye Bright, Calendula, and Aloe Vera to help you during allergy season and with polluted air.

This herbal spray works directly in the sinus membrane cells, stimulating natural antihistamines that help normalize the mucus flow in your sinuses. And because this product works directly on the sinus cells, rather than chemically shrinking the tissues, it is not habit forming like over‐the‐counter antihistamine nose sprays. So there is no rebound effect—where your sinuses clog shut when you stop spraying. Spray once in each nostril. Allow 5 minutes to work. Spray as often as necessary. Not habit‐forming.

Contains 45 ml or 1.5 oz. Safe for children.

SKU:8706 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 10.00
Digestive & Urinary Tonic™
Digestive & Urinary Tonic "Digestive & Urinary Tonic" 8716

This simple colloidal silver liquid is a must have when issues arise with bad food. It is also is a must with issues involving your gut and/or urinary tract. Antibiotics can be problematic for these problems because they harm your microbiome (healthy bacteria in your gut). When you need help maintaining the proper gut balance, you need a natural approach like Digestive and Urinary Tonic™ (DUT).

This product is essential whenever you are exposed to bad food. I know, because I spend a lot of time in Mexico. To support and maintain your body’s natural gut microbiome balance, and a proper balance in your urinary tract, DUT is essential.

No other silver colloid, silver hydrosol, silver citrate or mild silver protein works as well. When bad food or gut/urinary tract issues affect you, simply drink 1‐2 oz of DUT on an empty stomach. Then repeat an hour later (also on an empty stomach). Proper balance is usually achieved overnight. If your issues persist, you can repeat the same procedure for up to five days. And be sure to see my articles on Digestive Issues on our website.

**Note: Colloidal silver products are subject to freezing which causes them to denature. Place orders for these products when freezing in your area has diminished. We take every precaution to prevent freezing during shipments, but cannot guarantee their safe arrival and cannot offer refunds or replacements.**

SKU:8716 Qty:8/package
Your Price: $ 29.00
Maui Aui™ spray

This is one product that I can't say enough about.

I've been in the health field for 45 years, and I have never seen anything work like this. We used it on bad sunburns after a day at the beach—and we had the same results. Just spray it on and forget it. This unique herbal formula, created by one of the best herbal experts in the country, delivers cooling, soothing relief while providing essential nourishment to your skin for repair. The white willow bark works to provide quick relief. The Lavender and St. John's Wort relieve the itch of sunburned skin. The Calendula soothes and restores your skin's healthy balance. And the Comfrey and Arnica work together to support the repair of damaged skin cells and their replacement with new cells.

These amazing herbs are blended with tropical oils containing nutrients for protection and repair. And this formula is embodied in an Aloe Vera base to help soothe and heal. And best yet it comes in a spray bottle so there's no rubbing of uncomfortable skin. It goes on gently in a fine mist. And it is free of the chemical ingredients found in most sprays. The 4–ounce bottle is handy and lasts a long time—a little goes a long way. I am never without Maui Aui™, and you shouldn't be either. You will absolutely love it.

SKU:8719 Qty:4/package
Your Price: $ 10.95
Oral and Dental Therapy
Oral And Dental Therapy "Oral And Dental Therapy" 8723

We all know that whole body health begins in the mouth! But did you know that good oral health has just been made easier.

Periodontal and gum disease—like sore, painful, bleeding, and swollen gums; gum pockets, and even broken teeth are serious indeed and can be a menace to your health. The microbes that cause tooth and gum problems can also cause severe sore throats and can even attack your heart.

Oral and Dental Therapy™ is a very specialized colloidal silver solution that can boost your bodies oral defensive system to maintain oral health. And ODT is so easy to use. Just place an ounce in your mouth, gargle and swish for 15 minutes several times daily to support and maintain good oral health!

A healthy mouth is the gateway to good health.

**Note: Colloidal silver products are subject to freezing which causes them to denature. Place orders for these products when freezing in your area has diminished. We take every precaution to prevent freezing during shipments, but cannot guarantee their safe arrival and cannot offer refunds or replacements.**
SKU:8723 Qty:8/package
Your Price: $ 29.00
Rash Relief™
Rash Relief "Rash Relief" itch skin 8707

Dealing with rashes can be excruciating. Often nothing seems to help, steroids can be just too dangerous, and lotions are too often ineffective.

Herbs have been used for centuries to support healthy skin and your skin’s natural defense system. Traditional herbs to support your skin’s fight against rash‐causing environmental factors are Poke Root, Chaparral, Neem, Burdock, Blood Root, and Humic Acid.

Traditional herbs to support healthy skin recovery are Aloe Vera, Calendula, and Comfrey. And Traditional herbs to promote healthy skin while supporting your body’s functions to promote relief and assist in reducing itching and swelling are Arnica Montana, Willow Bark, Calendula, St. John’s Wort and Chickweed.

Rash Relief™ has all these herbs carefully formulated so that it can boost and support the body's ability to heal and maintain skin health.

SKU:8707 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 24.00
Respiratory Relief™ 4oz
Respiratory Relief "Respiratory Relief" Breathing 8711 nebulizer

Colds, flu and sinus routinely find their way into your bronchials and even your lungs—where they create serious problems. When respiratory issues arise, you need this specially formulated 45ppm Silver Colloid that when used with a compact powerful and efficient nebulizer will boost your body's ability to fight acute and even chronic respiratory issues.

When Respiratory Relief™ is nebulized and breathed deep into the lungs, it will support healthy breathing and support your immune system to heal most respiratory distress quickly.

Respiratory Relief™ is comfortable to breathe and presents no side‐effects or drug interactions. Simply place 2‐3 ml into your Nebulizer, sit or lie back, relax, and breath deeply until the liquid is gone. Typical application is 2‐3 ml, 3‐4 times daily until respiratory distress is resolved. Do not use a vaporizer for use with Respiratory Relief™.

The ingredient concentrations are: Silver 45ppm, peppermint oil 100ppm, Polysorbate 20 200ppm. Each 4 oz. bottle contains enough for approximately 2 weeks of use.

**Note: Colloidal silver products are subject to freezing which causes them to denature. Place orders for these products when freezing in your area has diminished. We take every precaution to prevent freezing during shipments, but cannot guarantee their safe arrival and cannot offer refunds or replacements.**
SKU:8711 Qty:4/package
Your Price: $ 26.00
Shingleze "Shingleze" 8708

When shingles virus (HVZ) attacks, even swallowing the most powerful prescription anti‐viral is not enough. You need on‐the‐spot action to: ease the discomfort and help to repair the damaged skin.

Shingleze contains Humic Acid as well as herbs and plant derivatives that are all natural and won’t harm your liver.

Shingleze Relief™ uses nervine herbs like Lavender, Passion Flower, St. John’s Wort and others to calm irritated nerves and reduce itching. Discomfort relievers like White Willow and Arnica are time‐tested remedies for discomfort that work with the Comfrey and Aloe, helping to repair the skin.

This lotion can be gently rubbed on the Shingles or Herpes outbreak two or more times per day to maximize the healing and soothing benefits.

Can be used on Shingles, Cold Sores, Fever Blisters, or any Herpes outbreak.

Contains 45 ml (1.6 oz). Safe for any external use.

Note: If you have a large outbreak over a large area of skin, we suggest that you start by purchasing 3 containers.

SKU:8708 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 25.00
Sinus Relief™
Sinus Relief "Sinus Relief" 8701 Sinus Spray Colloidal Silver

Sinus Relief™ is a powerful, natural, colloidal silver spray that can help you maintain healthy sinus membranes.

It contains 40ppm aqueous silver colloid that is enhanced with a surfactant (Tween‐20) to enhance its support for healthy sinus membranes and the return of your sinuses to their normal health balance.

There are no side effects or dangers of resistance as this is a natural support system for your sinuses. Sinus Relief™ is not a drug. Sinus Relief™ can help support your immune system's natural ability to prevent sinus issues during colds and flu season. It can also support your immune system's ability to protect you against more serious sinus issues.

**Note: Colloidal Silver products are subject to freezing which causes them to denature. Place orders for these products when freezing in your area has diminished. We take every precaution to prevent freezing during shipments, but cannot guarantee their safe arrival and cannot offer refunds or replacements.**
SKU:8701 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 12.00
Sinus Support™
Sinus Support "Sinus Support" 8705

Moisturize and soothe your sinuses year–round. A moist, happy nasal mucosa is a healthy one.

Allergens, dry air, pollution and molds can wreak havoc on your sinuses. These airborne contaminants irritate sinuses to the point where they swell shut and become infected. Now you can use Sinus Support™, which contains just the right combination of herbs to soothe and moisturize the nasal membrane which boosts your body’s natural ability to heal even in the worst environments.

Sinus Support™ contains the organic herb Calendula to soothe inflamed sinus tissues. It contains Yarrow Leaf to reduce swelling and mucus production. It contains Aloe Vera to help your body heal and restore damaged tissues. And it contains Grapefruit Seed Extract to help maintain a healthy tissue flora in your sinuses.

Sinus Support™ does not contain drugs so you can use it as often as you like without risk of it becoming habit–forming. Spray once up each nostril to moisturize and soothe dry, irritated sinuses. Repeat as necessary. People use the spray often during the most irritating times.

SKU:8705 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 10.00
Sleep Apnea Relief™
Sleep Apnea Relief "Sleep Apnea Relief" apnia snore 8709

Sleep Apnea Relief combines herbs to address the underlying causes of sleep/nighttime breathing issues—a condition where breathing stops during sleep, and a condition that debilitates millions of Americans by robbing them of the balanced sleep that their body needs. There is no medical cure for sleep apnea, and even the treatment (breathing air at night with a CPAP apparatus) is cumbersome and effective for only 60% of users.

The herbal combination of lobelia, thyme, meadowsweet, chamomile, and cramp bark makes up a supplement that supports normal breathing during sleep. This remarkable bouquet of herbs supports all aspects of sleep/nighttime breathing issues. It relaxes muscles that restrict nerve flow to the diaphragm, increases drowsiness, and strengthens breathing and lung efficiency, all while protecting the stomach lining. Just one to two capsules before bedtime support strong proper breathing during sleep, helping to retard drops in oxygen during your sleep that can wake you up.

It is 100% safe, natural, non habit forming, and requires no training or pre–conditioning. For most people, one to two capsules 30 minutes before bedtime can support better sleep within 1 to 2 weeks.

SKU:8709 Qty:30/package
Your Price: $ 40.00
Super Neti Juice™
Super Neti Juice "Super Neti Juice" 8702

Maintaining sinus health is important for many reasons. It is critical to overall health, proper sleep, and general comfort. Using a Neti Pot has been a traditional therapy for a long, long, time. But simply flushing your sinuses with salt water is not the best way to go. Instead, don’t just bathe your sinuses, instead use the most powerful neti pot therapy available.

Most forms of relief target the symptoms to provide temporary relief, but for a long–term solution, you need something different, something powerful. You need Super Neti Juice™. Super–charge your Neti Pot with Super Neti Juice™ and support healthy sinuses while you boost your body’s natural defense system to regain and maintain sinus health.

**Note: Colloidal silver products are subject to freezing which causes them to denature. Place orders for these products when freezing in your area has diminished. We take every precaution to prevent freezing during shipments, but cannot guarantee their safe arrival and cannot offer refunds or replacements.**
SKU:8702 Qty:8/package
Your Price: $ 44.00
Throat Relief
Throat Spray Relief "Throat Spray Relief" 8730

OUT OF STOCK - due 8/30 all orders placed for this product will ship when stock comes in.

Throat Relief™ is my favorite colloidal silver product. It contains our most powerful, enhanced aqueous silver colloid combined with peppermint oil to improve effectiveness and taste. The long–reaching and focused spray nozzle of Throat Relief is designed to facilitate spraying to the back of the throat and on the tonsils. Precise and appropriate application of the product greatly increases its performance

Most sore throats are viral so you can’t resolve the infection with antibiotics. The throat pain is caused by the actual destruction of the tissue by microbes. Throat Relief™ gives your body’s natural immune system the boost it needs to deal with microbes in the throat and tonsils.

You must keep the spray in contact with your tonsils for 15 minutes to boost your body’s ability to fight off the viruses. So. Turn the long–reaching spray nozzle to a 45 degree angle. Set aside 15 minutes, lie on your back (or sitting up), and pump–spray Throat Relief (3–4 sprays) all the way back in your throat on both sides (on your tonsils). Spray this way even if your tonsils have been removed. Wait a minute and spray again. Repeat every minute for 15 minutes. Repeat 15–minute sessions at least 4x's daily (more often if possible). The more you spray the quicker your sore throat will be resolved.

SKU:8730 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 22.99
Wound Relief™ Gel 4oz
Wound Relief Gel "Wound Relief Gel" wound care 8717

Wound Relief is a silver colloid gel that is perfect for everything from scratches and road rash to puncture wounds and burns. If you have any kind of skin irritation or damage this gel is simply amazing—rashes, burns, scrapes, cuts, punctures, bug bites, roadrash, sores, and more.

Wound Relief™ is made with Aloe Vera and 45ppm Silver Colloid to support your bodies healing and immune response. Don’t be caught without it! I never will.

SKU:8717 Qty:1/package
Your Price: $ 17.00
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