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Dr Bruce West

Dr. Bruce West, DC

Treat the cause of the problem, not the symptoms.

Dr. West is known as the most innovative doctor in America today. Instead of treating the symptoms of disease with drugs and surgery, Dr. West treats and corrects the underlying causes of disease—without drugs and surgery.

For over 3 decades Dr. West has been credited with one breakthrough after another—all based upon the fact that in order to get well, you have to address and cure the underlying cause of disease.

In 1984 Dr. West founded the health newsletter industry by publishing Health Alert—the first holistic health newsletter in America. Dr. West has developed phytonutrient treatments and protocols that are currently in use by physicians around the world. In fact over 20,000 doctors receive Health Alert monthly. Dr. West is considered the world’s leading expert on the clinical use of therapeutic foods, plant and animal extracts, glandular extracts, and phytonutrients. He has helped and cured more patients than any other physician or doctor of any kind, living or dead.

Dr. West is an expert in clinical nutrition, kinesiology, pain control, and rehabilitation. His protocols for heart disease patients are world-renowned. And his success and results with heart patients are the best in the world. He has been trusted by more than 85,000 patients since 1974, and has written every word of Health Alert since it's inception in 1984­—all based on his 30-plus years of research.

James Brolin


Dear Dr. West,

Thank you so much for your hard work and the new truths and facts you research and present—often in the face of fierce opposition. And thank you for your personal help and guidance with our health.

We are thankful to have you as a trusted resource with any health problem.

—James Brolin (Actor) - California


Dear Dr. West,

With your guidance, I discovered how I could dramatically improve my health and my performance following an individualized natural health program, all without drugs or surgery.

—Kathy Lennon (of The Lennon Sisters)


Dear Dr. West,

As you know we have been entertainers for over 55 years. We have worked, sang, and performed with some of the best—Lawrence Welk, Andy Williams, Ed Sullivan, Perry Como, Bob Hope, Sammy Davis Jr., George Burns, Glen Campbell, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante, and more. Over the years, we sang for 5 US Presidents, including John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

I can tell you that over much of our career and especially now, we would not be able to be singing, dancing, and performing with such energy if it were not for Dr. Bruce West and his guidance with our health. We continually call upon him for advice and routinely utilize his protocols for diet, exercise and supplement protocols with great success. Thank you Dr. West

Very sincerely,

—The Lennon Sisters: Kathy, Mimi, Janet


Dear Dr. West,

I never thought prostate problems would affect me, since I followed a healthy lifestyle. I also know how the body functions. When I reached the age where urination became problematic and I had to find a men’s room fast, I knew there was a problem. Going to the bathroom six to eight times a night was not my idea of fun. After exhausting all the remedies available, with no significant results, I spoke to Dr. West. He told me about the new laser procedure for enlarged prostate problems. It’s been over two years since I had the procedure, and I no longer get up in the middle of the night and no longer have to run to find a men’s room. A major plus is my PSA went down three points.

—Dr. James Daris, Missouri


Dear Dr. West,

For approximately 3 years, I was on 5 prescription drugs for heart problems and angina (pain in the chest) and high blood pressure. I became curious when the nurse took my pressure and informed me that it was excellent at every appointment.

About that time, I had an opportunity to read a copy of Health Alert. I was very impressed and immediately subscribed to it. Bottom line is that I have discontinued 4 of the medications, keeping only the Nitro capsules which I haven’t used since.

With Health Alert and recommended supplements from Standard Process, I feel great, exercise 4 times weekly and enjoy golf again. Thank you! Thank you!

—Walter H. Foster, age 80 - California


Dear Dr. West,

In my ignorance, I let my MD talk me into taking Lipitor for high cholesterol. That was before I found out how this drug can make you sick, and lower your level of CoQ10 and other compounds. Soon after I began taking Lipitor I subscribed to Health Alert. And as I read Dr. West’s views on various ills, it dawned on me—the reason I felt so awful was the Lipitor!

I stopped the drug and sent a letter with my symptoms to Dr. West. He answered right away and I followed his directions. That was over 10 years ago. And now: My Arthritis is amazingly better. My blood pressure is normal. My energy has improved tremendously… and my A1C (diabetes) is NORMAL!

I will be grateful to Dr. West for setting me on the right path! I am a healthy 82 year-old, and I continue on Dr. West’s regimen.

Thank You Dr. West!

—Richard Hemsted, Kansas


Dear Dr. West,

I am an 82 year old woman who has had severe arthritis in the knees for years. Recently the pain became so severe in both knees that I could not walk. An orthopedist informed me that I needed a partial knee replacement due to bone-on-bone.

Before my surgery, I heard of Dr. West and subscribed to his newsletter and received his Encyclopedia of Pragmatic Medicine. I immediately stopped eating all foods that he said were pain triggers for arthritis. After 48 hours my pain was 75% gone. I cancelled the surgery, and I am now free of pain and walking again.

Dr. West, another remarkable thing has happened. After taking your Glucosamine Synergy capsules for 6 weeks, the large amount of swelling in my knee has simply disappeared. I had this swelling for over 10 years! Thank you!

—Carolyn Deutsch, Delaware


Dear Dr. West,

Thank you so much for all your advice for me over the many years of reading your Health Alert newsletter. Every health problem I have developed I have used your protocols, and they have worked! I have resolved with your help, Atrial Fibrillation, Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernia, and Leaking Heart Valves.

A little over two years ago, a diagnosis of leaking heart valves really scared me. After reading what you said about the causes and treatment of this condition, I started your protocol. I followed your advice, and I improved and I am much better, just like you said. My blood pressure and heartbeat both improved, and I felt better and better.

The echocardiograms proved that I needed the phytonutrients that you recommend. Thanks to these and your protocols, I resolved my acid reflux and hiatal hernia, and my heart has improved and actually strengthened. Thank you.

—Dee Le Monnier, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

Well you did it! You have indeed cured me of Atrial Fibrillation. Thank you! Thank you! I was methodical in following your instructions and your specific phytonutrients. I have not had an episode of AF in months.

I’ve weaned off all prescription drugs, my blood pressure is normal, my pulse is normal, and my heart is doing great. What a wonderful feeling! I wish I could find adequate words to say more than just a plain ‘thank you.’ I’m just so very grateful.

—W. Jesse Harber, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

In 1995, the top electrocardiologist in the region told me that I had 2-5 years to live. I had progressive and incurable Atrial Fibrillation that ‘medical science could do nothing about.’ By 2000 Congestive Heart Failure had set in due to the years of AF. I opted for a ‘miracle’ experimental surgery at the world-famous Cleveland Clinic. I eventually had it twice, and it helped for a while before my disease came back with a vengeance.

I finally contacted Dr. West. He started me on a new protocol of phytonutrients, B-vitamin complexes, and high doses of iodine. In less than 90 days I felt this monster disease just weaken and lose its grip on me. In two more months the disease had just melted away as my energy and vitality returned. One more month later I knew I was cured, and as of today, one year later, I am willing to tell others that I am cured.

Two of the drugs I was prescribed almost killed me—leaving me ashen and semi-conscious on the floor. I was lucky to have survived the medical treatments, and to find Dr. West. My advice to anyone is follow Dr. West’s protocol EXACTLY. Make ZERO changes or substitutions. Give the protocol and the diet and exercise changes four months, and you will get your health and life back. Thank you Dr. West, and God bless.

—Jeff Powell, Ohio


Dear Dr. West,

In 1997, I experienced my first episodes of atrial flutter/fibrillation, accompanied by irregular ventricular contractions. Over the next few years, the attacks became more frequent and more severe, making my life generally miserable.

Hoping to help my body, I took store-bought vitamins, but they did little to relieve my symptoms. My regular doctors prescribed beta blockers (metoprolol and atenolol), and while they did relieve my symptoms somewhat, I knew they were merely symptom suppressors, not cures.

In 2002, I came across Dr. West’s Health Alert, which immediately struck a chord with its explanation of phytonutrient treatments (as essentially condensed organic foods) compared to typical, artificially fabricated supplements—which digestive systems do not recognize as food and therefore do not absorb.

Dr. West provided me with a customized regimen based on my specific symptoms, and with high hopes I began yet one more trial. I very quickly experienced months with virtually no symptoms, the anxiety is gone and my general health is excellent. I’ve got a wonderful life back, and it’s due to one man’s insights into the realities of health problems and remedies that work. Thank you, Dr. West.

—James Geiger, Michigan


Dear Dr. West,

Following your recommendations to control erratic systolic blood pressure, I have been able to eliminate all drugs and control my blood pressure to a consistent, acceptable level. I also improved or eliminated other aging annoyances. All due to your candid guidance when addressing the source of the problem. I salute and thank you for your progressive hard work, despite ongoing opposition to the findings of New Truths and Facts in the area of disease prevention.

—Francis Daley, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

I had been stressed and weak for over 2 years. I had extreme low blood pressure, and suffered with constant dizziness. One morning I could not walk and called 911. My pressure was 78/44! A heart surgeon told me that my blood pressure of 80/44 was great! It became obvious that medicine did not have any answers for me.

I started receiving Health Alert and finally contacted Dr. West about my low blood pressure. Besides diet change, Dr. West recommended specific phytonutrients. I lost 20 pounds at age 64 and went from a size 10 to a 4—even though I was not looking to lose weight. But best yet, today I feel so energetic, I sprint a 100-yard dash as one of my work outs, jump rope, and run stairs in my home. I am stress-free, my blood pressure is good, and even a never-before-diagnosed thyroid problem is solved.

Most encouraging was to be able to send an email to Dr. West and know that I would get a detailed response. My protocol was reasonable and easy to follow. I am very grateful to Dr. West and Health Alert.

—Jean Lyn, Arizona


Dear Dr. West,

Thank you very much for saving my life. Had I not subscribed to Health Alert when I did, there is no doubt in my mind I would already be dead.

Let me explain. For years the doctors were treating me for stubborn hypertension (high blood pressure) with stupid synthetic prescription drugs like beta and calcium blockers, diuretics, Hytrin, you name it. I bet at one time or another over the past 45 years, the doctors had me taking it. Unfortunately, I also had all the side effects you could imagine taking all those stupid drugs. You know, headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, depression, low to zero libido, gout, erratic heart beat, etc., etc., etc.

Then one day, about 18 months ago, my legs and ankles swelled up probably three times in size and I felt like I couldn’t breathe, which caused me to pass out. The doctor said I had acute Congestive Heart Failure. It seemed no big deal to him at the time. Would you believe all he did to correct the problem he caused in the first place was to write out a prescription for another synthetic poison (Lasix and potassium)! Great, uh?

The sad thing is that my blood pressure was never really all that high, at least that’s what I thought (138-150 over 90-98). But the doctor always convinced me that it was critical that I take the blood pressure medication faithfully and make an appointment to see him at least twice a month. The doctor would always convince me to take his advice or I would eventually end up with a stroke or heart attack.

It’s amazing looking back over the years, with all the problems and side effects I had with blood pressure medication, that I didn’t die from all that poison years ago! If I would have died, here is what the doctor would have said, ‘I really don’t understand it! We had his blood pressure under control, but he died anyway.

Thanks to you, Dr. West, and all your amazing knowledge concerning our body and how it works, I was able to slowly get off all my synthetic poisons prescribed by misinformed doctors, and by simply following your deep breathing exercises, changing my diet, and exercising I was able to control my blood pressure. And today, by continually following your professional advice, my blood pressure is almost normal, 128 over 87. And this is with no blood pressure medication. Great uh? Even when I was on blood pressure medication, it never lowered my blood pressure to normal.

I am really grateful that you sent me your advertisement about your Health Alert newsletter and I am super fortunate I made the time to purchase it, read it, and practice what you recommend. The information you sent me has actually saved my life and I feel I owe you a lot. Thank you very much and please keep up the good work. There are lots of us out here that desperately need all the correct medical help we can get, because there are way too many misinformed doctors that are more willing to prescribe a pill for whatever ails you. I find it sad that not more people have your life lifesaving information, so every chance I get, I am telling my family and friends. I hope you don’t mind.

Most sick people are blindly accepting the advice of their doctors and faithfully taking their prescription medication each day, not knowing they are being poisoned. It’s sad to me to know that so many professional doctors have been tricked into believing the pharmaceutical hype (as you would put it) of having everyone take a pill for whatever ails them. They have pills to help you sleep, to wake you up, to make you feel better, to help you when you are constipated, or help you stop when you have diarrhea. Matter of fact, I think they have a synthetic prescription poison pill for practically every illness you can think of. I just thank the Lord that we still can find highly trained doctors like you, that are not afraid to stand up against all the misinformed doctors in the world. That you constantly provide us with the correct medical processes and information that actually heals us, instead of poisoning us.

I am really blessed having access to all the lifesaving information you provide in your Health Alert newsletter. It really excites me that I have finally found medical information that I can count on, that actually works and I can actually see and feel the health improvements. Great job, Dr. West, keep up the good work. I will always be indebted to you. I hope I never miss one of your Health Alert newsletters.

I wanted you to know that there is somebody out there that really appreciates all the sincere hard work you put into developing the very best and most useful health newsletter I ever ran across.

—Vincent Shurtleff, California


Dear Dr. West,

I’m a 74-year old PhD geologist who studies volcanic ash layers. My lungs are full of tiny volcanic glass shards which cause chronic bronchitis and coughing. I got advice from Dr. West that I need to be practicing EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy). It is modest exercise while breathing oxygen from an oxygen-generating machine (which Health Alert made easy and affordable).

At the start of this interesting therapy I could count only up to 60 before running out of breath—always ending in a coughing fit. Now I can make it all the way up to 120. I can now push more air out of my lungs at the end of my breath, and the coughing attacks are diminishing. All this after just 75 days! And without any prescription drugs of any kind. Thank you!


—Virginia Steen-McIntyre, PhD, Colorado


Dear Dr. West,

I have been using your Respiratory Relief for my 8 year old daughter Anne with great success. She has always been susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia since she was an infant. After her 3rd recommendation for antibiotics from her pediatrician several years ago we decided try your colloidal silver products.

She now uses the nebulizer and respiratory relief as soon as we hear the familiar wheeze or clicks in her breathing or at the onset of a cold. She is able to wear the child’s mask easily and will doodle or watch tv as she is doing the respiratory treatment. Since we have started using this protocol Anne has not had another prescription for antibiotics! We couldn’t be happier after our long breathing battle. Thank you Dr. West!


—Megan Livernois, California


Dear Dr. West,

I'm writing to tell you of the wonderful news I just got from my cancer doctor. My life recently changed dramatically. I was a healthy 63 year old and started getting sore throats that would not go away. Doctors gave me antibiotics over and over to no avail. Finally a specialist told me that I have squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) of the tonsils.

I immediately underwent 36 radiation and 12 chemo treatments. I got extremely weak and went from 210 lbs to 170. I couldn't eat for months on end. I had a PET scan and all was well, no more cancer. A year later I had another follow up PET scan and the cancer had come back in my lungs. I had surgery and they wanted to do more chemo—with a 90% chance that the cancer would recur.

My son-in-law receives Health Alert and sent me one of your articles. I decided to go natural and contacted you. I have been on your protocol for about a year now. I feel wonderful with all kinds of energy! And I gained all my weight back. Now the GOOD NEWS! I went back to my cancer doctor after 15 months. I was terrified to hear the same bad news. But the doctor walked in smiling and threw his arms in the air saying "I don’t really understand it, this is amazing. There is absolutely NOTHING THERE. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it."

I can't thank you and God enough for this wonderful news. I will continue on whatever protocol you design or adjust for me.

Forever grateful,

—Terry M. Keckley, West Virginia


Dear Dr. West,

Years of estrogen prescribed by my doctor caused uterine cancer. I had a hysterectomy, followed by radiation. I was told I was cured. Six months later, however, the cancer had spread to my lungs. I was told that even with more surgery, radiation and chemotherapy I probably only had 6 months to a year to live.

That’s when I came to see you. You put me on my first treatment, and have monitored my progress ever since. That “6 months to a year” death sentence has now become 15 years of a normal life. I’m almost 80 now, and I feel wonderful. I have no problems and feel strong and healthy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

—Lillian Weberbauer, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

I had been helped by Dr. West a few years ago, so when I was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2010, I wrote and asked again for help. I received a suggested protocol, but my doctors told me that I would die quickly and scheduled chemo. My second chemo treatment almost destroyed me and put me in the hospital for 18 days. I was totally dehydrated, had a white cell count below 1000, needed shock treatment for my heart, had an emergency ablation surgery on my heart, woke up on a ventilator from an allergic reaction to medication, lost all my hair and 30 pounds of weight, and came home in a wheelchair to die.

I told my family "no more chemo", and that I would like to start Dr. West’s protocol. So here I am, 16 months later, feeling good, doing some housework, some shopping, driving my car and still taking the suggested supplements. I expect to celebrate my 85th birthday in December.

Do I recommend Dr. Bruce West…absolutely.

—Esther Schomp, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

Before I began your phytonutrient protocol, and after 5 hospital admissions, my physicians were unable to help me with a deteriorating cardiovascular condition. Because of the drugs prescribed, I suffered 2 mini-strokes. I had angioplasty and a Teflon coated stint installed—all to no avail.

When I started your protocol I could not walk a block without chest pain and weakness, and was having heart “events” regularly. Since beginning your protocol 2 ½ years ago I have had no cardiovascular events. I have a new lease on life. I have competed in the Rocky Mountain Senior Games and won gold medals 2 years in a row. I use only your protocol for my heart status and improvement.

Thank You.


—Bengt Strom, Colorado


Dear Dr. West,

This letter is to inform you how your ‘clogged arteries protocol’ saved my wife’s right leg from ischemic attacks, black toes, ulcers and eventual amputation. She is 71 years old and has had diabetes for 36 years.

She developed sores on her left ankle that would not heal. Doctor and hospital tests showed no circulation below the knee. Tests, delays and more tests ensued. We surely should have been paying better attention and starting your Clogged Arteries Protocol, but we just didn’t know about it. Her leg was amputated at mid-calf.

Soon after, her right leg started showing the same signs of black toes, peeling, and early ulcers. We knew from experience that she was going to lose her right leg. But then we discovered your protocol. After 3 months healing was complete. Clogged arteries were opened, and capillary blood flow was restored.

I’m so thankful that I’m a subscriber to your newsletter, and that I believed what I read—because it worked!

—Nancy Pike, Ohio


Dear Dr. West,

Returning from a strenuous trip to Germany in August, 2004, about to turn 75, I found myself in very bad shape with mitral fibrillation. The cardiologist’s office advised me to go the ER. If only I could have started your wonderful heart-strengthening protocol right there and then! Precious time was lost when I was put on Lanoxim and the infamous Warfarin (5 mg). The Warfarin compounded my getting weaker and weaker through the food restrictions and I felt like I was ‘running on empty.

On top of that I had problems with my lower legs—the purplish-brown discoloration being the least—increased varicosity, swelling, and inflammation. ‘You need a good vascular doctor,’ said the cardiologist, ‘this is going to get worse.’ This was when your flyer brought new hope into my desperation.

By the end of May 2005, I started on his preliminary protocol until I received the next one, tailored to my special needs, by June 30th. I gradually began to feel better—walking, breathing, etc. And by August I surprised by family by taking up gardening and swimming again.

I lived through the Hurricane Katrina exodus on August 31. Back in New Orleans I was able to work like a lumberjack, sawing and dragging huge oak limbs. And when my October doctor’s appointment came along, the doctor said ‘your heart beats good and strong’ and attributed that fact to my outdoor activities.

Little did he know what it was that really saved my life—namely the Standard Process products! Against the doctor’s orders, I weaned myself off of coumadin and am taking Nattokinase instead.

—Helga Etheridge - Louisiana


Dear Dr. West,

For 68 years I had been very healthy. I swam 2,000 yards daily and kept active. All until one day at the airport when I had to stop and sit down to breathe. After that day I could not sleep well, and I was always exhausted. When I went it to get checked, I was told that I had Congestive Heart Failure.

I was faced with two choices: Follow the path of heart surgery to replace the valve that was leaking, or to repair the heart and valve through nutrition via Dr. West's heart protocol. Of course the doctors wanted me on the operating table that day they used the fear of death as their trump card. I put off that option and went to work on an organic diet and started to follow Dr. West's heart protocol.

In February I had an invasive angiogram and a scope down my esophagus to measure my heart in preparation for open heart surgery. On March 8 I went to see the surgeon and told him how much better I was doing, and that I wanted to stay with my nutritional protocol. He could not argue the fact that I was getting better.

At present I have been on your protocol for nearly 5 months (February through June), and it is doing the job. I believe that we must avoid drugs and surgery like the plague. I am growing my own food and maintaining the protocol. I am grateful to you Dr. West for the work you do and continue to do on our behalf. I only hope that my experience and choice can help others stay away from surgery, radiation, and drugs.


—Richard Voight, Minnesota


Dear Dr. West,

Please add me to your list of people who have come back from death’s door from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) to being as active as I was 5 years ago.

In January I wrote to you about a regimen for my CHF which you furnished me. I started at that time, but kept getting worse. Fortunately I remembered that you said I probably wouldn’t see results for 6 months, and kept on the protocol.

At the end of May I was in my doctor’s office and told him no matter how bad I felt that I did not want a heart surgery to implant a pump. The risks were great enough that I believed that both my family and I would be better off if I died.

He sent me home with a prescription for home health care and for hospice. The very next day I started getting better. Since then I have shed 30 pounds, and I am back doing things I enjoy just like before my heart problems. It only took 5 months.

Thank you for saving my life.

By the way, the little guy (my grandson) in my photo had a chronic cough that doctors said they could not treat. I finally convinced my daughter to treat him with your protocol. You guessed it, his ‘untreatable’ cough cleared right up.

Very sincerely,

—George K. Jeffers, Ohio


Dear Dr. West,

My pain and drug side effects are gone!.

In the spring of 2000, I had an attack of cystitis. It was very painful and stubborn, and I went the complete route of antibiotics, tests, cystoscopy, lab work, more drugs, etc. Drug reactions not only sent me to the hospital emergency room, they also compounded my original problem. The pain continued and more drugs were prescribed and failed. After months of misery, I appealed to you for help.

After 3 months of following your recommendations, my pain and all the drug side effects have disappeared. It amazed me, my family and my friends.

—Arlene Paradies, Wisconsin


Dear Dr. West,

I have been your patient since 2006. In 1994 I was put in a study of 500 people to receive a human aortic heart valve. As you remember, I had a deformed heart valve, and you saved my life. I have never taken any of the toxic drugs, and have only followed your heart protocol.

When I went in to my cardiologist this Spring (2017), he tried to convince me that I needed to have my heart valve replaced. I said how can this be when I feel so great. I went for a second opinion and found out that my heart and valve were very healthy, and that no surgery was needed.

It turns out that they finally admitted that I was the only one left in the study of 500 people, and in order to finish the study they needed to replace my heart valve. And they were willing to do it even though my heart and valve were healthy!

I lead a very active life thanks to your protocol. You have truly saved my life. Thank you.

Very Sincerely,

—Peggy Foss, Wisconsin


Dear Dr. West,

This February I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was shaken and frightened because my mother and brother died from diabetes, and my younger sister also has it. My doctor wanted to start me on drugs right away.

I told her that I wanted to try to cure it myself, and I sent you my lab results. You sent me a protocol in March, and I went back in for my checkup in September. My results were amazing! My doctor could not believe how well I was doing. She wanted to know who I was consulting, and what medicines I was taking. She kept saying "keep doing what you are doing." At the end of my appointment she said, "I don’t need to see you until next year."

Thanks Dr. West for your hard work and such wonderful products that can help people like me to have quality of life. I’m 71 years old and life is just beginning!!

—Gloria Zertuche, Wisconsin


Dear Dr. West,

Free of indigestion.

I am 86 years old. Every day I had indigestion pain about half an hour after eating and it lasted for about 3 hours. I had all sorts of tests, but my doctor (a specialist!) was baffled. I tried various pills, enzymes, etc., but nothing worked until I followed your advice. Since then, I haven’t had any indigestion troubles.

—Bruno Switalski, Illinois


Dear Dr. West,

God bless you for writing the Health Alert newsletter. From it, I learned how to help my 85-year-old husband. On New Year’s Eve, he got painful cramps. After 1 week in the hospital, many tests and antibiotics, he was sent home. He was told it could come from an infection in his blood or a stomach flu, or both. At home, all he could eat was soup. He lost 20 pounds.

Just in time, I read in the new Health Alert letter what to do. I ordered Okra-Pepsin-E3, Lact-Enz and Zypan. After taking this for 2 weeks, he felt like himself again. His doctor told him whatever he is doing is OK.

One has to be informed—ignorance can kill. I read all labels on jars and other items. 30 years ago we ate unhealthy; we’ve changed since we are older and wiser. Our doctor told us that we make him poor; we visit him only once a year for checkups.

—Dagmara Ninkovic, Illinois


Dear Dr. West,

After experiencing terrible gas problems in my stomach and colon, I took your advice and quit eating wheat and gluten products. It helped, but it didn’t eliminate the problem. I decided to look through your booklet, Disease of the Gut, for helpful information and I found it—food combining. That did the trick—no bread or starches with protein. I have them at different meals.

And guess what, you were also right about losing weight. I lost 10 pounds without even recognizing it! God bless you, Dr. West, for all your help—keep up the good work.

—Rose Marie Balbi, Illinois


Dear Dr. West,

I am almost 84 years old, and I have been ill for over 14 years. I had a massive stroke, 5 heart attacks, stints in my chest, cancer, and more chemo than any human being should ever be given. The chemo destroyed my stomach, and I suffered vomiting, diarrhea, passing out, and finally total collapse. I swallowed the endoscopy camera into my stomach, had internal bleeding, and lived on soup and cream of wheat for 8 years! During the past 2 years, I could only eat soup. Finally I wrote to Dr. West and asked for help. I sent my lab tests, and he looked everything over and developed a protocol for me. Within days I was feeling better, and began to eat again. Within weeks I was eating dairy, fruits, nuts, and all kinds of vegetables.

I feel so much better, and it is wonderful to be able to eat. Thank God for doctors like Dr. Bruce West. Thank you again Dr. West. You do not know how wonderful it is to eat until you have lived on soup and cream of wheat for 8 years! You are truly a wonderful doctor.

—Louise Morton, Texas


Dear Dr. West,

Thank you for giving me back my life. I’ve experienced gastrointestinal problems for so many years. After far too many meds, acid blockers, barium enemas, colonoscopies, etc. I subscribed to Health Alert with a lot of skepticism and desperation. It was the best decision I ever made.

I started your suggested protocol, and thanks to what you have done for me, I am happy to report that my digestive problems are gone. Thanks to your kind, generous support and intelligent, worthwhile information, I can honestly state that you are the only doctor I have and need.

—Barbara Shirley, California


Dear Dr. West,

I want to tell the whole world how wonderful I feel. My upset, acid stomach is healed and I have good digestion. My varicose veins and hemorrhoids are much improved. My arthritis in my neck and back is healed. My prostate that was bleeding and enlarged is now healed. My high blood pressure is now normal.

All this was possible because of taking proper phytonutrients which Dr. West prescribed. I can’t tell you how happy I am because of the help that Dr. West gave me.

—John Baker, Pennsylvania


Dear Dr. West,

From age 65-80 I almost died more times than I can count due to the following conditions: Severe depression, cardiac arrhythmias and near fatal heart attack with ventricular tachycardia (leading to angioplasty with stent), diverticulosis with chronic fecal incontinence, enlarged prostate with urinary incontinence, esophageal spasms, near-fatal choking, 100% bowel blockage which was corrected by surgery. During surgery it was discovered that I had an abdominal mass attributed to scleratizing mesenteritis—a rare, potentially fatal condition for which no treatment is known. Because of this I lost 50 pounds, and ended up at 130 pounds of skin and bone, all compounding my depression and causing multiple preparations for suicide.

I finally consulted with Dr. West and began following his protocols. I also adapted his heart and prostate protocols to my life. During the succeeding three years, all of the foregoing conditions have either been greatly alleviated or eliminated. I have regained weight. And at age 83, I am a composer, playwright, theater director, chorus conductor, pianist, voice coach, and self employed music teacher. I devote 6-10 hours each day to the work I love. I jog 2 miles at least 5 days a week, and I meditate.

I am grateful beyond words for Dr. West’s competence, compassion, originality, and crusading spirit.


—Charles Frink, Connecticut


Dear Dr. West,

I knew I was not well. I had no energy. I couldn’t think clearly or remember things. And I was cold all the time. If I did any kind of work I’d get sick for days. I could not sleep, and my skin itched so badly I’d scratch until I bled. I went to doctor after doctor but found no help. My sister told me about Health Alert and Dr. West.

I started on Dr. West’s protocol, and last summer I was able to help build our home! I poured concrete, built cabinets, painted, cleaned, and tiled. I did lots of heavy labor, and I did not get sick! My mind is finally clear. I’m even going back to school. I have the energy to do the things that really matter to me: Like play follow the leader dance moves with my 3-year old son and 10-year old daughter. And go sledding, tell bedtime stories, have family meals, give my best effort at work, and have a romantic evening with my husband.

It feels incredible to be healthy again and participate in life! Yahoo!


—Esther Stenersen, Colorado


Dear Dr. West,

I am 59 years old. Since my mid-20s, I suffered from extreme dizzy spells to the point of nearly blacking out when standing suddenly from a stooping position. I learned 5 years ago that this condition is called orthostatic hypotension, a condition doctors did not address. Over a 30-year period, I was told by every MD I visited that this was normal—“don’t worry it will go away.”

Your Health Alert newsletter helped me confirm that I had adrenal exhaustion. I immediately started on your recommendations using drenamin and over the next 6–8 weeks saw a gradual diminishing of the dizzy spells.

I am now totally cured as the condition no longer exists. Thank you very, very, very much. I will be using the knowledge you give to your readers to help others.

—Surain S. Ramdath, New York


Dear Sir,

It is only by the mercies of God and Dr. Bruce West’s knowledge of the nutritional needs of our bodies that I have overcome Angina Pectoris, Dysbiosis, and Basil Cancer—all at the same time!

A couple years ago I developed frightening, crushing chest pain while loading some wood crates. I prayed to the Lord to help me decide what to do. Doctors could not see me for a month. Then one day I got my neighbor’s mail by mistake (or was it?). In it was a Health Alert flyer from Dr. Bruce West. It said in so many words that we needed more of God and his garden.

I subscribed and when my Encyclopedia came, I actually found my condition, Angina Pectoris, on page 27. Oddly (again, or not) that day was the 27th. I wrote Dr. West that day, and he sent me a protocol which I began to follow faithfully and prayerfully. The rest quickly became history—including my chest pain.

From his Encyclopedia I have followed the protocols for better eyesight, urination, and a painful elbow. And I have become blessed to see all my faculties return to working condition—all with no Doctor bills—that’s right, no doctor bills, and no drugs—nada, zip, none!

God reached out to me, sent me Dr. West’s Health Alert from over 2,000 miles away and missed me by one mailbox—but even corrected that mistake. Dr. West’s Health Alert and Encyclopedia have restored my physical health and boosted my faith. Even the skin cancer on my temple is gone. Now each week at close of Bible Study, I read Health Alert Newsletter to the large group—it is a nation-wide phone fellowship. What God has done through Dr. Bruce West will not go untold.

Dr. West has been blessed with an understanding of the nutritional needs of the human body and how God’s vessel of dust is meant to function. Unlike drugs that often manage the symptoms to the grave, Dr. West presents protocols that cure the underlying problem. As Dr. West says, ‘I don’t just fix the ailment, I feed the body what it needs, and with God’s design, it will fix itself.’ Amen.

Although I’ve never met Dr. West, I urge, teach and recommend his Encyclopedia and newsletter to any and all who want more than ‘Pain and Affliction Management to the Grave’—Let’s go for the CURE and Live. I feel like I am in my 40’s again. Thank you Dr. West and Amen.

Very Sincerely,

—Bryan Doles, Indiana


Dear Sir,

When I wrote to you 4 years ago, I had spent 10 days in a hospital and the only thing strongly on my mind was a heartbeat of 136 to 160 bpm most of the time, and a cardiologist who had me taking Lanoxin and wanted me to take the full cardiology program—to include heart operations. My breathing was bad and my feet, legs and fingers were all swollen. I weighed 240 pounds.

I now have a heart that has been beating from 60 to 80 bpm all the time. My breathing is good and my feet and legs are back to normal. It started shortly after I started following your instructions for using phytonutrients. In 1 year, my heart beat had come down to steady 130 bpm and sometimes to 120 bpm.

My heartbeat first became steady and then slowed down to 60–70 bpm. I began to feel better, could mow the lawn by myself without stopping. I didn’t know how bad I was feeling until I started feeling good! It’s amazing. My doctor does not believe it. I follow your advice and all prescription drugs have been stopped.

To me this is amazing and to you I offer thanks, thanks and thanks.

Sincerely, —Edward S. Rice, Sr., Illinois

P.S. I weigh 197 pounds today.


Dear Dr. West,

I am 79 years old, and had quintuple bypass surgery 8 years ago. Approximately 3 years ago, I was diagnosed as having congestive heart failure and have been taking seven prescription drugs since that time. My ejection fraction at that time was 25. A few months later, doctors implanted a pacemaker, but I continued to have periodic episodes of angina.

Six months ago, I began a phytonutrient treatment of cardio plus Cataplex B, Cataplex E2 and Cataplex F. Within a very short time my agina episodes ceased. My ejection fraction is now 60.

I wholeheartedly recommend your treatments.

—Joe Batten, Iowa


Dear Dr. West,

In May 2004, I had a triple bypass heart surgery, which left me weak and ill most every day from the medications I had to take. Then in October, I finally found help through Dr. West’s recommendations. I started to take the phytonutrient cures he recommended and got my doctor to take me off most of the medications.

Since then, I have recovered remarkably. It is like a miracle. I sure have learned a lot from reading your natural healing encyclopedia.

Thank you,

—Margaret Browning, Virginia


Dear Dr. West,

I was in terrible shape, exhausted with debilitating weakness and dizziness, with a pacemaker (just to buy time), taking blood thinners and toxic heart drugs, and having my doctor tell me that ‘I did not have much time left because I had the heart of a 100-year old man.’

Within 30 days of starting Dr. West’s protocol I was already getting better. And now it is years later—and it is great to be drug free, my pacemaker is no longer needed, and I feel 10 years younger. This year I was able to shovel my snow (a record snowfall this year) and not even breathe hard!

I am so thankful to God for sending me a Health Alert bulletin when my cardiologist told me I was finished. Praise his name. I feel great! I tell everyone about this miracle.”

—Lyle Seest, Illinois


Dear Dr. West,

My story begins in 2001 at age 63 when I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I had the classic symptoms of water retention, chest pain, fluid in my lungs and trouble breathing and sleeping since 2000. Doctors said I had an ejection fraction of only 20 and that I needed surgery to replace a leaky aortic heart valve.

The surgery was performed in March 2001, and I was put on four prescription drugs, which for the next 18 months did little to help, as my ejection fraction remained at 20.

In order to counter this no-win situation, I started ordering health publications. None of them had what I needed until I got your newsletter and two Special Reports, The Human Heart Can Repair Itself and Congestive Heart Failure Doesn’t Have to Be a Death Sentence.

I got started on Dr. West’s Healing Heart program. In less than 6 months, my ejection fraction doubled from 20 to 40 and all of the symptoms of congestive heart failure disappeared. I was allowed to wean off three of the four prescription drugs and my health has returned to normal.

Sincerely yours,

—Donald C. Jicha, Wisconsin


Dear Dr. West,

I am writing today to express our thanks and appreciation for your help. About one year ago my husband Walter was diagnosed with moderately severe aortic regurgitation. The cardiologist recommended valve replacement surgery as soon as possible. Instead of agreeing to surgery, my husband followed your protocol.

Recently another echocardiogram was done. The result: the leaking is now classified as mild, 65% ejection fraction, and best of all, he does not need surgery any more! We are so happy, thanks to you.

—Renate Kozourek, California


Dear Dr. West,

I had been having hours of skipped heartbeats. I started following your recommendations of Cardio Plus, Cataplex B, Drenamin, Cataplex G, and Organic Minerals and experienced major relief in 2-3 days. I then went to a doctor for tests and found everything was normal except my CRP, which was 5.6 (off the scale and a major indicator of pending heart attack or stroke). Advising you of the results, you suggested I add Cyruta Plus. After 4 months, I went back for more tests. The results are truly amazing; my CRP went from 5.6 to 0.3.

You are truly gifted in your knowledge. I only wish more people with heart trouble were able to hear your message. Becoming a subscriber to Health Alert was the best health care decision I have ever made. Thank you, thank you!

—Hall Worthington, California


Dear Dr. West,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me when I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Instead of dangerous heart drugs, you prescribed Cario-Plus and other nutrients which have given me a normal, healthy lifestyle with no more heart problems! I am thankful that the Lord has blessed you and may you always be a blessing to others!

Thanks again and Lord bless you always.

—Wheeler M. French, California


Dear Dr. West,

You are the best. On February 28, 2002, I sent you a copy of my Echo Gram and a letter from my doctor stating that she feared I would eventually go into heart failure. All she and my cardiologist could offer was Lanoxin, diuretics, and an ace inhibitor. When I refused the medication, my cardiologist told me to go be my own doctor.

Thank God I was taking your newsletter and wrote you. You sent me a protocol, which I followed for 6 months. I had another Echo on October 8, 2002, that showed significant improvement. My doctor considered it a miracle and my cardiologist released me. Dr. West, how do I thank you for my health and my life?

—Kathryn Maattanen, Indiana


Dear Dr. West,

I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in May of 2002. Shortly thereafter I started on your CHF cure consisting of minerals, Cardio-Plus, and Cataplex B. My cholesterol had always been 220 to 230 and my triglycerides have been as high as 1730 (this was due to medication that did not agree with me), although they were typically between 300 and 500.

In September, after approximately four months on your program, my cholesterol was 150 and my triglycerides were 165. My ratio of good to bad cholesterol was excellent. In fact, this was the first time they have been able to measure this ratio. The only change was the above nutrients. I am very happy with my results and have referred a number of people to you.

—Ed Stanko, Ohio


Dear Dr. West,

I just had a visit to my cardiologist yesterday ( February 2002) and had my third echocardiogram since November 2000. In November, my cardiologist told me I had ejection fraction of 35 and a leaky mitral valve that would probably have to be replaced and I was looking at a heart transplant in a few years. My heart was also enlarged. I started taking Cardio-Plus, Cataplex B and Organic Minerals along with flax oil in January. I had another echocardiogram in June, which revealed that my heart had gone down in size, my ejection fraction had gone up to 45 and there was no mention of a leaky mitral valve or heart transplant.

After taking these supplements for a year now, yesterday’s echocardiogram showed an ejection fraction of 50, and again no mention of a leaky mitral valve or heart transplant by the doctor. He told me he wants to see me a year from now.

I was in atrial fibrillation last January, and now my blood pressure is 110/70 and my pulse averages around 65. I still have a slight arrhythmia but feel proper nutrition for my heart will eventually take care of that.

I am ever so grateful I subscribed to your newsletter and followed your recommendations.

—Daryl Stechcon, Wyoming


Dear Dr. West,

In April of 1997, I had eye surgery which resulted in a heart attack in the recovery room. I was subsequently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After two years of becoming weaker and weaker and taking five different prescriptions each day, I contacted you because I had read an article by you that stated that CHF could be cured.

I started on your regimen in May of 1999 and, although I was taking many more pills than the five prescriptions, after four months I felt strong enough to ask my doctor if I could discontinue the heart medications. After two more months he sent me for a cardiogram, which showed a normal heart. My doctor said I may have been misdiagnosed.

—Germaine Hill, California


Dear Dr. West,

In October, 2005, my cardiologist told me that I had a heart murmur, a leaky valve, and atrial fibrillation. My pulse was so erratic that I could not read. My blood pressure was through the roof. He prescribed multiple drugs, and said that because I was 87, that was all he could do.

Before 2005, and for over 10 years I took vitamins and minerals to try to control my heart, I even added CoQ10, Hawthorne, and L-Carnitine—all to no avail.

I learned from a friend that you could actually cure heart disease. And after completing your personal questionnaire, you designed a protocol for me. After 5 months now, the results are amazing. There is a world of difference between the phytonutrients you prescribe, and standard vitamins and minerals.

I’ve weaned off all prescription drugs, my blood pressure is normal, my pulse is normal, and my heart is doing great. What a wonderful feeling! I wish I could find adequate words to say more than just a plain ‘thank you.’ I’m just so very grateful.

—Glade Grenke, California


Dear Dr. West,

I received your evaluation in November, 2005. I started on your specific recommendations for phytonutrients, diet and exercise. I felt better almost immediately. But then I kept feeling better and better as the months wore on! This improvement kept up until now (21 months after starting).

I cannot believe how good I feel. The tachycardia is completely gone. I no longer have aches and pains even though I am 78 years old. I have more energy and ‘staying power’ than anyone I know that is even close to my age. I don‘t get colds any more. In short, I have absolutely no more health complaints. Thank you

—Netia B. Worley, Iowa


Thank You Dr. West. Following your protocol has changed my life.

In 1999 I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Since then, I have had many emergency room events, including three trips in 2½ weeks…each time with more tests and drugs.

My ejection fraction went to a low of 17, with 20–25 being ‘normal’ for me. I tried many supplements, with no results and great expense.

Then I found you, Dr. West. I diligently followed your protocol. Thanks to God and you, I’m off all hearts meds. My ejection fraction is between 40 and 45, and I’m expecting my next echo to show a healthy EF of 55.

—Bob Gilliland, Tennessee


Dear Dr. West,

I was told by my cardiologist that my heart muscle was so deteriorated that the only chance I had would be a heart transplant. Approaching 80 years old, there was no chance for that. I asked a lot of questions. The doctors kept telling me that my heart was shriveled up like an old potato. My heart squeeze (strength) was only 12 to 15 (normal is 55-65). They said it was as low as it could be for me to still be alive.

I heard about you, researched your information, and told my doctors that I would re-grow the heart that I have. After becoming a subscriber, I had an order of your cardiotonic nutrients over-nighted to me. I felt better within 48 hours!

To make a long story short, I just went through a rigid stress test and they have told me that my heart was perfect—like a 20-year old. You literally saved my life. My doctor explained to me that without a transplant, I might live a short while as a vegetable. I owe you my life.

—Dewey Napier, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

I had been plagued with heart palpitations, restless legs, cramps in my feet, and other health issues. I contacted Dr. West for advice. He immediately recommended a protocol of phytonutrients for both my husband and me.

After about the first week of following Dr. West’s advice, I had no more palpitations. I continued on with the protocol, and I’m happy to say that I no longer have restless legs nor muscle cramps. Even the swelling of my ankles and feet has improved considerably, my nails stopped breaking and are growing without ridges, and my hair is thicker and healthier. I feel great again!

My husband and I are 86 and 84 years young. We hope that others too will find out that aches and pains do NOT have to be part of getting older. Contact Dr. West instead…he will get to the root cause of any health issues you may have.

—Irene K. Williams, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

I have had a heart attack, a stroke, and have had 3 stents put in my heart. I have emphysema, and I am allergic to all antibiotics. I had an anaphylactic shock from them. I have severe osteoarthritis in my left hip and severe diverticulosis.

I went on Dr. West’s protocol for people with heart problems in April, 2011. In June my doctor (cardiologist) ran all the tests to look into my heart, then came into the room with a big smile and asked, "how old did you say you were" (he knew of course). I said I will celebrate my 90th birthday on July 20th. He said, "you should celebrate your 19th as you have the heart of a 19-year old."

After I had my heart attack they told me at the hospital that my heart was not working at all in the front! I thank you Dr. West for giving me a new heart

—Katherine Gunter, Arizona


Dear Dr. West,

In March 1999, I was suddenly and unexpectedly overwhelmed by shortness of breath and felt that I was suffocating when I tried to sleep. After 2 weeks of trying to sleep sitting up, I gave up and went to the doctor.

From my general practitioner to an endocrinologist and cardiologist in LA, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, perhaps caused by thyrotoxicosis—hyperthyroid. (According to the Dr. Broda Barnes test for thyroid, my low temperature readings consistently seemed to indicate hypothyroid.) The cardiologist prescribed Lanoxin, potassium, and Lasix. The endocrinologist started me on Tapazole, which caused severe hives from head to foot.

I began taking Standard Process supplements including Vasculin (6), Cataplex E (6), Cataplex B (4), 6 calcium lactate, 2 garlic capsules, 2 Hawthorne berries, and 1 carnitine. At present I am just so much better, and I take 2 Vasculin and 2 Cataplex B. I gradually reduced the drugs, over time, about 2 years ago.

Thank you, Dr. West. You saved my life.

Very sincerely and gratefully,

—Barbara Schaer, California


Dear Dr. West,

I am 68 years old and I became associated with Dr. West in 2005. I had suffered a major heart attack at age 43, caused by spasms…no blockages were found. After 14 years of following my cardiologists’ advice of a low fat diet (wrong), my arteries became completely clogged and I needed a 3x bypass surgery. This is when I decided to take charge of my own heart health.

My research led me to Dr. West and his customized protocol. This greatly improved my heart and health. Now I take no prescription drugs and feel wonderful. I swim 3x a week, attend yoga and go to the gym. And best of all, I no longer consider myself a ‘heart patient.’ I feel like I’m 40, and people say that I look like mid 50’s! I am very healthy and productive thanks to Dr. West’s recommendations. If I had only known about them when I was 43! If I can do it, anybody can. Thank you Dr. West!

Very sincerely,

—George Piazza, Mississippi


Dear Dr. West,

We subscribed to Health Alert and received our Encyclopedia of Pragmatic Medicine. After reading it my wife and I were convinced that after being treated by the so-called best of cardiologists at top clinics in California and Phoenix for two long years that I didn’t have to die in a matter of 12 months.

I had already had mitral valve heart surgery, and was prescribed so many different drugs that made me steadily worse. I now had atrial fibrillation, and was losing my balance and my vision—I could only see 3 numbers on the clock. Because of the vision side effects from the drugs I was sent to opthalmalogists and neurologists for even more tests. My latest cardiologist told us that my aortic valve was leaking and that I would need another dangerous surgery and then be doomed to a lifetime of Warfarin (rat poison).

In comes Dr. West with his newsletter that my wife thinks is heaven sent. I started on Dr. West’s protocol and immediately had relief from dizziness and blurred vision. I am now getting my strength back, I don’t have to lie down after a shower, nor do I have to rest after light exercise. The difference in my heart is immeasurable. I believe you are truly interested in helping people to regain the health that the drugs were preventing. I am very grateful to you for your dedication to helping people get well, not to mention the fact that all this help came to us for just a subscription to your newsletter.

My deepest appreciation,

—Evo Zepponi, California


Dear Dr. West,

I am 76 years old and was diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia. After an intensive series of heart tests, my cardiologist told me that I should "get my affairs in order and stop driving."

I lead an active life, singing in the chorus, playing in 2 bands, racing sailboats, riding motorcycles, and caring for an acre of lawn, fruit trees, and a swimming pool. I was not ready to die or become a cardiac invalid, as that had happened to a number of my peers.

Guided by my wife, I contacted you and submitted my Symptom Survey. Soon I received your personalized Health Alert Protocol Recommendations. I started, and my last visit to my cardiologist revealed test results that pleased everyone. My active lifestyle has returned, and I feel great! I can do a hard 2-mile walk, with half uphill, with no ill effects: no exhaustion, no angina, no shortness of breath!

You claim that we can rebuild our heart and bring it back to a healthy state with the right protocol. My personal experience shows this to be true for me. My thanks to you, my wife, my ‘prayer warriors,’ and The Good News Singers for their help in keeping me from becoming a cardiac invalid and for helping me to maintain my active lifestyle without a death sentence of getting my affairs in order.

Very sincerely,

—A.T. Isaacson, California


Dear Dr. West,

Well, a miracle has occurred. I started your protocol for my cardiac arrhythmia less than a month ago and began feeling better in just days. I had been on 50 mgs of Metoprolol daily for 4 1/2 years with no improvement. The drug sapped all my energy, and I thought I'd be forced to spend the rest of my life as a "cardiac cripple". My abnormal beats were actually getting worse over the years.

As soon as I started your protocol, I began feeling better. After about a month I was down to 12 mgs of Metoprolol. About that time I went in to my cardiologist for my exam. He said my "heart sounded perfect". He said I no longer needed medication and to stop it altogether. I told him all about you, but he was simply dismissive.

I can't thank you enough. And I can't thank myself enough for subscribing to Health Alert. Again, my heartfelt thanks. You always tell us that we are never too old to treat our heart with your protocols. I turned 86 this year!

—Lois Harford, New Hampshire


Dear Dr. West,

I had a heart attack and was placed on prescription drugs by my cardiologist. These made me feel old and sick, and I decided to switch to your protocol. I have stuck with it. Today I attend a local fitness center and use the cardiac fitness machines. The fitness center trainers consider me to be their "poster boy". And oh yes, I am 93 years old!

Thank you Dr. West,

—Jack Boon, California


Dear Dr. West,

For 15 years, my whole body was gradually deteriorating because of a host of illnesses like angina, panic attacks, cold extremities, numbness of both legs, cramps, etc. All the drugs taken throughout these years never helped but gave me side effects. I always thought I was going to die. I bought vitamins of all sorts but they didn’t help a bit. I subscribed to many health newsletters, but they were a quandary to me. They never answered my letters.

I almost gave up trying and researching for the right kind of vitamins until a Health Alert brochure came to my mailbox. My sixth-sense told me to try once more. After spending hundreds of dollars for subscriptions and vitamins, I doubted much that one more subscription would help. What struck me the most was your statement, ‘try writing to these people and see if you get a response from them.’ This led me to contact you and subscribe to your Health Alert newsletter.

I was in very bad shape at the time. I had over a dozen ambulance trips to the ER. I always felt scared that I was going to die of a heart attack. August 12, 1997, I took my first nutrients and embarked immediately on your program after receiving your response to my symptom survey.

After a month or so, to my amazement, my entire body felt so much better, and my worst enemies disappeared. No more angina, panic attacks, and numbness of my legs. I was so happy I went down on my knees and thanked God, praying and thanking Him for having me find a doctor such as you to help me solve all my health problems. I was crying and felt so good! My chest pains and panic attacks disappeared (these were the worst symptoms I was having almost every day).

Now, while taking my supplements and following the program you recommended, I have been enjoying myself at 70 like a 35-year-old adult. My doctors, to their surprise, no longer prescribe 8 different drugs anymore, just one. In time, I know I will be completely free from all my symptoms and the one medicine I am now taking. Can you imaging how happy my children and relatives are?

I’m spreading the news about Health Alert. My gosh! For the first time in 15 years, I am free from symptoms of a heart attack! I don’t have to live with medicines anymore. Thank you so much Dr. West for giving me hope and leading me to a new lease on life. My family doesn’t have to worry about me anymore.

—Andy L Villanueva, Alaska


Dear Dr. West,

Just this previous year, my survival was in question. Had I followed my doctors’ prescriptions, I would not have lived. I was under extreme stress, with high blood pressure, heart palpitations, depression, panic attacks, kidney infections, and more. I was afraid of prescriptions because of the side effects. But the answer to my prayers came from Dr. Bruce West. I mailed him my medical and lab records. I followed his recommendations and began to feel better. It took time, patience and diligence, but today all symptoms are gone, and I am so thankful for the quality of life that I now enjoy.

I have found Health Alert to be a very valuable source of information! I have every issue filed and in order. Your straight talk is refreshingly not politically correct!

Thank you so much.

Very sincerely,

—Kathryn J. Dempsey, South Carolina


Dear Dr. West,

After nearly 6 years of waiting around to die, I have had a most remarkable experience. Let me explain. A little more than 6 years ago I had a heart attack caused by a blocked artery. After the usual treatment (angioplasty and a medicated stent), I was given about a half dozen prescriptions, Plavic, Crestor, etc. I spent a few months in medical rehab, but then began having atrial fibrillation. More prescriptions followed, Atenalol, Coumadin, and so on. The atrial fibrillation continued on and was almost constant.

My 5th cardiologist recommended that I get a pacemaker so that he could give me a more powerful drug. The pacemaker would save my life when the drug lowered my heart rate below 60. So a $60,000 pacemaker was installed and I was prescribed Amiodarone—one of the most toxic prescription drugs available. I now had a pacemaker to help me deal with the side effects of Amiodarone, which didn’t work at all.

That’s when my cardiologist recommended ablation heart surgery to zap my heart’s built-in pacemaker with a laser, thus eliminating my heart from being able to maintain a normal beat on its own. Then I would be pacemaker dependent for whatever miserable amount of life I might have left. So I decided to get a 2nd opinion.

A 6th cardiologist confirmed the diagnosis and treatment and insisted on my having ablation surgery. I refused and was ordered to the hospital. I bluntly refused hospitalization, not being comfortable entrusting the remainder of my life to the energizer bunny. I have not returned to cardiologists.

About a year ago I subscribed to your newsletter. I wanted to try your approach, but I had become skeptical of all things medical. I learned on my own about all the fraud, abuse and fake medical research. I also had wasted thousands of dollars on ‘natural’ remedies over the year that promised the cure, but only turned my urine yellow. It just seemed that every medical procedure, ‘natural’ or not, was simply a means to separate the consumer from his money. None of them did what they promised.

However your approach did make sense to me. Why not treat the cause instead of the symptoms. Every treatment by my 6 top-notch cardiologists was to ‘manage symptoms’ with no hope of actually curing the problem. In fact I was told by each of them that there was no cure. Still your approach rang true, and I decided to find out if you were just one more ‘snake oil salesman.’ I sent you a profile on me, and you sent me a protocol of phytonutrients, a diet, and recommended exercise. Still I did nothing.

Three or 4 months of suffering later, as a last resort, I placed my order for your recommendations. That was about 6 months ago. I have followed your protocol closely. After 2 months I noticed that I had prolonged periods of a normal heartbeat. After 3 months I had only brief episodes of A-fib. Now after 6 months I have a normal heartbeat almost 100% of the time. I say almost because I don’t know what my heart is doing while I’m sleeping. I no longer feel it at night.

Currently I feel better than I have in years. I can walk for miles at a time, golf regularly, exercise, and at age 67, I am starting a new career. It feels great to be back in the swing of things. You have no idea how good it feels to just have a normal heartbeat. Gone are the days when I did not even have the energy to get out of my chair. Gone too is the depression over feeling used up and useless. I have tossed out the Coumadin (rat poison) and have weaned myself off the prescription medications. I have lost about 20 pounds in the process and my digestion has returned to normal. My skin problems have 90% vanished. My eyesight is even better.

Dr. West, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my steady beating heart. You have helped me accomplish something that none of my doctors have even attempted. I feel that I have been completely cured of A-fib, and I have only you and the wonderful products from Standard Process to thank. You have made a believer out of me. One question…do you know anyone that needs a used pacemaker?

—John O’Gara, Arizona


Dear Dr. West,

Before I began your protocol, my cardiologist was doubtful that it would help my mitral valve leakage or atrial fibrillation. Indeed my mitral valve leakage was increasing, and I had regular atrial fibrillations.

At my most recent appointment with my cardiologist, as he was listening to my heart, he was perplexed that he could no longer hear the murmur. Also since I’ve been on the protocol my atrial fibrillation has just about completely disappeared.

I’m convinced that your protocol has made all the difference with respect to my heart issues. And I will continue on the plan.


—Cathryn Gaunt, California


Dear Dr. West,

I have suffered with atrial fibrillation for 19 years. I have suffered 2 mini-strokes during that time. I was referred to Dr. West by his providential information in Health Alert. Dr. West’s protocol addresses the cause of atrial fibrillation: the need of an aging heart for specific food and not merely a drug to cover the problem, as is customary with the standard medical practice.

I began Dr. West’s protocol for AF approximately 2 years ago. The incidences of noticeable AF (those who have it know what I mean) slowly but continually decreased over 12-18 months. My declining energy improved with greater endurance. My heart specialist now says that I do not need to have a cardioversion (electric shock treatment). I continue on Dr. West’s protocol to my improvement with thanks to God, the Father, for Dr. West’s knowledge, skill, insight, and kindness.

—Reverend Alfred Balmer, Washington


Dear Dr. West,

I’m writing to thank you for Health Alert, and for your willingness to encourage readers to take alternative approaches to healing and health.

I’ve been treated by 8 cardiologists for heart problems which were diagnosed as arrhythmia. I’ve been treated with at least 5 different drugs to “control” my arrhythmia, which put me in emergency rooms three times, and finally in the hospital for three days. After the hospital stay, one doctor told me, ‘You just barely made it.’ I had begun to consider myself ‘terminal.’

I started taking the Standard Process nutrients you recommend for cardiac problems. I had not taken them before, as I’ve taken vitamins and minerals for years, and I couldn’t see how those tiny pills from Standard Process could be any different or more helpful. But in frustration I finally thought, I’ve tried everything else, and placed an order. Within 30 days after starting your recommended nutrients, my blood pressure stabilized, my heart rhythm stabilized, and the awful bouts of extremely low blood pressure became history.

I continue to take your newsletter and recommend it to anyone who asks (or doesn’t ask). I’m so damned fed up with traditional medicine and doctors who don’t listen, who say, ‘Take these daily and call me if you have trouble,’ and who seem only interested if one can’t pay one’s bill. The last doctor I visited listened to my sad story briefly, then said, ‘I note you’re on Digoxin. Continue to take that.’ Then he asked, ‘Is there any test you want me to order?’ I left wondering, ‘Let’s see now, who was the doctor in there.’

I had also been recommended and scheduled for a pacemaker by one doctor. I sought a second opinion by another who advised, ‘No, that’s contraindicated.’ He then offered the pharmaceutical that nearly killed me, and after hospitalization for that, his nurse told me he had indicated that I had ‘overdosed.’ I had followed his recommended dosage to the letter.

You and those like you in medicine “who hear a different drummer” are certainly very much appreciated by those of us who benefit from your independence and wisdom. Please pass my gratitude on to Standard Process Inc. Clearly you and those little pills have saved my life.

—Walter Morse, California


Dear Dr. West,

I received my first Health Alert 7 years ago. It changed my life. I was having constant chest pain, my blood pressure was 160/90 while on Rx drugs, I was overweight, and suffered from headaches, vertigo, itching eyes, urinary tract infections, and more.

I began the protocol that Dr. West adivsed, followed his dietary changes and exercise recommendations. The result was almost instant relief from chest pains. My blood pressure is now 130/70 without any BP drugs. I walk every day and do lots of yard work. I lost about 30 pounds. I feel absolutely wonderful and have no more health complaints of any kind — all thanks to Dr. West's advise and protocols. I am 70 years old.

My husband, daughter, lots of friends, two grandsons, and even our dog use the protocols of Dr. West with great results. There is not enough words or paper here to tell my full story. Thank God for Dr. West and Health Alert.

—Joyce Treadwell, Pennsylvania


Dear Dr. West,

When I first contacted you 18 months ago, I could not breathe, had a heart attack and many blockages, severe coughing, and dramatic weight loss. I was, in fact, dying. You told me that my doctors were poisoning me and I was headed toward heart failure. You sent a prescription and regimen for regaining my health. I have instituted significant changes in diet, water consumption, nutrition, vitamins, and exercise—as prescribed by you and my local nutritionist.

The results could not have been more spectacular, though it has taken the timeframe you indicated it would. My heart is now normal, my breathing went from spirometer readings of 44% to 95%, my weight has returned, and I have returned to my exercise. I am no longer being poisoned by drugs (and you were right about that). And even my asthma is disappearing. I never expected to see this level of health again.

Thank you for your expertise, direction, encouragement, and for telling me the truth. Your knowledge has given me my life back on a spectacular level.

—C Charles Rivers, New York


I no longer need a heart transplant

Dear Dr. West,

In my late 80s I had a heart attack. I turned down the heart bypass because I heard about all the problems, and did not want the 10,000 tests that go with it. I told the doctor that I would rather pass on it at my age. He said okay, but prescribed a lot of heart medicines.

I did not feel well, and wanted something different, so I wrote to you and received your recommendations. I went on your phytonutrient products, and I am now off all drugs. I feel really great. I am able to do woodworking in my shop. And I can easily work in my garden in the summer. All the while I feel strong and healthy—at age 90!

Thank you Dr. West

—Noah Miller, Iowa


Dear Dr. West,

I am a 92 year-old man who about 10 years ago began having irregular heartbeats. It kept getting worse until I could not even put my shoes on. I was told I had terminal congestive heart failure. My cardiologist told me that my heart was huge. He implanted a pacemaker/defibrillator which did no good.

This is about the time I heard about you. After using your heart protocol I felt so much better and went back to my cardiologist. To my shock,he told me the exciting news—that my heart was no back to NORMAL! And I have been doing great ever since.

Thank you Dr. West


—Don Tabor, So. Dakota


Dear Dr. West,

I am a 72 year old man with a history of heart disease and diabetes. In 1985 I had angioplasty and in 2003 I had a 5-bypass heart surgery. A few months after the surgery my heart was palpitating, pounding, skipping beats, and being totally erratic. I had 17,000 extra beats in one 24 hours period.

I subscribed to Health Alert and wrote a letter to Dr. West. In less than 4 months on Dr. West’s protocol, my heart had greatly improved. Now a year later, I do not have any pounding, palpitations, or skipping beats, and I am ever so grateful.

I look forward to Health Alert each month to confirm my convictions and to inform me of any new health considerations. I consider it my second Bible. Thanks. Dr. West.

—John Powell, Kentucky


Dear Dr. West,

I am 79 years old, and a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with heart failure. My doctors put me on Coumadin to try to prevent a stroke. It was the most painful and challenging year of my life. Then I heard about your treatment of failing hearts with nutrients. I joined your program, ordered the recommended phytonutrients, and took them as prescribed.

I had deteriorated to the point that I was having heart attacks every 2-3 days. My heart was skipping beats, and going into fibrillation. My heart was enlarged, and my lungs were filling up with fluid.

In less than 1 month after starting your protocol, my heart was stronger, no more heart attacks, no more skipped beats or fibrillation, no more fluid in my lungs, no more pain, and my blood pressure returned to normal.

I thank God for Dr. Bruce West. You saved my life.


—Rev. Billy Martin, California


Dear Dr. West,

At age 88 one does not expect to overcome congestive heart failure, the most deadly type of heart condition. However, if you come upon the work of Dr. Bruce West, and Dr. Royal Lee, who engineered products like Cardio-Plus, you too may experience a cure!

I know the above to be true because it happened to me! Being on the ancient side [88 years old], it took a while. But remember, to recover from CHF is a miracle, no matter how long it takes. Thank you Dr. West for your work and for bringing us your unique protocols as well as the fabulous products of Dr. Lee.


—Ms. Anjanette Van Horn, North Carolina


Dear Dr. West,

I was initially diagnosed with very serious congestive heart failure. My ejection fraction was a deadly 7-10. We contacted Dr. West and soon received his recommended protocol. After 3 months on the protocol I had a follow up test showing that my ejection fraction had risen to 35.

I feel wonderful and have no chest pain or distress. I am walking 3 miles 6 times a week and matching my husband step-for-step. My last echocardiogram and tests showed my ejection fraction to be 45. My new cardiologist believes in natural nutrients and supports your protocol for me. I want to tell anyone with a heart condition to try these nutrients and protocols, because they work.


—Francis Kirkpatrick, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

My long-time problems with abnormal ventricular contractions were going on 50% of the time. Within the first 60 days of starting your protocol, they dropped to 10% of the time. And they are now completely healed.

Over the years you have also cured my acid stomach, my varicose veins, my hemorrhoids, arthritis, prostate problems, and high blood pressure. All this came about because you prescribed a protocol of the proper phytonutrients. I am grateful to you, not just for curing my problems, but for saving my life.

Very Sincerely,

—John Baker, Pennsylvania


Dear Dr. West,

For several months I was having irregular heartbeats. You prescribed a protocol using a variety of phytonutrients and extracts. After 5 months, the change is amazing! I am very pleased with the results.

Thank You.


—Joe Bouchard, Colorado


Dear Dr. West,

I suffered from angina and atrial fibrillation. In April of 2004 I had a stint put in to clear a blocked artery for the 3rd time. That (5 years ago) is when I consulted you, and you started me on your protocol. I have not had a significant problem since. Part of your protocol was iodine, which also greatly improved my skin—barnacles just rubbed off.

I was also having vision problems from an eye condition for 7 years, doctoring with an eye specialist. The condition was worsening, and cataracts were starting to form. The specialist was considering steroid shots and cataract removal as soon as the condition warranted the risk of laser surgery. You added an nutritional complex for my eyes, and when I saw the specialist this year he was amazed and wanted to know what I was doing, because my eyes had stabilized. My sight had improved, the retina was not swollen, and the wet macula condition had dried. Needless to say I was elated.

I am living proof that it is never too late to start getting healthy.

Thank you Dr. West.

—Bill Williams, Texas


Dear Dr. West,

I was told in the hospital that I needed major surgery on 2 valves in my heart. I told my doctor that I wanted to wait and see. I told my wife to get in touch with Dr. West. You see, I had never been sick. But I had kept all my Health Alert issues just in case I ever needed them.

Once in touch with Dr. West I filled out his Symptom Survey, sent it in, and promptly received a protocol to follow. I followed all the recommendations, including the blood type diet, slow motion weight training, and the correct phytonutrients. After just 4 months my cardiac surgeon ran more tests to assess my status. My valves were no longer a problem, my ejection fraction had improved by 100% putting it into the normal range, I lost 36 pounds, and I felt as good as when I won the Mr. USA Grandmaster (all natural) Bodybuilding Championship in 1999!

We can’t thank Dr. West and his staff enough. The whole package of information, support, and service is second to none, and the smartest decision anyone can make. If you value your life you will pay attention to every word Dr. West puts forth. I know that as long as I follow the program Dr. West has designed for me that I will enjoy many more years of productive, enjoyable, and functional life

Thank you Dr. West.

—James Taylor, Arizona

1999 Mr. USA Grandmasters Bodybuilding Champion


Dear Dr. West,

At age 28 I had a complete hysterectomy for endometriosis. I spent decades on synthetic hormones feeling awful. Bloated, headaches, tired, weight gain, mood swings, yet afraid to not take anything. I became so tired of constant doctor visits for new prescriptions, testing, etc. To make my story short, I wrote you a letter and completed your survey. I got your response quickly and started your recommended protocol.

It is now four years later, and at the age of 60 I feel better than ever, and I am out of the medical system. Thank you Dr. West for your wisdom and fortitude to keep promotion of good health through nutrition.

—Rosemary Bonner, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

I have been following your protocols since 2009. In my case the therapies are highly effective in a very short time: whether it is hypertension, sugar problems and/or stunning fatigue. The matchup between your protocol and the health problems cure is remarkable, mircaulous!

It dosen't take long to realize that you are trustworthy, not only as a doctor, but a healer and helper. Thank you.


—Siegried Haase, California


Dear Dr. West,

I recently had a life-changing experience. I have had a recurring infection that takes place in the fingers of my right hand. I have had this problem for more than 20 years now. It always turns to blood poisoning that races up my arm, and I have ended up staying in the hospital numerous times being treated with aggressive IV antibiotics. I have NEVER been able to make it go away without at least a course of oral antibiotics. As a result, the bugs causing my infection are now immune to cephalexin (Keflex) and clindamycin.

A little over a month ago I got the familiar pain, swelling and symptoms in my finger. By the middle of the day the blood poisoning was starting to move up toward my knuckles. At your suggestion, I poured some Digestion and Urinary Tonic (DUT) liquid that you recommend into a small bowl and soaked my finger in it. Even though there was no opening or wound, I soaked it for about 15 minutes at a time, several times during that day. By the next morning, the line of blood poisoning had gone away and most of the swelling was down. I continued treatment and by the next day it was completely gone. I never took a single antibiotic. That has NEVER happened in all the years have had this horrible problem.

You have no idea how this is going to change my life. I have had this infection hit me while on vacation in another state. Without antibiotics on hand, I end up in Urgent Care hooked up to yet another IV antibiotic. From now on I will never be caught without a bottle of DUT on me and hopefully I will never have to take another antibiotic again. This is a total game changer for me. I am only 42 years old. And without Dr. West I was headed for a superbug/sepsis situation with my infection eventually becoming immune to all antibiotics. The damage to my immune system and gut (intestinal flora) from 20 years of antibiotics has been monumental and would have continued unabated—worsening year after year. Instead, my life is changed. Thank you Dr. West.

—Kelly Machado, California


Dear Dr. West,

In a world of drugs that rarely if ever heal, Health Alert provides you with an opportunity to experience a personal health and wellness epiphany. Through Health Alert you will have found a well-respected and renowned practitioner to assist you. Dr. West possesses the attributes we all seek out in any doctor: well-intentioned benevolence, a reservoir of ‘critical’ thinking skills (a lost art), and open-minded intelligence that will get you personalized recommendations that will assist you back to your lost health and wellness. Based on my own personal experience, Dr. West presents you to a rare opportunity to be associated with a legitimate ‘healer.’

As for my own story, my health worsened suddenly and I was treated by medical practitioners who brought me to the precipice of becoming yet another ‘tragic medical statistic.’ Thanks to Dr. West, his concise information helped me back into a near state of complete wellness. What better testament can anyone offer. I have my full life back as a man and can do most anything well once again. Dr. West’s knowledge of plant chemicals and his track record of successfully helping tens of thousands of people (I am now one) speaks for itself.

So if you need help you can find it with Health Alert and Dr. West. You will have found a reputable resource for all kinds of health problems, including GI ailments, heart disease, bone problems, diabetes, even severe colds and flu. Finally you will have a doctor you can trust to educate you and help you heal—all without surgeries and/or drugs for life. Much of health care is outdated modes of thinking that can lead you down a rabbit hole (Dr. West calls it the downward medical spiral). This inevitably leads to a life of surgeries and toxic drugs, lack of self-sufficiency, unhappiness, suffering, and even a leaving of planet Earth prematurely. By joining Health Alert you will be to regaining your ‘life force’ and energy, and finally experiencing overall great health and well-being.

—William Lepak, Rhode Island


Dear Dr. West,

I was diagnosed with glaucoma and macular degeneration. My vision was very poor, especially in my left eye. I used prescription drops and medicine, but my vision did not improve. When I received your information and recommended protocols for glaucoma and macular degeneration, I got started using them. In 18 months my vision is dramatically improved. I am so grateful, and my ophthalmologist is also very impressed.

—Gary Moore, Texas


Dear Dr. West,

I am 77 years old, and I was diagnosed with macular degeneration (MD) way back in the 1950’s. Up to this year, my eyesight slowly deteriorated, and it had gotten so bad that I was going to have to give up my driving and my independence. I had wet MD in my right eye, and dry in my left eye. I read your article on MD in the July, 2012 issue of Health Alert and started immediately on your protocol.

Within 2 weeks my vision in my right eye started improving, and the black spots began to disappear. Soon my left eye vision also started to improve, and now I am able to once again drive safely.

By the way, all my medical and lab tests for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid have also all improved. Thank you so much.

Very Sincerely,

—Joyce Kattea, Montana


Dear Dr. West,

I never want to be without Health Alert, it has helped me in so many ways.

Here is the most recent example. For 6 months, my feet and legs hurt so bad I could hardly walk. I wrote to Dr. West, then followed his treatment. Several weeks followed with a gradual improvement until I am now 100%.

What a relief to be able to walk and do all that I have to do without pain. At age 77, I am still farming and my feet and legs undergo strain and stress every day.

Thanks, Dr. West, for restoring my health. Also, thanks for the many helpful articles written in Health Alert.


—Gloria Caldwell, Minnesota


Dear Dr. West,

In 1995 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have taken many, many drugs, had to finally leave the work field in 1996, and have had both hips replaced because of chronic pain. Between 2006 and 2008 I had 3 breast cancer surgeries, and was placed on statin drugs for high cholesterol and triglycerides.

In 2008 I started on your protocol. Now I take no statin drugs, my cholesterol is normal and my triglycerides are around 100 (also normal). But most important, my pain level is way down, I have more energy, less fatigue, and much less stiffness, especially in the mornings. I am no longer severely depressed, and I sleep better.

I do great on your Mediterranean diet, and I can perform weight bearing exercise daily! My height and weight are normal for a 74 year-old woman. This is a blessing! Thank you Dr. West.


—Marinda Clymer, Kentucky


Dear Dr. West,

I had extremely painful knees. They ached all the time, and I could not get up and down stairs. Since following your recommendations my knees are great. I have no more trouble walking or going up and down stairs. And my knees are actually still improving! I no longer take any pain medicine whatsoever.

I discard nearly all the ads I get in the mail. But I am so thankful that I answered the one for Health Alert. I don’t even want to think about what I would be going through had I mentioned my knee pain to a conventional doctor.

We thank you so much for all of your help and for making your knowledge, experience, and wisdom available to us all.

Very sincerely,

—Gloria Genevicz, Ohio


Dear Dr. West,

I am happy to let you know that after following your nutritional advice for 3 months, all my problems disappeared. No more backache. No numbness in my left hand. I also had a very pleasant surprise after my annual physical. All the test results were normal, even my cholesterol, which is unusually high.

Thank you, Dr. West. Please continue your wonderful work

—Maria Foilas, Indiana


Dear Dr. West,

I never thought prostate problems would affect me, since I followed a healthy lifestyle. I also know how the body functions. When I reached the age where urination became problematic and I had to find a men’s room fast, I knew there was a problem. Going to the bathroom six to eight times a night was not my idea of fun. After exhausting all the remedies available, with no significant results, I spoke to Dr. West. He told me about the new laser procedure for enlarged prostate problems. It’s been over two years since I had the procedure, and I no longer get up in the middle of the night and no longer have to run to find a men’s room. A major plus is my PSA went down three points.

—Dr. James Daris, Missouri


Dear Dr. West,

I wrote to you about a year and a half ago telling you of my prostate cancer and the subsequent use of Lupron for almost three years. The side effects were difficult to live with. Just over a year ago, I stopped going to the doctor altogether. It was shortly before that period that I purchased some of the vitamins from Standard Process after having sent a suggested health survey from your office.

My doctor told me that I was a radiation failure and would be on Lupron for an indefinite period. This I would not allow, and I told him that I would rather die alive than live half dead. He also told me, ‘You will start losing weight and your appetite will falter, you will start to feel pain in your back ...’; all this if I stopped taking the Lupron.

The only thing I have changed since stopping the Lupron was that I started exercising and a slight change in diet but primarily the vitamins from Standard Process. I have no idea what has transpired within my body but since I have been taking the vitamins none of the above has happened. I suppose it could be chalked up to coincidence, chance occurrence, fluke, or whatever one wishes to label this. For me it is a serendipitous happening brought about by the wonderful vitamins from Standard Process.

Bruce, the feelings that I am enjoying are ineffable. Really beyond what I could relate to you. Simply put…they have changed my life. I say it with all seriousness of a man that has gone through his share of emotional excursions for the past ten years. They stopped when I subscribed to your newsletter.

I was convinced that I was burdened with dysthymia because of my state of mind. Joyous days were very foreign to me. It was one thing after another. Aches all over my body lead me to believe that my cancer had certainly metastasized. Even though I had mentally accepted that this could happen, it creates much anxiety when it is not conclusive.

Also, my right leg would become useless after a short and unstrenuous walk. The foot would start to hurt and then that would travel to the calf and then to the thigh. I could not walk a hundred yards without having to sit and rest my leg and foot.

I couldn’t play golf…never mind tennis. I could not believe this was happening to me. Trying to understand what to do I recalled your letter and the mention of Glucosamine Synergy. When I ordered the Health Security Program (HSP), I also ordered a bottle of the Glucosamine Synergy. Voila! No more pain.

Since I have been taking the HSP, my depression has all but gone and I have no aches and lots of pep. I skip down the stairs, Bruce, and I do so with the joy and happiness of a child even tough I’m 77. You have made me a new man. And my libido is as healthy as can be.

Bruce West…please believe that from the deepest corner of my heart I am grateful to you and for your newsletter. Thank you most sincerely.

—Jak Rust, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

Your Health Alert newsletter gives me all the latest health news. And your recommended protocol sure helped my psoriasis. Before starting your protocol I would scratch my psoriasis spots in my sleep until they bled, what a mess.

My psoriasis improved so much I’m not scratching any more. What a blessing Dr. West’s protocol has been for me. Thanks again. Dr. West.

Very Sincerely,

—Joseph Sharone, Florida


Dear Dr. West,

As long as I can remember, I've had sinus problems. They would put me out of commission for a week at a time. No over-the-counter products or antibiotics helped. It was only when I learned of Dr. West's writings on sinus that I was able to use the natural protocols he prescribed to not just stop an ongoing infection, but prevent them from happening at all.

These products work—it is just that simple. You will never hear about this from your doctor, nor your friends, nor the Press. So take the hint and follow the path of evidence-based medicine that can be found in Dr. West's Health Alert newsletter and his Encyclopedia of Pragmatic and Holistic Medicine. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Yes, it is just that simple.

—Paul Peters, Connecticut


Dear Dr. West,

I want to thank you for giving me the solutions to getting rid of my hives. They had been breaking out on me for 6 months, and I had tried everything I knew to do until I received your brochures in the mail about your natural ways of healing.

I wrote to you about it and received your directions as to what to do.

I did what you said and within 6 weeks they were gone, and I have not had the hives since! I am still taking your phytonutrients and am feeling very well.

Thank you Dr. West.

—Lois Minter, Virginia


Dear Dr. West,

One night when my 6-year old son got out of the bath, he had two softball size rashes in circles on his upper chest and lower abdomen areas. They were red, and raised. The next day we applied Wound Relief as you recommend. Within 12 hours the circles were no longer raised from his body and they were almost completely gone from view. There was no redness or irritability and my son felt no discomfort or pain in any way. The next night he slept with Wound Relief on his skin and by morning the rashes were completely gone—and have not returned. Thank you Dr. West.

—Michelle Mowery, California


Dear Dr. West,

I am 59 yeas old, and after suffering for 9 years with tachycardia (debilitating rapid heartbeat), I am finally enjoying a calm heart. This is the result of a heart protocol prescribed for me by Dr. Bruce West.

I suffered through 2 ablation surgeries in 1998 and 1999. Both failed, even though performed by top cardiac surgeons in the Chicago area. All they could say is that I had a "conductive atrium." I then had all the amalgam fillings removed from my teeth, did organic juicing for years, and tried numerous heart supplements. All failed to eliminate the weekly bouts of tachycardia. Some of the episodes lasted over a week.

Finally about 2 ½ years ago I learned of Dr. West and gave it a try. It has been over a year, and my heart episodes are gone.

Thank you Dr. West!! I have my life back.

—Tim Haugland, Illinois


Dear Dr. West,

I discovered Health Alert in 2002 and have been subscribing ever since. I wrote to you some time ago when it was discovered that my vision was deteriorating (20/40 and 20/50). You recommended Cruciferous Complete (who would have thought a kale and Brussels sprouts extract!) and Iplex. My return eye exam showed near perfect vision of 20/25 in both eyes! I attribute my great vision to your phytonutients.

Over the past 15 years your protocols have helped me save a tooth loosened by excessive dentistry, cure a case of pneumonia, rebalance my body fat and lean weight composition—resulting in faster times in the 5K races I love to run, and maintain my vision.

Thank you for all your hard work, your wonderful Health Alert, Encyclopedia of Pragmatic Medicine, and your ongoing counsel. Keep up the good work. I look forward to each issue of Health Alert!


—Shirley A. Stephenson, California


Dear Dr. West,

In 1990, at age 59 I was diagnosed with glaucoma and was prescribed two medications. Over the years my eye pressure has fluctuated between 14 and 25. But on February 7, 2011 my eye pressure test result was 11 in both eyes! My ophthalmologist said this is an ideal pressure. I have been taking 12 AC Carbamide and 3 Iplex daily for several years and am confident that these products are making the difference.

Your products have also worked wonders on my acid reflux. In 2004 my doctor prescribed three different antacids, all of which made me so weak and sick that I was certain I was at death’s door. Thank goodness my son received your direct mail which featured a “cure” for acid reflux. Applying your advice, I found out I had a lack of stomach acid, not an excess. Using Gastrex, Zypan and Okra pepsin, I gradually regained my strength and stomach health–no more heartburn! I still take Zypan and Okra Pepsin for maintenance.

I am so grateful to have these products for my general health. And I hope all of them stay on the market till God’s Kingdom comes!

Thank you,

—Betty Bennett, New York

IMPORTANT NOTE: Health Alert Newsletter is not intended to provide medical advice and nothing in it should be construed as a therapeutic recommendation or prescription for any disease or symptom. Readers should not attempt self-diagnosis or self-treatment of any kind, and should not discontinue any medication or therapy or make any health-related decisions without the advice of a licensed medical physician. Dr. Bruce West, DC and Health Alert disclaim any liability, loss, or risk incurred, directly or indirectly, as a result of the use and application of the contents of this publication. If you are unwilling to be bound by this disclaimer, you should discard this publication.

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