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"Treat the cause of the problem, not the symptoms."



Dr. West is known as the most innovative doctor in America today. Instead of treating the symptoms of disease with drugs and surgery, Dr. West treats and corrects the underlying causes of disease—without drugs and surgery. And for over 3 decades Dr. West has been credited with one breakthrough after another—all based upon the fact that in order to get well you have to address and cure the underlying cause of disease.

In 1984 Dr. West founded the health newsletter industry by publishing Health Alert—the first holistic health newsletter in America. Dr. West has developed phytonutrient treatments and protocols that are currently in use by physicians around the world. In fact over 20,000 doctors receive Health Alert Newsletter monthly.

Dr. West is considered the world’s leading expert on the clinical use of therapeutic foods, plant and animal extracts, glandular extracts, and phytonutrients. He has helped more people than any other physician or doctor.

Dr. West is an expert in clinical nutrition, kinesiology, pain control, and rehabilitation. His protocols for heart disease patients are world-renowned. And his success and results with heart patients are the best in the world. He has been trusted by more than 85,000 patients since 1974, and has written every word of Health Alert since its inception in 1984­—all based on his 30-plus years of research.

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Diabetes Medications Do NOT Protect You

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Standard medical therapy for type 2 diabetes won’t protect you from heart disease, stroke, amputations, blindness, or anything else that comes with diabetes.

Thanks to the processed food industry, the medical profession, and decades of the scam low-fat diet, America is racing toward the shameful record of being the most diabetic country on earth. If you are prone to diabetes, have pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome, or have type 2 diabetes, you need to understand that standard medical therapy will not protect you from the ravages of type 2 diabetes. These include heart disease, neuropathy, stroke, amputations, blindness, serious skin and flesh ulcers, and more.

I was reminded of this the other day when I ran into an old friend who had been faithful to his medical treatment, including diabetes drugs, for his type 2 diabetes. Despite the best medical care, he had already had one foot amputated, and the other ankle had a major ulcer almost a half-inch deep that covered at least 20 square inches.

Drugs Always Have a Trade-Off

There is always a trade-off when it comes to prescription drugs. Metformin—the most popular diabetes drug—has all kinds of “trade- off” side effects. In the end neither it, nor any other diabetes drug, will protect you. For example, one Metformin side effect is that it lowers the vitamin B12 levels in your blood. Vitamin B12 is essential for all kinds of vital health functions, but in particular, and especially with diabetics, it is critical to maintaining nerve function.

With decreasing vitamin B12 levels induced by Metformin, you will have increased cases of neuropathy among diabetics. So while Metformin is keeping your glucose numbers down, making you and your doctor happy, it is also trading off by producing deleterious side effects like lowering vitamin B12 which induces neuropathy. Neuropathy can become nightmarish—with all kinds of nerve problems, often to the point where you can no longer feel your feet or lower legs.

You Can Prevent, Improve, and Even Reverse Diabetes

So remember, medical care will not protect you from the ravages of diabetes. But you can prevent diabetes, improve it to where you will be much less prone to suffering its ravages, and in some cases, even reverse type 2 diabetes altogether. It is not that hard, especially given the alternative—the normal progression toward severe damage you will suffer from this disease.

If you want to continue with your medical diabetes care, including drugs, that is fine. But do not just use medicine and then keep your fingers crossed. You will not be protected. Go ahead and continue with your medical care, but institute the changes that will address the real underlying causes of type 2 diabetes at the same time. These causes are a poor diet with too much sugar and processed foods, lack of exercise, and severe nutritional deficiencies that damage your pancreas and your body’s natural ability to process sugar properly.

We have a great flyer on the three steps to addressing diabetes properly. You monitor your success with a simple blood glucose monitor—which you probably have already. Most people begin to get better (better glucose readings) in 45–60 days. Start by changing to a Mediterranean diet. The best book on the subject for diabetics is The GI Mediterranean Diet by Lindberg. This will get the sugar and processed food out of your life while you learn to eat a healthy, satisfying and rewarding diet of real foods.

Next begin exercising—this is essential. You must exercise, and strength training (weight lifting) is best. You can start with hard walks, but eventually you will need to lift weights to beat diabetes. It is best to join a simple gym where you can exercise once, for an hour, every five days. The best book on the subject is The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution by Hahn, Eades, and Eades.

Improve Your Sugar-Handling Capacity with Nutritional Rebuilding

Next, you must rebuild your nutritional stores that have become depleted over the years. This is essential for your body to be able to rehabilitate your pancreas and improve your sugar-handling capacity. You will need Diaplex® (6 daily), Cataplex® GTF (4–6 daily), Min-Tran® (6 daily), and Turmeric Forte (4 daily) for 6 –18 months. These products are all produced by Standard Process—there are no comparable substitutes. You will also need a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. I prefer to use either Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil (4 capsules daily), or raw Omegaflo® Hi-Lignan® Flax Oil (a tablespoon daily).

Diaplex® is the premiere product to enhance your digestion, especially of sugar. It contains liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, and pituitary support. It also contains pancreatrophin. This is a concentrate of pancreas that supports the rebuilding and repair of the pancreas—the organ that produces and secretes insulin and pancreatic enzymes for proper sugar metabolism.

Cataplex® GTF is the name for the Glucose Tolerance Factor. It contains organically combined trivalent chromium with the whole B vitamin complex and amino acids. This combination is responsible to make insulin more effective in your body. This combination allows your body to become more receptive to insulin, thus improving your sugar handling. The chromium and B vitamins in Cataplex® GTF, while circulating through your bloodstream, are naturally antiplaque and anti-arteriosclerosis. The same effects are not seen with synthetic forms of chromium—like chromium picolinate—that are available in most other products.

Min-Tran® is a natural organic mineral product containing calcium lactate and organic minerals, including potassium and a trace of organic iodine from kelp. It is a natural calming agent, and its calcium and mineral composition is necessary for proper pancreatic function to help you control blood sugar. If you are allergic to iodine, you will not be able to use Min-Tran®. Instead, use Calcium Lactate which is rich in organic calcium and magnesium without iodine.

Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil is the premiere cod liver oil product. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, whole and organic vitamin A and D complexes, and a host of other ancillary nutritional counterparts. It is simply oil from pristine cod livers, fermented for six months, and placed into capsules. It is the whole, fermented form of this oil that makes it effective when industrially processed, store bought fish oils fail.

And Finally the Miracle of Enhanced Curcumin From Turmeric—Found in the Product, Turmeric Forte

A groundbreaking double-blind, placebo-controlled study in 2018 clearly showed that curcumin is a powerful glucose-modulating herb. Found in turmeric plant root, this phytochemical was tested with patients who had pre-diabetes. Remarkably 100% of these pre-diabetic patients did not progress to type 2 diabetes after 18 months when they took curcumin supplements.

The problem with curcumin is that it is hardly absorbed by your body. And none of it gets into your brain where it can actually halt and improve Alzheimer’s. But now, thanks to phytoceutical technology, Standard Process is able to infuse curcumin-rich turmeric into the fiber from seeds of the Fenugreek plant that is highly absorbable by your body.

The result is Turmeric Forte, an enhanced, activated form of curcumin from turmeric that is 24.6 to 45.6 times more absorbable than before. And best yet, this enhanced curcumin product passes the blood/brain barrier to get into your brain in pharcological doses that are 245 times greater than normal. This is critical for anyone fighting memory loss, dementia, and/or Alzheimer’s!

Please remember…when it comes to type 2 diabetes, do not think medical care will protect you from its ravages, because it won’t. You must take control of your own diabetes and health. This is the way to do it. And if you have pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, be sure to include Turmeric Forte in your daily protocol. And be sure to read my article on this Website about this miracle product, “ALZHEIMER’S, MEMORY LOSS, DEMENTIA, DIABETES, CHRONIC PAIN, HEART/BLOOD VESSEL DISEASE AND THE AMAZING CURCUMIN BREAKTHROUGH”

The effects of diabetes are too serious to allow yourself to rely on medical care only. This is especially true since medicine—with its low-fat diet scam and its mantra of “drugs for everything and nothing but drugs for anything”—is one of the prime causers of the diabetes epidemic in America. Go ahead and get started on taking charge of your own health and your own diabetes. There is simply no other way.

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End Your Pain and Inflammation

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Millions of people are plagued with chronic inflammation and pain that takes many forms—from muscle and joint pain, to bone pain, to gut pain, to head pain, and more. Your body produces normal inflammation 24–7/365 days–a–year to keep itself in order and to help heal tissues. This is done through brain and immune system functions,and indeed, without normal inflammation you would die within a very short time.

But the problem for lots of people with chronic inflammation and pain is that the inflammatory process fails to complete its cycle and turn itself off. This produces a neverending cycle of inflammation that is the root cause of aging, diminished brain and heart function, painful joints and muscles, low energy levels, brain fog, emotional problems, digestive problems, blood vessel problems, heart attacks and strokes, and much, much more. If you suffer with constant inflammation and pain that is not caused by normal injuries, invading microbes, or everyday stresses on your body, you can get locked into very serious health problems.

What Causes Pain and Inflammtion
There are lots of abnormal things that can trigger your immune system to cause chronic inflammation and pain. The breakdown of joints, muscles, and tissues due to nutritional deficiencies is a major one. This is why—if your problems with pain and inflammation are in your joints and muscles—feeding your joints the osteofactor nutrients necessary to heal is a big part of any anti-pain protocol.

Other things that can trigger your immune system to produce chronic inflammation are emotional stress, job stress, lack of sleep, chemical and environmental toxins, prescription drugs, inflammatory foods, abnormal brain function, and more. These should be identified and eliminated as best you can. For example, eliminating wheat, sugar, dairy, and nightshade vegetables for 2–3 weeks is the first essential remedy for anyone suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. Without feeding your joints and eliminating other immune system inflammatory triggers, the inflammatory process will remain turned on indefinitely, keeping you in misery.

The Anti-Inflammation Power of Turmeric Forte
For years we have used the End Your Joint Pain protocol, which was proven effective at rebuilding joints, rebuilding your skeleton if you have osteoporosis, and relieving joint pain. The problem was that it was somewhat cumbersome and expensive. Thanks to the new enhanced curcumin (from turmeric root) product Turmeric Forte, we have been able to develop an anti-inflammation and pain protocol that attacks inflammation at its cause (in addition to providing nutrients for your joints). It is simpler, less expensive, and more effective.

And best yet, it is multi-faceted—it helps with all kinds of inflammation-related problems. Now, while allowing you to resolve your chronic pain, your new protocol will also help you with other health issues—like brain problems, as in Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss; like prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes; like heart disease and weakness, loss of energy and chronic fatigue, neurotransmitter imbalances that cause problems with your brain and mood, fragile blood vessels, and more. This protocol will actually help your body produce normal inflammation when needed, allow the cycle to complete, and then properly turn it off.

End Your Pain and Inflammation Protocol
These are the products and nutrients in the new End Your Pain and Inflammation Protocol...

Calcifood® Wafers and/or Powder: Since a great majority of chronic pain involves the skeleton and joints, the osteofactor nutrients found in raw bone are still a mainstay of the protocol. We use Calcifood® Wafers or Calcifood® Powder to fulfill this requirement. This is the only raw bone product that I know of that uses the whole bone with the marrow. The grease is removed without boiling, heat, or chemicals using a patented process that maintains the life force and all the nutrients found in raw bones with the marrow.

In days gone by bone meal has been sold at premium prices as a “bone-building supplement”. These products are made from bones that are boiled for days to remove all the marrow. The marrow is then skimmed off the top of the vat to make gelatin. What is left is then steam dried, ground fine and tableted or placed in capsules. The problem is that this powder is almost nutritionally useless due to its processing—leaving it more like sand than a supplement. And still these products are sold for up to $50 a bottle!

Just the opposite is true with Calcifood®. It is raw, uncooked bone with the marrow still in it. It is the single best product for supporting strong bones. And at the same time, it helps you build healthy red blood cells.

Depending on the severity of your joint pain, you can use 6–12 Calcifood® Wafers daily, or you can take two tablespoons of Calcifood® Powder in your daily smoothie.

Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil: This amazing oil is the last of its kind, a sacred food used for centuries to maintain health and supply omega-3 fatty acids, all the forms of vitamin A, vitamin D, and many other nutrients. It is processed only by the age-old technique of fermentation. There is no boiling, refining, stripping away the natural vitamins, adding in synthetic “vitamins", deodorizing, stabilizing, and more. Because it is simply oil from the livers of pristine cod, it maintains a high vitamin D content to help you build strong bones. Because it maintains the vitamin A and fatty omega-3 acids in the oil, it also helps you control and normalize the inflammatory response in your body.
 Take 3–6 capsules daily.

Cataplex® C:It is impossible to maintain and rebuild strong, healthy bones and joints without adequate whole, raw vitamin C complex. And that complex is definitely not ascorbic acid. Cataplex®: C contains the whole vitamin C complex, including enzymes like tyrosinase (organic copper). It also contains the vitamin P factors (bioflavonoids). You cannot build strong bones or maintain a strong, functional immune response without adequate amounts of the real, whole, and raw vitamin C complex.
 Take 3 daily.

Turmeric Forte: This amazing product is made from the turmeric plant root, which contains curcumin. It is activated by infusing turmeric root (with the curcumin) into the fiber of seeds from the Fenugreek plant. This makes it highly absorbable by your body and allows it to pass through the blood/brain barrier to make it into your brain where it is needed most to maintain healthy memory.

Curcumin in Turmeric Forte is also highly anti-inflammation and anti-pain, playing a major role in normalizing your inflammatory response. In fact, its ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response is so strong that it may just be the greatest natural breakthrough or remedy of the decade, if not the century. Most experts feel that it is the most powerfully effective nutrient on earth at promoting a normal, healthy inflammatory response. It actually seems to allow your body to turn on inflammation when needed, complete the cycle, then turn it off!

How to Use Turmeric Forte: In normalizing your inflammation response, curcumin can powerfully but normally inhibit the COX-2 enzyme that is all too often responsible for locking you into inflammation and pain for weeks, months, or a lifetime. It is also effective at lowering the key marker of chronic inflammation—blood levels of C-Reactive Protein (CRP). There is no longer any doubt that everyone can benefit from the correct curcumin supplement—Turmeric Forte.

With inflammatory syndromes and chronic pain, you can use four (2x2) Turmeric Forte tablets daily. Be sure to take them with food, and preferably with food that contains some fat. Look for less inflammation and pain within 90 days, and better brain and heart function within six months. You can also enjoy better glucose control. Studies prove that 100% of people with pre-diabetes did not progress to type 2 diabetes when taking activated curcumin (Turmeric Forte at a dose of 3–4 daily). And it will help even if you already have type 2 diabetes.

And of course, there is that amazing benefit of improved memory—even with Alzheimer’s patients! In studies, 100% of Alzheimer’s patients enjoyed improved memory and health within 18 months when taking activated curcumin (found in Turmeric Forte at a dose of 4 tablets daily). This by itself is a medical impossibility, since the memory and condition of 100% of all medically treated Alzheimer’s patients worsens in 18 months. Actually, you will begin to see improvements much faster than 18 months.

When you combine the anti-inflammation and anti-pain properties of Turmeric Forte with all its other benefits—and then combine this with the other osteofactor nutrients if you suffer joint pain, you have the new End Your Pain and Inflammation Protocol. I’ve made it easier, more effective, less expensive, and completely safe for you. Compare this to anti-inflammatories that can ruin your stomach, opioids that can kill you, Alzheimer’s drugs that can turn you into a psychotic, steroid drugs that can destroy your skeleton and more, and anything else that medicine has to offer—there is simply no contest.

The Anti-Inflammation Power of Turmeric Forte
If you do not have aches and pains and just want to improve your heart, brain, blood vessels, and prevent serious problems with memory, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and more, then Turmeric Forte is for you. Everyone can benefit. I have no aches, pains, heart, or memory problems. But I take Turmeric Forte daily, and will take it for life. If you have no problems, a dose of two daily would be sufficient. If any problems develop, increase the dose to four daily.

It took some time to get it right. Curcumin supplements have always been next to useless because the curcumin was simply not absorbed. And it took time to develop the activation process of infusing turmeric extract with curcumin into plant seeds. But you can now begin ending your pain (and memory problems) today.

Calcifood® Wafers or Powder: 6–12 wafers or 2 tbsp powder daily
Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil: 3–6 capsules daily
Cataplex® C: 3 tablets daily
Turmeric Forte: 2x2 tablets daily with food that contains some fat
For those with osteoporosis… add…
Calcium Lactate: 6 daily
Cal-Ma Plus®: 1 daily for one year—one week on, one week off

For people with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, heart/brain/blood vessel problems
Turmeric Forte: 2x2 tablets daily with food that contains some fat
Prevention for those with no problems…
Turmeric Forte: 2 daily for life

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Alzheimer's, Memory Loss, Dementia, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Heart/Blood Vessel Disease and The Amazing Curcumin Breakthrough

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FINALLY—in what can only be heralded as a major breakthrough—we now have an effective treatment for people trying to prevent or treat Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory loss!

If these memory problems have hit you, your family, or your loved ones, you know how devastating it can be. And perhaps the worst part of it all is that there is little to nothing you can do about it. It is progressive, and no matter what you do, your memory just disappears. Until now!

Richard S. Isaacson, MD—director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornel Medicine and New York Presbyterian in New York—reported a major breakthrough to Medscape. A study published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry tested a group of patients aged 50-90 with memory complaints and early Alzheimer's. They used a randomized study which gave these patients either a placebo or a special supplement of curcumin! The study was double-blind (no one knew who was getting the curcumin or a placebo).

This study by itself is amazing, since it is a study with no prescription drugs involved. It studied the herb curcumin, which as failed in all other studies to have any impact on memory loss. It turns out that curcumin failed in these earlier studies because it was not being absorbed—none could be found in the patients' blood or brain. The truth all along has been that the active form of curcumin needed by your body to control inflammation and needed by your brain for memory is very poorly absorbed by the body, and never enters the brain. All curcumin supplements, sold for years, have never been substantially absorbed and utilized by your body and brain.

Game Changer
The researchers in the latest study produced a curcumin supplement in a nano-particle form (the curcumin is ground extremely fine into minute particles). It turns out that the new form of curcumin was absorbed and... ARE YOUR READY... all the patients getting the nano-particle curcumin had improved memory at 18 months! And that's not all. Patients with Alzheimer's have a particular type of amyloid (protein) plaque in their brains. The patients getting the activated curcumin actually had less amyloid plaque in specific parts of their brain that correlated with Alzheimer's disease!

This is a game changer. If curcumin did nothing more that keep patients from getting worse, the study would have been a smashing success. The fact that it actually improved the memory in Alzheimer's patients makes it remarkable. And that it actually reduced the plaque in the Alzheimer's area of the brain of these patients makes it astounding.

Experts called this an exciting study and summed it up by saying that curcumin's benefits with Alzheimer's and memory loss look exciting. I would also add that this is a study that was not tainted by pharmaceutical industry influence—because no drugs were being tested. It was straight forward, and for the first time took into account how supplements are not well absorbed. And that activating the raw ingredient, in this case curcumin, made all the difference. And we now know that curcumin is a safe and effective treatment for people with memory loss, Alzheimer's (prevention and treatment), and dementia!

Curcumin has been heralded as the queen of all herbs. It is actually a yellow substance from which curry is made. It comes from the turmeric plant root. Curcumin has been proven effective for people with pain and inflammation, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, digestive problems, heart problems, exposure to toxins, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and more. And in the past there have been claims that it helps the brain.

The problem has always been that curcumin is difficult to absorb, and none of it enters the brain past the blood/brain barrier. Most curcumin products contain high levels of the conjugated form of curcumin, which is much less active in your body than the "free" or unchanged curcumin. Most curcumin products also have a very short half-life (the amount of time they stay in your body to impart any of the benefits).

Some products use "enhancing" technology to "activate" curcumin. At best these showed a 6-7 times increased absorption and bioavailability over unenhanced curcumin. So again, we have been stuck with an amazing herbal substance that we just can't get into our system to do much good.

How to Supercharge Curcumin
Standard Process is a company considered to be the expert in the raw, active phytonutrients and phytochemicals for over 80 years. After much work with their Australian counterparts, they were able to create Curcuminoid Galactomannosides (CGM). They basically took the fiber from the seeds of the Fenugreek plant and impregnated this plant material with curcumin from turmeric. The result was that the bioavailability of this CGM form of curcumin was dramatically increased. Much more free curcumin (the most active form) was found in the blood. And this type of curcumin, easily absorbed and in the blood in much higher quantities, has a longer half-life (time of healing) and more easily crosses membranes and infiltrates the tissues in your body.

The new activated CGM curcumin product, Turmeric Forte, was rigidly tested using double blind studies, The results were as follows, depending on the dose:
  • Turmeric Forte increased bioavailability (use by the body) of free curcumionoids (the active form) from 24.6 times at a lower dose to 45.6 times at a higher dose.
  • Turmeric Forte had a more than 3 times longer half-life (time of activity) in the body.
  • The concentration of free curcuminoids in the body were well above the threshold for key pharmaceutical activities. These levels were never reached by other unenhanced curcumin products.
  • Turmeric Forte was the only product that showed a strong bioavailability or "uplift" combined with the preservation of the free curcumin (the most active form of curcumin) levels in the body
  • Turmeric Forte passes through the blood/brain barrier! The studies proved that there was increased distribution of free curcumin to the heart, liver, kidney, spleen, and in particular to the brain! Levels of free curcumin in the brain were 245 times more than unenhanced curcumin! This explains the remarkable curcumin study results of improved memory, improved Alzheimer's, and decreased Alzheimer's amyloid plaque in the brain
What Does Curcumin Do?
As mentioned, curcumin is considered the queen of herbs, And the activated form, Turmeric Forte, makes it the king of herbs. Even though hardly any curcumin is absorbed from standard herbal products, the unscrupulous manufacturers still have no problem listing curcumin's benefits as they relate to their product—even though almost none is every absorbed, almost zero passes the blood/brain barrier. Thankfully, that is now a thing of the past. Turmeric Forte contains free curcumin infused into the plant fiber of fenugreek seeds. This provides increased bioavailability and increased rates of absorption by 25 to 245 times.

And this form of curcumin passes the blood/brain barrier for distribution to the brain! So finally, all of curcumin's benefits can be yours. Curcumin research shows what you can now accomplish with Turmeric Forte. You can...
  • Relieve occupational stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  • Make your arteries more pliable with improved circulation.
  • Relieve osteoarthritis: Dramatic reductions in pain scores in 2—3 months. Curcumin is the premiere anti-inflammatory herb.
  • Finally start to reduce and end chronic pain: Enhanced curcumin reacts with pain receptors to bring an end to never-ending chronic pain by helping complete the inflammatory process, which is normal and needed by everyone. You run into trouble when your body cannot complete the inflammatory cycle. In these cases, the inflammation just becomes chronic or even permanent. Curcumin helps end chronic pain by helping your body complete the inflammatory process each time any injury occurs.
  • Improved vision.
  • Reduce uric acid levels in the blood (gout), and improve liver function.
  • Improve bone strength.
  • See improvement in enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia).
  • Relieve depression.
  • Prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. In the study 100% of patients with pre-diabetes never went on to develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Improve your heart and lower your triglycerides if you are obese. In higher doses enhanced curcumin decreased the incidence of heart attack by more than 50% in patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery.
  • Improve your blood sugar status with type 2 diabetes. If you are diabetic (type 2), you can increase your HDL-C (good cholesterol) levels.
  • Reduce inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Improve your memory and finally prevent and even treat Alzheimer's with a phytoceutical (Turmeric Forte) that is safe, proven effective, and inexpensive, drug-free, and simple. Imagine, in 18 months or less, you can experience better memory instead of worse. There is nothing on the market that can do this for you now—especially not toxic Alzheimer's drugs.
Memory and Pain
This is truly a eureka moment, a game changer. You can finally do something, take action, and begin to take charge again, vs. slowly sinking into the dark world of memory loss, Alzheimer's, and a nursing home. Let's say that you think your memory is beginning to disappear. Or Alzheimer's runs in your family. Or you just want to prevent Alzheimer's and memory loss even though you don't have it now. You can simply start taking Turmeric Forte (1 daily if you have no memory loss and 2-4 daily if your memory is deteriorating or you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.)

Thanks to the phytoceutical magic of infusing curcumin into fenugreek fiber, curcumin goes right past the blood/brain barrier to get into your brain in quantities that match pharmaceutical drugs. And this is the game changer when it comes to brain, memory, dementia, and Alzheimer's. Virtually all the study subjects had improved memory in 18 months or less! Compare that to worsening memory loss in virtually 100% of Alzheimer's patients in 18 months or less. Let's face it, 18 months is going to come and go anyway. Do you want improved memory, or fast track to a nursing home. Simply take 1-4 tablets daily for life. What could be easier.

And the same goes for chronic pain. Rather than just enduring never-ending pain or resorting to pain killers or opioids, you can become pro-active and take the anti-inflammatory Turmeric Forte to help your body complete its natural inflammatory processes just like normal people. The curcumin herb in Turmeric Forte is a well-tolerated herb. There are no real side effects. A little goes a long way, which makes it inexpensive. And once it gets into your blood, joints, and brain, your body will begin to react normally to inflammation.

And even if you have severely degenerated joints, you can combine Turmeric Forte with the osteofactor nutrients to help rebuild your joints as your inflammatory processes are being normalized. What a concept. You can find the osteofactor nutrients, which are based around raw bone powder (Calcifood® Powder and Wafers), in my article, "End Your Pain and Inflammation," on our website

Turmeric Forte—A Real Game Changer
It's been a long time since I've had a game changer of this magnitude to reveal to you. The fact that it can help you with an incurable condition for which medicine has zero effective treatments is even more amazing. It is not called the heartbreak of Alzheimer's for nothing. When the one you love one day does not know who you are, it is worse than heartbreaking. Now you can do something, even for those who already have Alzheimer's. And you can definitely do something for those who may get it or who are beginning to get it.

This is truly amazing. It is enhanced free curcumin (the most effective form of curcumin). It is infused into plant seed fiber so it is absorbed 25 to 245 times better. The amount of free curcumin that ends up in your blood reaches pharmaceutical levels. It has triple the half-life in your blood (for effectiveness) compared to all other products. And perhaps best of all, it passes through the blood/brain barrier in measurable quantities to help reduce brain inflammation, put the brakes on amyloid plaque formation, and thus help with memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer's. I started taking Turmeric Forte (2 tablets daily) a week ago.

  • Every adult should be taking Turmeric Forte...
  • For prevention (over age 25): 1 tablet daily
  • For prevention (over age 50): 2 daily
  • For prevention (over age 60): 2-4 daily
  • For early memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer's, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, heart/blood vessel disease: 2-4 daily
  • If you already have any of these problems: 4 daily
  • For severe, chronic pain/inflammation: 4 daily

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Gum and Periodontal Disease Causes Heart Attacks and Cancer!

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Since I last wrote my article on gum disease, the statistics have become more stark and frightening. These statistics include a recent study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, January 12, 2018, which showed that gum and periodontal disease dramatically increases your risk for cancer, including lung, colorectal, and in particular pancreatic cancer. Your risk of getting colorectal cancer is increased by more than 200% if you have gum/periodontal disease.

Furthermore, the statistics on your chances of dying from cancer if you have gum disease are dramatically increased—as reported in the International Journal of Cancer, January 11, 2018. Across the board, you are 33% more likely to die from any cancer if you have gum disease. And the strength and virulence of a bacteria that causes gum disease and periodontitis also occurs in gastrointestinal (gut) tumors.

What We Already Know
When you combine these statistics with what we already know...
  • that bacteria from gum disease has an affinity for your heart valves—causing severe heart disease;
  • that the numbers of people suffering with gum and periodontal disease is growing rapidly;
  • that the cost of treating heart disease and/or cancer caused by gum disease is monumental;
  • and the dismal fact that until now there has not been a really effective therapy for gum and periodontal disease, which often resists all have a true disaster on your hands.
We Now Have the Answer
Periodontal and gum disease—as in gingivitis; painful, bleeding, swollen, and sore gums; pyorrhea; periodontoclasia; cracked and broken teeth; and more—will no longer be the menace to your health, and indeed even to your life, as they have been for decades. If you have gum disease you must immediately use the Periodontal/Gums/Dental Protocol as outlined in this article. It is proven to end your pain and suffering by treating the underlying causes of this insidious disease process.
Let's face it, bacteria are the main culprit in periodontal disease. And the bacteria are often too tough for your immune system or even drugs to wipe out. They are often enveloped in a biofilm that is like a tough cocoon, making them impervious to treatment—until now. You see killing bacteria is a major part of our protocol. And thankfully, as part of our Periodontal/Gums/Dental Protocol, we have a super-powerful antimicrobial suspension of liquid colloidal silver that kills bacteria, and even aids in breaking down biofilms. See the graph of Oral and Dental Therapy liquid against the bacteria that cause periodontal/gum disease...

A major part of your Periodontal/Gums/Dental Protocol will be the swishing of the product Oral and Dental Therapy in your mouth on a regular basis until you get control over the bacteria in your gums. This special liquid will quickly (in a week or less) allow you to get control over the harmful bacteria in your gums. It often stops bleeding and pain overnight, and definitely in a few days. You will know very quickly just how effective this therapy is.
At the end of this article you will find the exact protocol for using Oral and Dental Therapy successfully for the following conditions...
  • gum/periodontal disease
  • before routine dental work
  • after dental cleanings
  • before and after tooth extractions and oral surgery
  • cracked and painful teeth
  • canker sores
  • and even exquisitely sore throats and/or strep throat.
Oral and Dental Therapy is powerfully antibacterial and is the mainstay of your treatment against periodontal disease.

Always Treat the Cause
It's important to understand all the factors that contribute to the cause of periodontal and gum disease. Consider these...
  • poor diet
  • nutritional deficiencies which cause oral scurvy and more
  • lack of oral bone nutrition
  • soft, cooked foods
  • lack of raw foods in the diet
  • bad habits like smoking, drinking and/or chewing tobacco
  • using gum-irritating toothpastes and/or mouthwashes
  • lack of exercise (yes—lack of exercise can contribute to gum disease!)
  • and more
Here's How to Treat the Cause
To treat the underlying causes of periodontal/gum disease, you must...
  1. Eat a healthy diet like a Mediterranean diet with 1/4 of your fruits and vegetables raw.
  2. Stay away from fast and processed foods and sugar.
  3. Exercise with at least a powerful walk 4-5x a week.
  4. Stop the bad habits listed above.
  5. Use bioactive supplements that are aimed directly at your oral tissues—including gums, bones, even teeth. Bioactive supplements are made from raw food that is vacuum processed without heat or chemicals to maintain and concentrate the bioactivity of the foods from which they were made. These supplements must contain the enzymes, coenzymes, trace minerals, and mineral activators vital to the tissues of your mouth. Virtually all store-bought supplements will fail in any battle against gum disease.
    You will need the following specially designed supplements to get all the benefits your mouth and gums need:
    Bio-Dent (6-12 daily) by Standard Process. Bio-Dent contains bioactive, cold-processed bone and marrow that contains enzymes and trace elements like manganese, vitamin B12 and others. It is made of biologically active bone to build strong teeth and dental bones that make up the sockets for your teeth. Bio-Dent was first formulated in 1955 and has a 63-year track record of sales without advertising.
    Cataplex ACP (6-12 daily) by Standard Process. Cataplex ACP is the supreme anti-inflammation, anti-infection, anti-scurvy product loaded with the whole vitamins A, C and P (bioflavonoid) complexes, along with other enzymes and trace elements needed for support and healing of the connective tissues and blood vessels in your mouth. It contains the Anti-Fragility Factor from bioflavonoids to directly fight oral scurvy and support strong blood vessels and capillaries in your mouth and gums. Cataplex ACP was first formulated in 1956 and has a 62-year track record of sales without advertising.
    Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3-4 daily) by Green Pasture. This cod liver oil is the last true cod liver oil. It is processed only by fermentation. That means no heat, boiling, chemicals, deodorizing, purifying, and removal of natural vitamins and replacing them with a single synthetic version. It is loaded with vitamins A and D (including all forms of these fat-soluble vitamins), as well as omega-3 fatty acids. It is naturally synergistic (works well with) Bio-Dent and Cataplex ACP. And all three supplements are synergistic with the Oral and Dental Therapy.
  6. Other Aids. To prevent or treat periodontal/gum disease (full protocol below), we recommend the following: a) using a Water-Pik once daily or 3-4x per week, b) using a Sonicare toothbursh once daily can also be beneficial.
The entire Periodontal/Gums/Dental Protocol is powerful enough to let you beat a disease that is all but incurable. And best yet, it provides almost instant relief in just a couple of days as you prepare for an all-out attack on your periodontal disease. If you have gum disease, you know that just about anything you can buy—from dental supplements to the latest high-potency periodontal supplements—usually does absolutely nothing. Periodontal disease is a tough and serious problem. So you must change your diet, exercise, use a Water Pik and possibly a Sonicare, fulfill your oral nutrition needs with bioactive supplements, and perhaps most important, use the amazing antimicrobial product—Oral and Dental Therapy—properly.
If you are one of the unlucky ones who allows your periodontal disease to go untreated, you are facing surgery, loss of teeth, and infections anywhere in your body. And if gum disease makes it to your heart valves, or stimulates cancer, you will wish you had used the Periodontal/Gums/Dental Protocol in its entirety. It is simple, safe, effective and pragmatic.
Oh yes, it is also inexpensive—a fraction of the cost of gum surgery—which only treats the symptoms of periodontal disease. Put quite simply if you have periodontal/gum disease you need to use this protocol in its entirety. Although you will start getting better almost immediately—with better reports from your dentist—you are looking at up to a year to cure yourself completely. We have made it simple and less expensive for you by offering Oral and Dental Therapy as well as Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil at discount prices at the Health Alert store ( or call one of my Subscriber Support Specialists for help at 1-800-231-8063 (M-F, 7am to 5 pm PST). Don't wait. Your life depends on it.

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Kids' Health 101

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When it comes to the health of your kids and grandkids, drugs, vaccines, and even invasive procedures like tonsillectomies and more start early and come often. Can you remember back to high school, when your first basic English class was called English 101? Well to start your kids and grandkids off on the right foot toward a healthy life, you will need to use what I like to call Kids’ Health 101.

In a nutshell, if you practice Kids’ Health 101 outlined in the simple protocols in this article, your kids and grandkids will have an amazing head start toward a lifetime of good health. And everything in Kids’ Health 101 is simple, basic, pragmatic, safe, effective, inexpensive, time tested, and based on common sense.

The Basics of Kids' Health 101
1) Eat a whole foods diet, with less fast- and processed-foods and more whole foods (not from any package).

2) Practice alternatives to chronic use of antibiotics, prescription drugs, and surgeries. These alternatives will be primarily a healthy diet, real nutritional supplements, pure water, and exercise. This is what you will need:

  • A few supplements to have on hand: Cataplex B, Calcium Lactate, and Congaplex from Standard Process, and Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pasture.
  • Some antimicrobials: Sinus Relief, Respiratory Relief, and Digestive and Urinary Tonic (DUT) from Nature's Rite.
  • A nebulizer to transform Respiratory Relief liquid into a breathable mist.
  • A copy of my article, “How to Prevent and Kill Colds, Flu, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia.” You can get a copy in the archived articles on this site or by calling my office at 1-800-231-8063 (M-F, 9-5 PST).

What to do ...
1) For Kids Who Are Exhausted, Depressed and Have Emotional Problems
If your kids are chronically tired, exhausted, sullen, depressed, or are having emotional problems like anxiety, rage, anorexia, nervousness, apprehension, uneasiness, vague or morbid fears, hostility, hallucinations, ADD, ADHD, and a debilitating feeling that something horrible will happen, the odds are great that they are suffering from B-Complex Deficiency Syndrome (BCDS). They desperately need real vitamin B. This must be in the form of Cataplex B (6–12 daily) from Standard Process. Cataplex B has an 81-year track record of success, first being produced in 1934!

2) For Kids Who Suffer from Chronic Pain and Infections
If your kids suffer with “growing pains,” which are really a calcium deficiency, feed them real bioavailable calcium. If they get chronic colds, bronchitis, ear infections, flu, gut infections, fevers, muscle cramps, or are always tense and uneasy, give them bioavailable calcium. And if they can’t sit still in school, can’t concentrate, or are having chronic joint or muscle aches, give them bioavailable calcium. This form of calcium is Calcium Lactate by Standard Process (you can safely give your kids 6–12 daily). Cal­cium Lactate has a 67-year track record of success. I know this because it was first produced in the year I was born—1947.

3) To Fight Colds, Flu, and Infections With­out Dangerous Antibiotics
If your kids can’t get over a simple cold, or just chronically get colds, flu, coughs, sinus, ear infections, etc., give them real vitamin complexes of A, C and bioflavonoids as well as calcium lactate and thymus gland extract. All five of these are combined into one wonder product called Congaplex by Standard Process. With chronic problems, give your kids 1–3 daily on a regular basis. At the first sign of a cold or flu, give them 1–2 every hour or two until the cold is resolved. Congaplex has a 56-year track record of success, first being produced in 1959.

4) For Skin and Gut Problems, Allergies and Asthma: The Magic of Cod Liver Oil
If your kids have any kind of skin problems, gut problems, allergies, or asthma give them real, whole, pristine cod liver oil. The product of choice is Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3–6 daily) by Green Pasture. And if they are having any of the first three problems discussed in this article: 1) emotional, 2) chronic aches/pains, 3) chronic colds/flu/sinus/bronchitis/ear infections, add cod liver oil to their protocol. Three to six capsules is an excellent daily dose for kids.

Antimicrobials as Alternatives
Colds, Flu or Sinusitis: At the first sign of any cold, flu, or sinusitis start your child on Congaplex as discussed. Also start them on Sinus Relief spray. Use 1–2 sprays in each nostril every two hours until the problem is resolved. At the first sign of any cough or bronchitis, have them breathe in 2–3 mls of Respiratory Relief from the nebulizer six times daily until the cough is resolved. These products have strong, measurable kill ratios against microbes that cause disease. They are very powerful and can even help you wipe out the worst cold or flu, pneumonia, whooping cough, and more.
Ear Infections: If your kids develop ear infections, remember that antibiotics and ear tubes are, for the most part, ineffective treatments. Instead kill the bugs where they live—directly in the ear. Get a bottle of Ear Drops by NutriBiotic from your neighbourhood health food store and apply 1–2 drops 2–3x daily until the infection is resolved—usually in 1–3 days.
Food Poisoning: If your kids develop food poisoning, immediately give them two ounces of Digestive and Urinary Tonic (DUT) followed by another 2 ounces one hour later -- both on an empty stomach. Follow this with one to two more doses on an empty stomach every two hours. This will usually wipe out any food poisoning related diarrhea, etc., after 3–4 doses. If the problem persists you know you are dealing with a stomach or intestinal infection, virus or flu. In these cases, simply continue the four doses (two ounces each) daily for another 2–3 days. It will help you wipe out the worst infections. You can find antimicrobials as well as a small and effective nebulizer at discount prices at the Health Alert Store. Just go to, or call 1-800-231-8063, M–F, 9–5 PST.

A Note About Pneumonia
It is always a good idea to visit your doctor when your kids develop serious problems like pneumonia. But what really happens medically with pneumonia? Well, what happens is pretty clear to see from a recent article from the New England Journal of Medicine.1 Of kids who are hospitalized with pneumonia:
  • 70% were younger than five years old.
  • 30% were vaccinated for flu and 80% were vaccinated with at least three doses of the pneu­monia vaccine.
  • Most of the kids had a history of asthma.
  • 66% of the pneumonia was caused by viruses, and only 8% by bacteria—yet 88% of the kids received antibiotics (which are useless against viruses).
  • Almost three-quarters of the viruses were identified as the common colds, flu, sinus, bronchitis viruses.
  • 21% of the kids required intensive care, and some died.
Now compare that kind of treatment against our treatment with nutrition and antimicro­bials which can allow you to wipe out colds, flu, etc., before they become pneumonia. And our protocols will even allow you to wipe out pneumonia if you are unfortunate enough to let it get that far.

Protect Your Kids from Harm
Your kids will not be damaged by antibiotics which were proven completely useless against all but 8% of the cases. You will not risk hospital infections or additional problems that occur in all hospitals. Your kids will not be at any risk or harm from the pneumonia vaccine, which proved totally useless, or from antibiotic damage to their gut flora. Your care will be so cheap compared to medicine that it is almost free. And your kids will not be set up for future colds, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia by the medical treatments, including antibiotics.

Once you experience the alternative approach to colds, flu, pneumonia, and indeed most kids’ health problems, you will immediately see that antibiotics, etc., simply cannot even compare. If every family in America followed the advice on these pages with their kids, hospitals and clinics would shut down. Drug sales would plummet. Kids everywhere would be happier and healthier. And so would their parents.

By the way…this advice is just as critical for you.

1 “Etiology of community-acquired pneumonia requiring hospitalization in children,” Deborah Lehman, MD, reviewing Jain S et al. New England Journal of Medicine 2015 Feb 26.

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Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu, Or Stomach Virus?

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Food poisoning can be painful and debilitating. So can a stomach or intestinal virus. Unless you’ve pinpointed the offending food, it can be difficult to differentiate between them. One pretty sure way is to judge the time it takes for the cure to work

Digestive and Urinary Tonic (DUT) is a remarkable, special colloidal silver and herbal liquid that is amazingly effective in resolving both food poisoning and stomach or intestinal virus. It is also a vital part of an anti-urinary-tract-infection (cystitis) protocol (Health Alert, Vol. 31, No. 7, p. 6). No family should ever be without at least a half dozen bottles of DUT.

Food Poisoning
With food poisoning the problem involves bacteria in the gut. DUT is deadly for these bacteria. Instead of days or weeks of vomiting and diarrhea, DUT can generally clear it up overnight (after 4 doses of 2 ounces each). If you treat with 4 doses of DUT and the diarrhea stops, it is best to continue treatment for an extra day (4 more doses). Most food poisoning is over after 1-2 doses. Always take DUT on an empty stomach.

The graph below shows how bacterial (E. coli) colonies of 100,000 at the start are diminished by almost 98% within 15 minutes of taking the first dose of DUT. It also shows that after 40 minutes, there is almost a complete kill. And E. coli is no simple bacteria—people die from it!
Microbes in your gut multiply at remarkable rates. And remnants of bacteria can begin to multiply again after your treatment stops. Two days (eight doses of two ounces each) will insure a thorough harmful bacteria kill ratio to return your gut back to balance after food poisoning. To insure balance, always follow any DUT treatment with at least 10 days of a probiotic. This replenishes healthy bacteria that may have been compromised by the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. The best probiotic is ProSynbiotic (2 daily) by Standard Process. It contains not only healthy bacteria, but the prebiotic material (food) for these healthy bacteria.

Stomach or Gut Virus
If you think you have food poisoning, and if you treat with four doses, get great results, then quit treatment and the diarrhea returns, you are dealing with a stomach or gut virus. In these cases, treat with DUT until all symptoms have resolved (usually 2–4 days), then treat for an additional day or two, followed by 2–4 weeks of ProSynbiotic.

Some gut viruses like flu or noro virus can be tough. But unlike most ineffective treatments for these miserable conditions, even gut virus problems are no match for DUT. Two to four days gets the job done in most instances, a week in the worst.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and Cystitis
Always remember to include DUT in your cystitis protocol. If you suffer from chronic urinary tract infections or cystitis, be sure to get a copy of my article referenced earlier in this article.

The anti-UTI protocol in this article contains the materials the cells of your urinary tract need to rebuild themselves to resist infection. The materials come from Arginex (6–9 daily), Albaplex (6–9 daily), Cataplex AC (6–9 daily) and the secret product, A-C Carbamide (6–9 daily), all from Standard Process. In the most severe cases, you will need to add Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (4–6 daily).

Once you begin the protocol, urinary tract infections and cystitis will slowly get better, you will slowly be able to conquer one without antibiotics, your flare ups will become less severe, then less frequent, and finally you will be rid of this scourge as the cells lining your bladder and urinary tract are strengthened. During this time, be sure to use DUT each time you get another bout of cystitis until your problem is resolved. And in the worst cases that have been the most antibiotic compromised, this could take 8–18 months—not really very long considering there is no medical cure for this problem, ever.

As you can see from the next graph, the bacteria count with a urinary tract infection, which was almost 14,000 on Day 1, is just about gone after using DUT for just 24 hours (by Day 2). The infection was cleared with DUT by the end of the next day (Day 3). And DUT works even faster with food poisoning, killing even the worst bacteria like E. Coli in less than an hour.
DUT is a miracle—for food poisoning; gut infections and microbial attacks, including flu and virus; and urinary tract infections. No family should be without it. Using DUT will allow you to finally break the antibiotic habit, which is threatening the entire world because of its unintended consequence of drug-resistant bacteria and microbes.

If you suffer from chronic UTIs, be sure to combine DUT with the protocol in my referenced article. We have DUT and Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil available for you at a discount at the Health Alert Store. Visit, or call 1-800-231-8063 M–F, 9–5 PST. This life-saving tonic will save you weeks, months, even years of suffering.

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“Do you know a teen? Or better yet, do you own one? If so, help him or her live a long and healthy life. Make sure he or she eats foods rich in B vitamins—like lean meat, green leafy vegetables, organic eggs, etc. If he or she refuses, get them a good, natural, whole-food vitamin B supplement.”

Health Alert, Vol. 4, No. 8 (August, 1987!)

Remember the term B-Complex Deficiency Syndrome, or BCDS. Over the past 35 years, I’ve cared for more than 10,000 adolescent and preadolescent patients suffering from BCDS. Based on my experience and standard physiology textbooks, there is no doubt that it is the cause of much of today’s emotional and psychological problems with kids. Because of this, it is one of the underlying causes of the horrendous violence in teens that eventually plays itself out as mass murders.

Today one of the world’s top talk show hosts was mocking a group for claiming that there is a connection between diet, nutrition, and mental illness which can lead to mass murders on a scale of the latest in Connecticut. As I have said before, I wish all talk show hosts and politicians would stick to what they know (most often too little) and stay out of what they are ignorant of (too often too much). Diet, nutrition, and mental illness are three topics of which almost all are ignorant.

The Diet-Mental Health Connection
There would be no connection between young people’s mental health and disasters like that in Connecticut if young people did not eat the typical or standard American diet (SAD). This diet is filled with non-foods that are primarily carbohydrates, most of which are refined, full of sugar, and highly processed. These non-foods are nearly devoid of any B vitamins and omega-3 fats— essential brain and heart foods. Because of this, the standard American diet which is sponsored and even developed by the processed food industry and supported by the U.S. government is the cause B-Complex Deficiency Syndrome or BCDS.
As young people become more and more nutritionally deficient from their diet and BCDS, they become deeply confounded, emotionally unstable, and psychologically damaged. This condition is near epidemic proportions among the American youth population, as they gobble up soda, cereal, candy, pop-tarts, twinkies, doughnuts, cookies, breads, french fries, fast-food, and mountains of processed concoctions that are not only devoid of B vitamins, but make a B vitamin deficiency worse.

In Young People, BCDS Causes Emotional Problems
B-complex deficiency syndrome results in beriberi of the heart in older Americans—which is the primary cause of most heart disease. But in adolescents and pre-adolescents the first signs of BCDS show up in their developing brain as emotional and psychological problems that the kids do not recognize or understand. Physiology textbooks (about which most talk show hosts and politicians are ignorant) spell out, almost wordfor- word, what a vitamin B deficiency does to young people. They say, and because of my experience I agree, that BCDS often starts out as depression. But it can quickly worsen to “nervousness, anxiety, irritability, mental fatigue, severe depression, manic depression, paranoiac thinking, hostility, rage, vague fears, morbid fears, and an overwhelming fear that something horrible is about to happen.” 1,2,3,4,5 And is America’s common-sense answer to this horrific problem a prescription for kids to eat more B-vitamin rich whole foods? Absolutely not—this would infringe on the fast-food, processed-food and pharmaceutical industry’s profits. Instead the answer is more antidepressants and psychotropic drugs! Is all this serious? Do the symptoms of BCDS sound an awful lot like the horrific murders that occurred in Connecticut, in the movie theater in Colorado, and in Oregon? It is deadly serious. I have had countless patients who simply could not find anyone who could help their kids. One mother cried to me that her 13-year old continually told her that he was going to kill her! And sadly, it is too often not even the kids’ fault. They, their friends, their doctors, their parents, their teachers, and their pastors and spiritual leaders are all unaware that BCDS is causing faulty brain chemistry leading to abnormal, pathological, and even psychotic thinking and behavior.

Change Is Not on the Horizon
Unfortunately Connecticut, Oregon, and Colorado are going to repeat themselves over and over. Since millions of people are employed in the processed and fast-food industries…since these concoctions taste great...since there is so much money in the business of selling these non-foods... since there is almost as much money in peddling psychotropoic drugs…and since too many Americans still believe in the diabetes causing, ridiculous low-fat diet…there is simply no way out of future disasters. No gun control, background checks, mental health facilities, drugs, counseling, or anything else is going to let even a ray of light through the shroud of darkness that envelops too many American kids and adolescents. Thanks to profits over mental health, kids are dished up their toxic, non-food daily faire; which leads to their dismal nutritional status; which causes BCDS; which results in emotional and psychological problems that can escalate from depression to psychosis.

For the Young People in Your Life
If you have a troubled kid or teen, please try to encourage them to eat real food. If they refuse— and most will because processed foods are actually created to be habit-forming and addictive—you must get them to take a whole-food B-complex supplement. And remember, B vitamins must come from food. “Vitamins,” even “high-potency” B vitamins (any vitamins you can buy in any store) are isolated chemicals. As such they will fail to help your kids—just like 95% of all synthetic “vitamins” fail to help any disease or health problem.

There are only a couple B vitamin and omega- 3 supplements that are truly whole organic foods concentrated into supplements. These are produced by highly specialized and often patented techniques primarily by Standard Process and Green Pastures. So if you have a troubled teen who refuses to eat real food, at the very least get them to take 6–9 Cataplex B from Standard Process daily to supplement their B vitamins. Adding in 3–4 Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil capsules from Green Pastures daily would provide their omega 3 fats, and whole vitamins A, F, D and K—making their protocol even better. And if your young person is extremely agitated, nervous, ADD, or ADHD, make sure to also add the calming portion of the B complex—known as vitamin G. Use Cataplex G from Standard Process at a dose of 4– 6 daily. This protocol is the only real thing that could make a difference when it comes to the nutritional deficiencies, brain insult, and resultant emotional and psychological problems with kids. After more than 10,000 young patients, I know this to be true.

But since most of psychiatry ignores this completely. And since no one believes that nutrition has anything to do with mental health. And since young Americans are not likely to improve their diet on their own. And since top talk show hosts make fun of anyone even bringing up the topic—there will be more mass murders. At least you and I are aware of one of the main underlying causes, and will do something about it.

1 Vitamin Deficiencies Affect Emotional and Mental Health, Murray and Pizzorno 1998:377.
2 Biochemistry, Kleiner, Orton.
3 Principles of Biochemistry, White, Handler, Smith, Stetton.
4 Medical Physiology, Guyton.
5 Textbook of Medicine, Cecil.

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What Really Causes Heart Disease —
and How to Cure It

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“The whole cholesterol thing has bilked tens of billions [now hundreds of billions] from Americans. The sad thing is that medicine is slowly bankrupting America by duping our people into ridiculous and dangerous medical procedures that are nothing more than money-making scams.”

Health Alert, Vol. 10, No. 7

The greatest breakthrough in the world of cardiology ever is happening right now! It is led by a new breed of cardiologists and Health Alert. And it is based on the now proven fact that cholesterol does not cause heart disease! This new breed of doctors, many of whom have performed thousands of open-heart surgeries, has now set out to right the wrong. For many decades the so called “smartest-of-the-smart” physicians—those labeled “opinion makers”—have bombarded the scientific literature, brainwashed physicians, and, with the backing of the pharmaceutical industry, bamboozled the American public into believing their insistent lie that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease.

Despite its miserable failure, these opinion makers have been so successful in promoting this scam that the only accepted medical treatment (the gold standard) is the prescription of cholesterol-lowering drugs and a severe, low-fat diet. Insisting that this treatment will lower cholesterol and, in turn, lower heart disease rates, they have managed to persuade everyone that any deviation from this therapy by physicians is a form of heresy. And indeed, in some cases any deviation could be considered grounds for malpractice!

But in 2012, bold and courageous physicians and medical leaders are coming out of hiding to tell you that they have been wrong about the medical low-fat and cholesterol-lowering theory of heart disease. These are people, including cardiologists and heart surgeons, who have actually looked inside tens of thousands of coronary arteries. They know the truth—the gold standard medical protocol is a scam. They now say that low-fat diets and lowering cholesterol have been the medical Holy Grail for many decades, despite the fact that they do not work, and are no longer scientifically or morally defensible. Of course, many of us have known this for a long, long time. Close to 30 years ago, I wrote in Health Alert, “Paranoia about cholesterol is widespread…yet cholesterol is an important tissue substance and it is not to be universally avoided.” (Health Alert, Vol. 1, No. 8, 1984!)

Even worse than the useless, forced, gold standard low-fat and cholesterollowering protocol itself, is the fact that these recommendations have created additional untold suffering. You see, the medically recommended diet that is low in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturated fats and carbohydrates creates constant repeated injury and inflammation to the linings of blood vessels, leading to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. The damage caused by decades of the cholesterol scam is now glaringly apparent.

At the same time that low-fat and cholesterol-lowering protocols really got going, coronary artery disease, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes rates skyrocketed to epidemic levels. The consequences of diseases caused by years of the medical low- fat diet and cholesterol scam—in terms of human suffering, economic consequences, and deaths—dwarf any plague in history! Despite the medical mantra to lower fat and cholesterol at all costs (close to one-third of all Americans take a cholesterol-lowering statin drug and/or eat a low-fat diet), more Americans than ever are suffering and dying. Close to 75 million Americans suffer from heart disease, and almost 100 million suffer from diabetes or prediabetes. Despite the fact that we have reduced the fat in our diets and reduced our cholesterol with drugs, more Americans will die this year of heart disease than ever before! Isn’t that proof enough that the medical gold standard is a bust? Not for organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industries.

If Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease, What Does?
About 26 years ago I said, “There is no relationship between your cholesterol level and the amount of plaque in your arteries.” (Health Alert, Vol. 3, No. 1, 1986.) And 23 years ago I said, “We have proclaimed for over 5 years that cholesterol is not the culprit in heart or blood vessel disease.” (Health Alert, Vol. 6, No. 11, 1989.) And 10 years ago I said, “Cholesterol drug therapy produces instant gratification for doctor and patient by lowering cholesterol numbers. These drugs are indeed the cure for the condition of cholesterolphobia (the unwarranted fear of cholesterol).” (Health Alert, Vol. 19, No. 10, 2002.)

Most recently I summed it all up by saying, “Just why does the manipulation of cholesterol levels fail to reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes? It is the same reason why half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal to low cholesterol. And why half of all people with high cholesterol do not have heart attacks. It is because cholesterol has little or nothing to do with heart disease!” (Health Alert, Vol. 29, No. 3, 2012.) So if it’s not cholesterol, what is it? Well the bold physicians who are blowing the lid off the cholesterol scam have their own idea about the cause of heart disease. And they are 100% correct about this one cause. About 10 years ago I wrote, “There is no doubt that infection and inflammation in the inner layer of blood vessels cause disruption of blood flow, potential clots, and resultant stroke and heart attacks.” (Health Alert, Vol. 20, No. 8.) And that is exactly what the “smartest of the smart” in cardiology are proclaiming as the cause of heart disease—inflammation of the inner layer of the arteries, particularly the coronary arteries.

Inflammation is caused by too much sugar from too many carbohydrates, the high levels of insulin that they cause, polyunsaturated fats, and processed vegetable oils—the staples of the low-fat diet and the very protocol prescribed for decades by mainstream medicine. That’s correct—the decades long medical protocol for heart disease has been the main cause of the chronic, daily, repeated insult to and inflammation of our coronary arteries. Because of this, medical therapy has been and is a main cause of the epidemic number of people suffering and dying from coronary artery disease (CAD), heart disease, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and obesity.

Heart surgeons who have peered inside coronary arteries will tell you that the inside of an inflamed coronary artery looks like it has been sandpapered! They liken inflammation of coronary arteries to rubbing a stiff brush over soft skin until it bleeds. When you keep this up, several times daily (after each meal), every day, for years, then each day the injuries are compounded and worsened as your body desperately tries to patch things up with plaque, etc. Excess carbohydrates and sugar, the excess insulin they cause, too much of store bought oils (like soybean), processed foods, fast foods, and cholesterol-free foods are the sandpaper. And without sufficient omega-3 fats in your diet, store-bought oils actually produce powerful, inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. The more you eat the low-fat faire, the more cytokines your body produces, and the worse the inflammation to your coronary arteries becomes!

What to Do
To stop this insult to your arteries, your heart, and all of your body, you simply must say no to your physician’s recommendation for a low-fat diet. Forget the “science” drummed into your head for decades about this type of eating. Forget avoiding saturated fat such as meat, fish, eggs, poultry, and more. The “science” that these foods cause heart disease is nonexistent. Do not substitute fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-fat, or “heart healthy” foods.

Instead eat a whole-foods diet. This is the diet that finally transformed Bill Clinton after he quit the recommended low-fat diet/heart drugs protocol he languished on for years. Remember that the cholesterol theory led to the no-fat and low-fat recommendations that spurred the processed foods industry and caused an epidemic of inflammation. Medicine has made a terrible mistake, and it is time to right a wrong. Your diet should be whole foods like your grandmother used to eat—fresh, unprocessed, and in their natural state.

Choose complex carbohydrates like vegetables. Eat fruits and vegetables that are colorful. Eat healthy oils such as cod liver, flax, and olive oils. Eat more protein in the form of lean meat, fish, poultry, whey, and eggs to build muscle and stay strong. Use butter instead of margarine. Drink pure water. Simply put, eat the way I have preached for 35 years—a Mediterranean diet. And if you already have artery inflammation, you will need the proper supplements for 6–18 months to help heal your circulatory system. This protocol is discussed at the end of this article.

Heart Disease Without Inflamed Arteries—Beriberi of the Heart
The new breed of cardiologists should be lauded for admitting that they and everyone in the money-driven world of medicine have been wrong. And they are right on about inflammation in the walls of arteries causing heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart attacks, strokes, and quite frankly, pain throughout the body. But they are only half right. There are millions of people languishing with heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and other forms of heart disease who do not have inflammation in their coronary arteries. You may be one of these folks. So what is the real cause of your heart disease?

If this is your situation, you are weak, on heart drugs, depressed, and have an enlarged, palpitating, swollen, leaking, failing heart—with blood pressure problems, breathing problems, and all the classic signs of heart disease. But did you know that these are also the classic signs of beriberi of the heart? Ironically, the same medicallyprescribed low-fat diet that can contribute to inflammation in your arteries can also predispose you to beriberi of the heart. The reason is simple. The main cause of artery inflammation is a deficiency of the whole vitamin C complex and real bioflavonoids. Beriberi is caused by a deficiency of B vitamins. And the foods in the medical low- fat diet as well as the typical American diet are nearly devoid of both.

In this case however, just switching to a Mediterranean diet will not resolve your heart disease. Beriberi of the heart is much more serious, and to reverse it you will need to take the correct supplements. About 25 years ago I began stating that most of today’s heart failure was a form of beriberi of the heart. And almost 10 years ago I wrote, “Today in America there are hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of people suffering from beriberi.” (Health Alert, Vol. 22, No. 5.) And if you thought I was ridiculed about my preaching that diet causes inflammation in the arteries, and the fact that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, that was nothing. My proclamation about beriberi as the cause of heart disease and most heart failure really made organized medicine crazy.

You see, over the past 30 years I have been able to use very specific nutrition to help tens of thousands of folks like you reverse their crippling and medically incurable heart disease. Despite the “opinion makers” and “experts” in medicine, I have been able to accomplish this because I address the underlying cause of their heart disease— beriberi of the heart. And there can be no mistake because when treated with my heart protocol (and nothing else) almost all these folks got better—often quickly. They were able to shrink their swollen and water-logged hearts, stop their heart valves from leaking, restore strong cardiac output and ejection fraction, normalize blood pressure, enjoy breathing that once again becomes easy, increase their energy, and finally restore the balance and function of their hearts.

These remarkable phenomena were simply ignored or considered irrelevant and “anecdotal” to medical “experts”—meaning that it is interesting but nothing more. But common sense dictates that when these phenomena are observed tens of thousands of times over a period of more than 30 years, it is no longer anecdotal. It is simply a fact, or what we like to call evidence-based medicine.

As a very wise physician once said, “If I throw an apple out a window and it goes up instead of down, I don’t need a double-blind study to tell me that something is going on.” I have the best success rates in the world for helping people with heart failure, a weak heart, cardiomyopathy, and any other heart disease syndrome that may have been given any number of medical names. I simply treat my patients for beriberi of the heart, and they get well—by the tens of thousands! This is true, evidence-based medicine in the classic sense.

Beriberi No Longer Exists—It Can’t Cause Heart Disease
And here is where organized medicine, and even some of the new breed of cardiologists, are missing the boat. Most medical people believe that beriberi was a muscle-paralyzing and nerve-damaging disease that was wiped out long ago. And even if it did exist today, a little thiamine would cure it. But that is actually not the case because this form of beriberi is subclinical (not a full blown case), and it affects the heart muscle in particular. And it will not respond to thiamine or any other isolated or synthetic B vitamin, no matter how superpotent the dose. With this type of heart disease, you can only cure it with the full range of B complex vitamins in their natural form. It is a little like synthetic ascorbic acid (vitamin C)—no matter how superpotent the dose, it cannot cure scurvy. But lime juice, with the full, natural form of vitamin C, can.

With this type of debilitating heart disease, vitamin B4 is most critical. And this nutritional substance cannot be synthesized. You can only get it from foods or supplements made from concentrated foods. I found this out the hard way early on in my career by trying all types of isolated B vitamins—all to no avail. They simply did no good at all. I was unable to help those suffering from heart disease until I stumbled on supplements made from concentrated forms of heart tissue, adrenal tissue, liver, nutritional yeast, carrots, wheat germ, beets, rice bran, lecithin, and much more. Let’s face it, these are not exactly the foods you want to consume by the buckets daily to get well. But they are the main source of vitamin B4, which is needed to overcome beriberi—making them rocket fuel for your heart. So we do the next best thing. We use concentrated sources of these foods in the form of supplements produced properly— without heat or chemicals. Very precise, patented, and painstaking supplement making procedures—in use for over 50 years—ensure that you get the full life force of the nutrients.

The Truth About Heart Disease
The truth is finally getting out that cholesterol does not cause heart disease. And thanks to a new breed of cardiologists, the truth is finally getting out that inflammation— from the wrong, medically-prescribed diet and drugs—is a main cause of heart disease. This information sounds exactly like Health Alert almost 30 years ago. And the truth is finally getting out that beriberi of the heart is a major cause of heart disease.

Because of these truths, statin drugs will fail. Stents and bypasses will fail in the longterm. And the myriad of prescription drugs to force the heart to beat stronger, faster, slower, and/or weaker will, at best, fail to do much more than keep patients alive in a debilitated state. At worst, they will turn millions of people into cardiac invalids, while killing unknown numbers. Remarkably, treating the underlying cause of heart disease allows patients to truly get well and actually cure their heart disease—what a concept! And the right protocol usually includes nutrients like the bioflavonoid complex found in Cyruta® Plus (from Standard Process) that helps heal artery inflammation. It also includes the whole vitamins A, D, F, and K complexes found in High Vitamin™ Butter Oil and Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil (from Green Pastures). These are the most antiplaque nutrients known. And the right protocol contains the whole vitamin B (including B4), C, and E complexes found in Cardio-Plus®, Cataplex® B, and Cataplex® F (from Standard Process). It also contains the minerals, trace minerals, and all the other ancillary nutritional factors found in these products as well as in Min-Tran® and Organically Bound Minerals (from Standard Process). By using the correct supplements, which are never a part of any conventional medical treatment, you will be able to address both underlying causes of your heart disease. This is important because most (but not all) people suffer from both problems—inflammation in the linings of the arteries and beriberi of the heart. This type of protocol is true, pragmatic medicine at its best. And as always, if you are too confused about how to proceed, drop me a note and tell me about your heart problems. I will see that you get the information you need—for free!

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How to Prevent and Kill Colds, Flu, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia

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The information in this article will tell you about real vitamin D from real cod liver oil; real supplements from plant, animal and glandular extracts; and antimicrobials to kill germs, viruses, and fungus in your sinuses, throat, bronchi, and lungs. In short—it will tell you how to kill colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia…

     “There is no question that vitamin D is a critical nutrient. It is anticancer. It is an essential part of your hormone balance. It is a building block to prevent and treat chronic colds, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia. In fact, it is a major part of my colds/flu/sinus/bronchitis/pneumonia protocol that includes vitamin D-rich Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil as well as Standard Process’ products, Immuplex® and Congaplex®.” -Health Alert, Vol. 27, No. 7

Oh my, how things have changed.… Medicine has gone from “Vitamin D therapy is a scam” and “Vitamins may cause your death” to saying that vitamin D has a major impact on your immune system, is a major fighter of inflammation, plays a critical role in prevention and treatment of asthma, favorably influences hormone levels via its role as a steroid hormone in the “vitamin D endocrine system,”1 is a potent cancer inhibitor, and plays a major role in cases of chronic sinusitis, sinus infection, and chronic rhinosinusitis! 2

Wow, when a journal of immunology starts talking like this about vitamin D, and when none of the authors are selling vitamin D or have any financial ties to companies selling vitamin D, you know something is really up. And just perhaps, especially since Americans are turning up with surprisingly low levels of vitamin D, we may have one more major therapy to help us with chronic sinusitus, colds, flu, bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia.

     Here are just a few things that the immunology experts are now saying:
  • Vitamin D directly and favorably affects the cells of your immune system, including monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, and T cells (all immune cells that fight infection and disease).

  • When it comes to your immune system, vitamins A and D take center stage by influencing dozens of immune system reactions and responses to bacteria, viruses, and fungi.3 The technical names for just some of the cells and immune functions that vitamin D favorably affects are T cells, B cells, calcitriol (which regulates over 100 genes), monocytes, interleukin-1, interleukin-17, interferon, CD4 and CD8 cells, plasma cells, and immunoglobulin. The technical names for just some of the cells and immune functions that vitamin D favorably affects are T cells, B cells, calcitriol (which regulates over 100 genes), monocytes, interleukin-1, interleukin-17, interferon, CD4 and CD8 cells, plasma cells, and immunoglobulin.

  • Vitamin D suppresses inflammation (the source of most of your suffering) in the sinuses as well as in your nasal and breathing membranes.

  • Vitamin D favorably regulates cathelicidin. his is the only antimicrobial (fights microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi) agent of its type produced by humans. With adequate vitamin D, cathelicidin is produced on your skin, in your breathing passages, and throughout your digestive system—all of which are constantly exposed to microbes, germs, and pathogens.

  • Vitamin D levels are consistently and significantly lower in patients in the intensive care unit with hospital infections and sepsis.

  • Vitamin D levels are consistently lower in people who suffer from chronic sinus problems, sinusitis, sinus infection, rhinosinusitis, and even nasal polyps.
Well, it took a lot of years for this information to finally make it to mainstream medicine, but it is here now. If you have chronic colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinosinusitis or other immune problems—and you have tried everything, including my protocols, antimicrobial sprays and liquids like Sinus Relief™ and Respiratory Relief™, and more—there is hope. You may simply need to utilize my protocols while you boost your vitamin D levels even higher than what I originally thought necessary.

Once you read the article by immunology experts, you truly realize that vitamin D is powerful, and that it is actually a steroid hormone. That puts it in the category with cortisone. Since it is such a powerful anti-inflammatory player in your immune function, you must get only real vitamin D. We now know that vitamin D comes in many, many forms or isomers. It is not just vitamin D2 or D3. Rather, there are dozens or perhaps hundreds of various forms and even various colors of vitamin D in nature. You need to get the real thing.

Do Not Take Store-Bought Vitamin D
Studies are showing that synthetic or high doses of isolated vitamin D can cause problems. Some of these problems relate to calcification in your body. That means that hardening of the arteries might worsen, kidney stones might form, and artery blockages to your heart could worsen. These problems are rare, but real. That is why you must get vitamin D from whole food and the sun only. Stay away from all store-bought vitamin D.

The best form of whole food vitamin D is real cod liver oil. Unfortunately, most cod liver oils are now industrially produced from the livers of inferior fish. The oil is heavily treated, with most brands removing the natural vitamins A and D and adding back synthetic versions. Fortunately, there is one last cod liver oil made from the livers of healthy fish from pristine deep ocean waters. The livers are not treated in any way, they are simply fermented—an age-old process of naturally purifying foods and oils.

This type of cod liver oil contains thousands of molecular structures. We have clues on how approximately two dozen work. And the remaining thousands of molecules and nutritional structures? We simply do not understand everything—and in many cases they have not even been fully identified. There is one thing we do know about real cod liver oil: It contains the counterbalancing nutrients to vitamin D that render it totally healthful and safe.

The vitamins A and F are just a couple of these nutrients. As the vitamin D in cod liver oil naturally drives calcium into your bones (calcification), the vitamins A and F (omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids) maintain calcium in your soft tissues and muscles—providing the natural antidote to calcification. And vitamin A combined with vitamin D comprise a vitamin team considered the premier immune-enhancing, anti-infection combination. Therefore, while more than 1,000 IUs of synthetic vitamin D might be problematic, thousands of IUs of real vitamin D from cod liver oil are simply powerful nutrition. Again, that is because vitamin D is more properly metabolized (used by your body) and balanced by the naturally-occurring nutritional counterparts found in the cod liver oil.

This basic nutritional premise is the cornerstone of effective, safe, nutritional therapy. Your body uses nutrients when they are consumed in their whole, raw, natural state—with all their naturally-occurring nutritional counterparts. When consumed this way, they are more effective—sometimes 100 times more effective—than synthetics, and they are rendered far safer. Need vitamin D to build strong bones, modulate hormones, strengthen your immune system, normalize your sinus and breathing passages, reduce your joint pain, and more? Take Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

The normal dose of Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil is 3-4 capsules daily. But when your body is under stress, as with colds or flu, your vitamin D needs jump. If you tried to take a higher dose of vitamin D from the store, you would risk problems. But with cod liver oil you can get your extra vitamin D during periods of colds, flu, and stress without the worry.

How to Kill Colds, Flu, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia
Step 1. At the first sign of sinus problems, colds, flu, or bronchitis, begin to use the antimicrobial spray Sinus Relief™ every hour. If your problem is in the bronchi or lungs, use the antimicrobial liquid Respiratory Relief™. Place it into one of our nebulizers, which atomizes it into a fine mist that should be used as an inhalation treatment 3-6 times daily. Viruses, bacteria, and microbes reproduce at an amazing rate—some doubling their populations in your nose, throat, and bronchi every hour or two. That is why it’s important to catch your cold early, and use the antimicrobial treatments very frequently—at least every 2 hours, and better every hour. This is critical. If you are not killing germs, you are not treating often enough to overcome their super reproduction rates.


Step 2. In addition, take the following nutrition from Standard Process: Congaplex® (2 every hour or two) and Immuplex® (2 taken 3x daily) until your cold or flu is resolved. Given all the latest vitamin D research, I also recommend taking Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3-4 capsules taken 3-4x daily). Use this protocol, along with Sinus Relief™ (sprayed into the nose every hour) and Respiratory Relief™ in our nebulizer (every 3-4 hours), until your cold is resolved.

Proper nutrition, including the real vitamin A and D complexes, will keep your immune system powered up. Powerful antimicrobial therapy attacks germs at the site with a proven kill ratio. This is so much better than antibiotics that also kill other cells including the microflora in your gut and elsewhere—often leaving you with powerful side effects and stubborn yeast infections. Nutrition and antimicrobials—powerful therapy indeed.

And when it comes to cod liver oil and vitamin D, do not use any cod liver oil or vitamin D substitutes because you will be cheating yourself, possibly harming yourself, and spending too much money for inferior products. All the antimicrobials and the nebulizer for my protocol are available at the very best price at the Health Alert Store (, or call 1-800-231-8063, anytime).

My family is never without these products on hand. At ages 66, 51, and 11, we are all extremely healthy. Thanks to these products, I have never had the flu and I have not had a cold in years.

As for antibiotics for acute sinus problems, most of Europe has trended away from prescription antibiotics. They rarely help relieve symptoms or resolve the sinusitis sooner. They can be harmful. And they contribute to the overall antibiotic abuse problem world-wide. American physicians have not adopted the new attitude of restraint on antibiotic use for sinusitis. The newest study on antibiotics and sinusitis shows that 10 days of amoxicillin versus a placebo showed no difference.4

As usual, if you want the real scoop on all the studies (that is, to find out if antibiotics are good for sinusitis or not), simply go to for real numbers. There you will find the results of all the studies—good and bad, slanted and unslanted, biased and unbiased. The results of all studies show that 93.2% of people show no benefit, 6.8% show slight improvement, 12.5% are harmed, and 1.4% cannot tolerate the drugs. Or in simple terms, 1 in 15 were slightly helped, 1 in 8 were harmed, and 1 in 78 could not tolerate the drugs. These facts are just so refreshing, and yet antibiotics are still the gold standard treatment for sinusitis in this country.

The Flu News
As far as flu goes, the last few years have been ho-hum years. And vaccine sales are way down as people are getting wise to the fact that the vaccines are ineffective (don’t work or only slightly reduce symptoms), actually cause flu symptoms, and that they are not safe. But not to worry about vaccine makers. It may just be time for another pandemic. It’s been a few years since the last pandemic that wasn’t. They had a good run going—the swine flu, the bird flu, the H1N1, and on and on. These scam “pandemics” have provided billions of dollars in profits for the vaccine makers. Of course, no pandemic ever really existed.

But I’ve recently noticed articles in the research saying that some cases of swine flu were turning up. Can it be that we are going back to that one? Even though it is a mild form of flu, with a little help from the right governmental agencies (accomplices), Big Pharma can get back on the money track with the newest, albeit rehashed, pandemic—the “new swine flu.”

The Final Trick to Beating Colds and Flu Quickly
The trick to beating colds and flu quickly lies primarily in early, correct treatment. We have the correct treatment. But viruses, bacteria, and even fungi reproduce at fantastic rates, sometimes doubling their populations in an hour. If you wait hours, or even days before starting treatment, you’ll be trying to kill billions of microbes instead of thousands.

So at the very first sign of a cold and flu—you know, when you are not even sure you are catching a cold—start treatment immediately as if you already had a cold. The sooner you start, the higher and quicker your success rate will be. And that means less suffering. Often this results in not even getting the cold, or wiping it out overnight. So order your protocol now to be prepared to do battle. You will be happy that you did.

By the way, our protocols are also highly effective for people preventing or fighting the flu. These are the protocols that can change your life. Our protocols have changed little over the decades, but they are evolving and improving with the newest research. Remember, bugs are tough and getting tougher. Decades of antibiotic abuse have caused superstrains of bugs. Antibiotics don’t work as well as they once did. And the newer drugs are very powerful with strong side effects that can ruin your life. Be armed and prepared. And make sure you get adequate supplies of real vitamin D, plus the other nutrients, anti-microbials, and a nebulizer to help you fight the newest and strongest microbial attacks—even including “pandemics.”

1 Norman, A. W., “From vitamin D to hormone D: Fundamentals of the vitamin D endocrine system essential for good health,” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August 2008; 88(2):491S–499S.
2 Abuzeid, W. M., Akbar, N, A., Zacharek, M. A., “Vitamin D and chronic rhinitis,” Current Opinion in Allergy & Clinical Immunology, February 2012; 12(1):13–17.
3 Ibid.
4 Williamson, I. G., et al, “Antibiotics and topical nasal steroid for treatment of acute maxillary sinusitis,” Journal of the American Medical Association, 2007; 298(21):2487–2496. (doi:10.1001/jama.298.21.2487.)

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How You Can Cure Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, and Obesity

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I do not like to take care of my friends medically. But when they are headed toward health disaster, I simply cannot just sit by. I learned this the hard way through my friend Jim Foster, who was like a father to me. When he began to have heart troubles, I gently offered my help. He turned me down for a renowned cardiologist in a world-famous heart clinic.

As Jim got into more and more trouble, I offered again and again, telling him that he was in danger. But it wasn’t enough, as Jim was finally turned into a drooling invalid, and eventually poisoned and cut to death by drugs and surgery. This was a hard lesson for me. I now know that I needed to grab Jim by the collar and tell him he would be killed if he didn’t listen to me. But I wasn’t strong enough, the rest is history, and I learned my lesson.

So when one of my physician friends (Dave) had a heart attack, I knew what I had to do. During Dave’s hospitalization, he learned that he was becoming obese; that his blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides were through the roof; that he was diabetic; and that he was at extreme risk for another heart attack and/or stroke. His (and my) medical friends rallied to his side, and he came home on 6 prescriptions for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and potential stroke.

Aside from Dave’s immediate health problems, he was faced with the reality that at the age of 65, these drugs were a dead-end that could not be maintained without a terrific toll on his quality of life. In addition, the very things that he needed to do to reverse his diseases—diet, exercise, and phytonutrients—were foreign to him and completely against his nature.

Nonetheless, my course of action was clear—all I had to do was think about Jim Foster. So we had a heart-to-heart. I thought Dave would reject my protocol out-of-hand. But instead, much to my surprise and joy, and unlike Jim Foster, he embraced it. And this is no easy task for a man who has never exercised, and who likes to eat unhealthy foods and drink alcohol.

The Cure Begins
So Dave began to cut out the carbohydrates and alcohol. This was the first step. He ate healthy protein and complex carbohydrates—shunning processed foods and sweets. He cut back drastically on alcohol. And then he started his second step to beat diabetes, which would lead to resolving all his other problems. He began intensive weight training (weight lifting).

Only when muscles are taxed with resistance (like with weight lifting), can sugar be removed from the bloodstream without insulin. Once this starts, the blood glucose level begins to lower. As this happens, the pancreas produces less insulin, decreasing high blood insulin levels. This all takes place with a low carbohydrate diet, exercise, and in the presence of the correct nutrients.

Finally, Dave started his third step toward regaining his health. He started a phytonutrient regimen. People with diabetes and heart disease suffer primarily from deficiencies and imbalances of B vitamins (including vitamin B4), minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Dave began to take the following supplements: Diaplex (3x3 daily with meals), Cataplex GTF (2x3 daily with meals), Min-Tran (3x3 daily with meals), Cardio-Plus (3x3 daily with meals), and Cataplex B (2x3 daily with meals). In addition, he took Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3 capsules daily). Much to my amazement, and with encouragement but no “enforcement” on my part, he followed this regime while consuming a low carbohydrate diet and maintaining a strict weight- training schedule. He was basically reinventing his entire persona.

The Right Supplements
The cure for people with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high blood fats (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) is a combination regimen. Any part of the program without the others will only result in partial success—frequently with the need for ongoing and debilitating prescription drugs. But when the entire program is in force, all drugs can usually be weaned and eliminated with the help of the prescribing doctor. And this is exactly what happened with my friend—and in less than 90 days!

The Diaplex I prescribed is critical in supporting the healthy function of the pancreas. Among dozens of other nutrients, it contains pancreatic extract combined with B vitamins and trace minerals. A healthy pancreas along with vitamins and trace minerals are needed to normalize insulin levels.

Cataplex GTF contains B vitamins and trace minerals, including the biologically active form of chromium. B vitamins and chromium combine to make up what is known as the glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which is essential to maintain normal glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. Without these nutrients, no amount of exercise or low-carb dieting would normalize high-glucose levels.

Cataplex B contains the full, biologically active, phytonutrient B vitamins, including B4, which cannot be synthesized. These are necessary to help normalize blood fats, maintain a strong and steady heart muscle and heartbeat, and support proper sugar metabolism in the body.

Cardio-Plus is a combination of five products in one. It contains:
  • Cardiotrophin (heart extract);
  • Cataplex C (the whole vitamin C complex—not just ascorbic acid);
  • Cataplex E2 (the oxygen-sparing portion of the vitamin E complex);
  • Cataplex G (the calming side of the vitamin B complex—the natural partner to Cataplex B);
  • Calcium Lactate (the most usable form of calcium).
In addition, Cardio-Plus contains an entire spectrum of other nutrients, including selenium, potassium, CoQ10, and more.

Min-Tran is a naturally calming mineral complex containing Calcium Lactate and other minerals (including iodine, magnesium, and more) from kelp and alfalfa. It is known that minerals from food are far more active than mineral supplements.

In fact, in a study reported in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition (May 2007), it was again proven that calcium from food is best. Women who got their calcium from food enjoyed better calcium metabolism and bone development than women who consumed even higher levels of calcium from supplements.

All the nutrients prescribed for Dave and our patients are made from food (phytonutrients). And there simply are no substitutes. Dave had taken an entire array of “natural” vitamins and minerals for several years prior to his heart attack, subsequent type 2 diabetes, and blood fat abnormalities. Thankfully, he is now living proof that getting the right phytonutrients will make a difference.

The Wheat, Gluten, and Slow Burn Connection
Being a physician, Dave is inquisitive. And he closely monitors his blood sugar. He has told me that I was absolutely correct in recommending no wheat or gluten, along with strong weight lifting. His sugar rises most precipitously and stays high longer when he eats wheat or gluten. And his sugar drops quickly and stays normal longer after his intense weight lifting.

I recommended that Dave lift weights following the “slow burn” technique. This is lifting weights very slowly, for only 4 to 6 repetitions per exercise, and only once every 5 to 7 days. Sound good—lifting weights only once or twice weekly, instead of the usual 4 to 6 times? You bet. The studies show that when you exercise in this manner, the positive effects last in your body for the next 5 to 7 days! And Dave has proved that over and over again with the simple use of a blood glucose monitor.

For anyone with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and/or blood fats problems, I always recommend a gluten-free diet and slow burn weight lifting. You can learn all you need to know about wheat, gluten, and being overweight by getting the book, Low-Fat Lies. You can get it at a discount from the Health Alert store ( or 1-800-231-8063). And you can learn all about the benefits and technique of slow burn weight lifting by getting the book, The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution, by Frederick Hahn, Michael Eades, MD, and Mary Eades, MD.

And slow burn is not just for younger folks. If you start this technique, it can be your personal fountain of youth. I have patients in their 90s who lift weights in this manner. Older folks routinely become stronger, more stable, more secure, more positive, and more independent after 3 months on this regime. Sound like the fountain of youth to you?

The Obesity Connection
For most Americans, it is all about insulin. Both the Journal of the American Medical Association (May 16, 2007) and Time Magazine (June 11, 2007) agree. If you consume lots of wheat, grains, and processed foods (which all contain gluten), your pancreas secretes higher than normal amounts of insulin. Insulin is irritating to your blood vessel linings and can lead to coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis.

But more important, high insulin levels mean that you will have more degenerative diseases like arthritis, heart disease, coronary artery disease, and obesity. And it is not your genes that make you secrete high levels of insulin. It is simply your diet— processed foods, grains, and sugar, as well as lack of exercise. These things make your muscle (and other) cells less receptive to insulin. So they won’t let the sugar in with the usual amount of insulin circulating in your blood. Therefore your blood sugar rises, and your body secretes more insulin. Genes are not the cause of obesity, insulin is. When you have high insulin levels, you have a much harder time losing weight. And when you do not exercise, your insulin levels rise.

Once insulin levels begin to rise, the body starts to inhibit the fat-burning hormone called hormone-sensitive lipase. Without this hormone you cannot burn fat for energy. You will begin using protein (lean muscle mass) and carbohydrates for energy. This causes you to become abnormally hungry, which causes you to eat more carbohydrates—continuing the cycle.

But when you remove the processed foods and gluten, and you start exercising, your insulin level drops. When this happens, your hormone-sensitive lipase levels normalize. You then start to once again burn fat for energy. The net result is weight loss and getting a handle on degenerative diseases. It is not rocket science.

DDD: The Deadly Diabetes Duo
The deadly diabetes duo is wheat and lack of exercise. Despite all the “science” in medical therapy for type 2 diabetes, it still remains a man-made disease. And as sure as it is man-made, it can be “man-cured.” This disease is caused by eating processed foods loaded with wheat, sugar, and corn syrup, all the while staying on the couch and avoiding exercise. It is as simple as that. For those of you who do not believe this, all you need is an accurate glucose monitor for diabetes testing. Within 30 days of following the instructions in this article, you will have proven it to yourself. To eliminate blood sugar problems, all you need to do is eat only real foods with lots of protein, avoid wheat and sugar, exercise, and take the correct supplements. That’s it!

Skeptical? Test It!
Think wheat and lack of exercise are not the deadly duo? Take this test. If you are diabetic, you probably already know your average blood sugar fluctuations. Now stop all wheat and any food with wheat in it. (Be sure to read ingredient labels—you will be surprised.) At the same time, join a gym and start exerising your muscles—hard. The best way I have found is “slow burn” weight lifting.

After one month on this regimen, compare your blood sugar readings with previous readings. If you have not cheated, you will be absolutely amazed.

And you can take it a couple steps farther. Have a blood test after a month on this treatment plan and compare your blood glucose readings, your triglycerides, and even your HDL/LDL ratio to those from past months. If you’re still not convinced, monitor your blood sugar after specific meals. See how high your blood sugar spikes after a big pasta or other wheat-laden meal—and note how long it takes to normalize again. You will find that nothing pushes up blood sugar like wheat. And nothing keeps that sugar-high longer than wheat. If you still need more evidence, watch your blood sugar drop within hours after one of your strong, “slow burn” exercise sessions—and how long it stays down following exercise. Nothing (even drugs) has a more powerful and longer-lasting glucosemoderating effect than strong, muscular, weightbearing exercise (weight lifting).

Wheat and Diabetes
A “healthy” meal of “whole-grain” cereal is not the breakfast of champions. It is the breakfast of diabetics. If you insist on eating wheat all the time, you will eventually (if not already) be relegated to a lifetime of diabetic drugs with all their problems and life-threatening side effects. Just stop eating wheat altogether. If you would like a book recommendation to help you design a healthy diet, get a copy of Low-Fat Lies from our store, or pick up the classic Protein Power, by Eades and Eades. It is available in bookstores and online.

Exercise and Diabetes
Remember, muscular exercise is the only time the body takes sugar out of the blood and into the muscles without insulin. That defines the cure for type 2 diabetes. You can test your own blood sugar for the proof. I am aware that most people really don’t like to exercise. That is one of the reasons why “slow burn” exercising is the best.

How to Be Drug-Free in 90 Days
Quite frankly, without exercise and the elimination of, or dramatic reduction in, wheat intake, you simply will never overcome diabetes. And conversely, with these two factors and the right supplements, you can be drug-free within 90 days. Supplements are also needed to overcome longtime nutritional deficiencies brought about by a diabetes diet.

If you need final proof, combine this new diet, new exercise program, and new supplement protocol and then take regular blood sugar readings. After one to three months start to compare them to past readings. If you are diabetic, take the final step and take these readings to your doctor. Let him or her know that you have cured your diabetes naturally— and you wish to wean off diabetes drugs. Now that’s a formula for success.

There could not have been a worse patient than Dave. He was very overweight and had never exercised in his life. He loved his wines. He was trained in classical medicine. All his friends wanted to help him with prescription drugs for life. In fact, his two best friends were a cardiologist and an internist. But he actually came to me! And more shocking—he followed through on my recommendations.

His rewards were a 60-point drop to normal blood pressure. His blood glucose dropped over 200 points to normal. His triglycerides dropped over 300 points to normal. He lost 40 pounds of fat. And he is now stronger than he was 25 years ago. All without drugs or surgery. Can diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and abnormal blood fats be reversed? You bet.

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Reprint © Health Alert

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2012 marks our 30th year!

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Can it be true? 2012 marks our 30th year!
A lot has happened in that time. For starters, I got married and had a son—the greatest accomplishments of my life. And 30 years ago, my idea to publish a newsletter containing the results of my research on natural cures (so people could actually help themselves and get cured—what a concept!) was universally ridiculed. But we founded the health-newsletter field anyway by launching Health Alert. Now the idea is popular, with over 50 imitators, among them medical centers, medical schools and universities, and teaching hospitals.

Over the same decades, we continued to research phytonutrients, cardiotonics, osteofactors, and a host of other therapies that treat the actual cause of diseases. Slowly but surely we became the experts in these fields. Today we have passed a major milestone in health care by successfully helping more patients than any other physician or doctor of any kind.

During this same period, the cost of health care and health insurance has skyrocketed, single-handedly causing Medicare’s bankruptcy, and sending the American auto industry—once the powerhouse and envy of the world— overseas or into bankruptcy. And the prices for medical insurance and medical-symptom care continue to soar.

In the last 30 years, the cancer industry stuck to its guns and primarily promoted drugs, surgery, and radiation treatments. New super-expensive drugs were heralded with all the fanfare of a second coming. Most were discredited and quietly discarded as useless—but only after billions of dollars were fleeced from the public and government. On the bright side, there was a major turning point with breast cancer. After 40 years of failing to decrease the rate of cancer or death—despite billions of research dollars and thousands of cancer curathons—the rates dramatically began to drop in 2002. The reason was that women rejected the advice of their physicians and simply decided to avoid menopausal hormone drugs (like estrogen) en masse.

The world of cardiology was catapulted into high-tech, band-aid treatments such as angioplasty, bypasses, stents, shock therapy, and ablation.

They continue to be the preferred treatments even though they do nothing to treat the cause of heart disease, and have not been proven to prolong life. Those not suitable for this high-tech world were treated with an ever-increasing number of highly touted heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol drugs. These treatments became popular even though many of the drugs had paralyzing side effects that caused heart disease and/or killed thousands of heart patients. And despite the fact that the real research shows that most of these drugs do not prevent heart attacks or prolong life, they remain the mainstay of medical therapy.

Some positive strides were taken in medicine—spurred mostly by entrepreneurial physicians and by companies that make medical equipment such as lasers. Laser therapy for men with benign prostate hypertrophy eliminated the medical “gold standard” of the bloody TURP (a “roto-rooter” of the prostate). And lasers are now being introduced for outpatient spinal surgery that is often highly effective as well as dramatically safer, easier, and less debilitating. These safer procedures can provide relief—even to patients who suffer long-term chronic and debilitating back and leg pain that no other therapy can help.

During the last 30 years, the medico-pharmaceutical industry transformed itself into a mega-business. It developed new marketing skills to ensure that every single American became a patient using drugs and other medical therapies for life. The industry employed or enlisted the services of politicians, lawyers, and even governments. And their latest, highly successful campaign of disease mongering involves free screenings, and full-body scans. This campaign encompasses several approaches, such as comparing the bone mass of older women to women in their thirties, ratcheting down the “normal” levels of blood pressure to 110/70 and the “normal” levels of cholesterol to below 150, and much more.
When your free health screening uncovers “abnormal” blood pressure, cholesterol, or bone mass, you are ushered off to your physician to start your very own prescription drug regimen for life. And just in case some people were still missed, this same industry has taken to dishing out blood pressure and cholesterol drugs to children.

The final insult has now come as powerful, addicting, psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin are handed out like candy to grammar school kids for diseases that do not exist! All with an assuring nod from the teachers, school administrators, health officials, community leaders, politicians, physicians, and even the parents. What could be a better scam for the medico-pharmaceutical industry?

"Natural” Health?
As if this was not enough, throughout the 1980s and 1990s a Gestapo-style campaign was initiated against any physician who strayed from the established “gold standard” of medical therapy. Doctors who broke with their profession to offer patients holistic therapies were persecuted, sued, lost their licenses, and, on some occasions, even had their clinics invaded by armed security agents.

Upon hearing about this from their constituents, Congress passed a law protecting “vitamin and mineral supplements.” And slowly but surely the tide turned. The persecutors were discredited, losing case after case in court, their real motives exposed. During this time the “supplement” industry exploded. Thousands of rip-off artists bought the raw ingredients for supplements for pennies, and then developed shrewd marketing techniques to sell their supplements for thousands of times their cost. Most of these supplements were useless. However, billions of dollars were made and continue to be made by unscrupulous supplement profiteers.

Professional athletes got in on performance-enhancing supplements, but quickly found that these products did not perform as advertised. So they turned to drugs—illicit, steroid hormone and growth hormone drugs. It was heartbreaking for me, an ex-athlete who loves athletics and sports. My heroes were discredited, their gold medals stripped. And Congress grapples today with how to handle the hundreds of professional athletes who are “juiced” on drugs.

Throughout all these events, Health Alert continued to publish our results in treating the cause of disease. Our sheer volume of experience with tens of thousands of patients has provided us with a “looking-glass” into every type of condition, disease, and treatment. For example, after seeing 10,000 patients treated with X drug for their heart disease, it is easy to know what is going to happen to the next 10,000. The side effects, problems, and ramifications of most medical treatments are the same in almost all patients. It becomes repetitive and predictable.

And after helping 50,000 to 60,000 more people with the same type of heart disease, or digestive disorder, or bone disorder, we have learned which plant and/or glandular extract will effect the result we want and help cure the patient. In most cases, this experience allows us to tell patients that in 6 to 18 months their condition will be a memory.

Yet there are times when a drug is needed and can be miraculous. Most of these times are in emergency situations, with infections, and when an organ system is worn out or destroyed. For most everything else, including most degenerative diseases, providing the body what it needs to resolve the underlying cause of disease is best. And this type of treatment is certainly better than toxic drugs, with their litany of side effects. After all, we’ve already had the benefit of the “looking glass”—into tens of thousands of case histories, all with similar or identical results of lifetime drug therapy.

In fact, most patients start on our protocols while they are under the care of their own physician. He or she is truly trying very hard to do everything they can to help the patient, with one prescription after another. It is when the positive results of our protocol begin to become obvious that most patients confront their physicians about their prescriptions. And in most cases, people cannot get completely well until they wean off their prescriptions or cut back to a bare minimum, with the help of the prescribing physician.

So Contrary, but So True
Almost 30 years ago, I began to tell patients that many of their concepts about health and disease, usually learned from the medical profession, were false. Throughout the past 30 years, I have published my own basic concepts about health and disease that fly in the face of medical “science.” Almost every single concept has now been proven true. But the medical profession remains paralyzed—unable to break the financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry—even as the average physician does everything possible to help patients with their health problems.

Some of the most shocking truths that I initiated and published are:
  • Most people with indigestion, gas, bloating, heartburn, and reflux suffer from too little stomach acid, not too much. And if this is your situation, then taking antacids, by definition, will make you permanently ill. It will also further impair your digestion of valuable nutrients, and worsen your body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of digestive juices and acids. Anyone with indigestion problems can perform the Zypan Test to determine if they are low on stomach acid.

  • Most forms of muscular heart disease, including congestive heart failure, are due to beriberi of the heart. This debilitating disease, induced by a lack of the whole B-vitamin phytonutrient complex, paralyzes the heart and causes it to enlarge and become “waterlogged.” When the heart muscle weakens, the heart and valves stretch, causing leaky heart valves. Most cases of mitral valve prolapse are not due to a disease at all. Rather these “disease” diagnoses are simply symptoms of a nutritional deficiency.

  • We have repeatedly stated (for more than 20 years) that “the heart is the most responsive organ in the body when the proper phytonutrient therapy is applied.” Almost all medical heart disease treatments completely ignore the underlying cause of this epidemic disease in America. Most traditional treatments cause too many and too serious side effects to utilize long-term. When the proper phytonutrient protocols are employed, most medical treatments are never needed.

  • Prescription hormones are a Pandora’s box. They can prolong lives (as in the use of insulin with type 1 diabetes), but they can wreak havoc with haphazard use (such as estrogen for all women in menopause). My statement, “When you find you have developed uterine or breast cancer from estrogen, you will wish you could have your hot flashes back,” turned out truer than I could have even foreseen. After 50 years of rising breast cancer rates, they finally took a dramatic swing downward when millions of women began to reject menopausal estrogen.

  • The antioxidant craze is a hoax. While your body needs certain antioxidant nutrients, the blanket marketing of chemical antioxidants to fight free radicals is a rip-off. And claiming that all diseases are caused by free radical damage—thus promoting useless antioxidant products, produced for pennies and sold for hundreds of dollars—makes the whole thing worse.

  • The low-fat diet to fight heart disease is a sham. Thankfully no one can stay on this kind of diet for long because it will starve you of the very nutrition you need to heal a diseased heart. It will also rob you of the fats needed for proper hormone production, proper brain function, and it will damage your skin. Avoiding animal fats and cholesterol at all costs is a dreadful idea that could cost you your life. In addition, all the low-fat, low-calorie, zero-cholesterol, zero-trans-fat, and “heart-healthy” foods are junk. They are a form of liquid plastic and should not be consumed.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids must be consumed on a regular basis to maintain good heart, brain, hormone, and skin health. Cod liver and flax oils are excellent supplements to provide these critical nutrients.

  • Prescription Drug Withdrawal is an integral part of any protocol that treats the cause of disease. Though many people are brainwashed into thinking that the more drugs they take, the healthier they will be, the opposite is true. Specifically, most powerful drugs used for heart patients must be gradually reduced as the patients are cured by one of our protocols. If not, the drug that may have been temporarily helpful will become a toxic poison.

  • Almost 20 years ago I coined a critical phrase: “New drugs? Cheaper drugs? Free drugs? Who cares? What we need is fundamental change.”

  • Deep breathing is the first line of defense against chronic stress and resultant high blood pressure. Two decades before “effective breathing machines” like RESPeRATE® came onto the market, we offered one of our first free flyers on how to breath deeply to lower your blood pressure.

  • And more than two decades ago, we recommended exercise that also involves your mind as a key to controlling high blood pressure. Today Zona Plus™, an exercise technique using no drugs, involves exercise and the mind as a “proven first line of defense against high blood pressure that is natural, safe, and effective.”

  • Type 2 diabetes is a deficiency disease that anyone can cure. Brought on by a sedentary lifestyle and a typical American diet laden with wheat, white flour, and sugar, the cure is to treat the nutritional deficiencies of B vitamin phytonutrient complexes and minerals, and to begin a weight resistance (weight lifting) exercise program. A person with diabetes who is willing to quit wheat and sugar, while lifting weights twice weekly, can get off diabetes drugs—with all their horrifying side effects—usually within 90 days.

  • Diagnostic tests like x-rays, scans, and MRIs for joint problems and especially spinal problems, rarely pinpoint the real cause of the problem. Surgeries based on findings from these tests often backfire, leaving the patient in a worsened condition. Painkillers for joint disease and pain are killers indeed. They don’t really kill the pain, and they are highly toxic to the liver and heart. The real answer for people with joint problems, including arthritis and osteoporosis, is a diet of whole foods (with a third of them raw), weight lifting, raw bone supplements, cod liver oil, and therapies that treat the real cause of the problem. We have listed many of these therapies to be used in conjunction with a diet, supplement, and exercise protocol to end patients’ joint pain.

  • Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. And the whole industry built around cholesterol screenings, zero-cholesterol foods, and lowering cholesterol at all costs (almost always with drugs) is a scam to make money. Lowering the “normal” cholesterol levels to below 150 is part of the same scam. Long-term (30-year) use of statin (cholesterol-lowering) drugs prolongs life by only a few months.1

  • Blood pressure screenings, lowering the “normal” blood pressure to below 110/70, and the mindset of “lowering blood pressure with drugs at all costs” are more examples of the same scam to make money. Long-term (30-year) use of blood pressure drugs prolongs life by only a few weeks (actually 9 days statistically).2

  • Cancer is a systemic (throughout the body) disease, no matter what your doctor tells you. Telling patients, based on post-operation scans, that “we got it all” is always a lie. Scans to predict if you are cancer-free are useless. Most cancers have been growing and spreading for 5 to 10 years before they are detected and diagnosed. Billions of cancer cells must be present to show up on any scan. Surgery, although often needed, can spread cancer. The word “cure” in oncology (cancer care) circles has up to fifty different definitions. The only real cure is the one where you live long enough to die from something other than cancer. These survivors are strong, and most utilize a protocol to treat cancer everywhere in their body, rather than relying solely on local surgery, local radiation, and/or chemotherapy.

  • The diaphragm muscle is overlooked by almost everyone as a cause of very common and chronic problems. A weakness in the diaphragm can cause indigestion and reflux. The same weakness can cause the heart to feel like it is palpitating and “flip-flopping” in the chest, especially at night. And this same diaphragm problem can irritate the vagus nerve causing real excess acid production in the stomach. Unless you treat the diaphragm with a specific hands-on pressure technique (which is basically unknown to most physicians), all other medical therapies— including drugs, medical therapies and surgery—are useless, band-aid treatments that are virtually unnecessary.

  • Phytonutrient supplements made from plant, animal, and glandular extracts and concentrates perform thousands of times more effectively in the body than the isolated vitamins and minerals found in most supplements. In fact, most supplements tested over the past three decades, with thousands of patients, have proved useless in treating people who have come to us with serious diseases and health problems.

We Can Help You
These are just the highlights of the remarkable concepts we have brought forth. They were all initially ridiculed, and later proven true. If you find yourself in one or more of these categories, and you do not have the particular Health Alert issue or articles regarding your problem, we can help. Just drop us a brief note about your problem. Be sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped (with 2 stamps) envelope, and I will make sure you get the information you need.

Has it really been 30 years? Yes. And the years have proven once again that truth is truly timeless. New drugs? Who cares? Fundamental change is what is needed in health care. Health Alert is the change, and these are just some of the fundamentals.

1 The MRC/BHF Heart Protection Study.
2 Journal of the American Medical Association, May, 2003.

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Hiatal Hernia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Reflux, GERD, and Esophagitis

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What is the biggest and strongest muscle in the body? The back? The legs or thighs? How about the big muscles of your arms? Well, the strongest muscle in the body is the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen. And strangely enough, it is a muscle you don’t have to think about—unless you run into trouble.

Diaphragm Strain (Hiatal Hernia)
One day, after playing volleyball, I felt a little odd. Soon, the oddness became downright uncomfortable. I was slightly dizzy, I had trouble concentrating, I was weak and trembly, and my heart was starting to palpitate. Heart attack? No, only a diaphragm strain! Unfortunately, not one physician in 1,000 would recognize this. If it were you, you’d end up in the hospital, undergo thousands of dollars in tests, and potentially be harmed by iatrogenic (doctor- or drug-induced) testing or treatments.

I was simply treated by my local chiropractor. He knew how to effectively stretch my diaphragm back to its normal position, freeing the stomach from its trap in the diaphragm and allowing normal breathing and diaphragm action to resume. The entire treatment took less than two minutes and was 100% effective immediately.

My case was relatively benign. I had the experience to recognize what was happening. But it can become very serious. The palpitations can become severe. Gastrointestinal problems like vomiting and reflux can ensue. You can faint or become extremely weak. You can suffer a severe backache or headache. In some cases, you feel that you are going to die. Remember, the diaphragm is the strongest muscle in the body. Without its proper action, you can’t breathe.

Worse yet, millions of people carry around the damage from a strained diaphragm for years or for life! It is estimated that up to half of all Americans over age 60 may suffer from a hiatal hernia (diaphragm strain). A huge percentage of these people have not only stomach and reflux problems, but heart and related circulatory problems as well, all caused by the weakness in the diaphragm.

The danger of an undiagnosed hiatal hernia is that folks are treated with dangerous drugs for a suspected stomach, heart, or circulatory problem that, when properly diagnosed, would be corrected in the same fashion I was treated. So, if this sounds like you, please take note. Even if a gastroenterologist puts a scope down into your stomach and pronounces you do not have a hiatal hernia, still have it checked out. This condition is often impossible to diagnose via standard medical procedures.

Is It Gastroesophageal Reflux or Hiatal Hernia or Both?
A diaphragm strain or hiatal hernia can cause not only the problems described above, it can also produce severe, chronic heartburn, indigestion, and reflux. Billions of dollars are spent yearly on medical treatments for the symptoms of this condition.

The catchphrase diagnosis for heartburn these days is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In fact, most heartburn and reflux occur when acids from the stomach are allowed up through the muscular opening in the diaphragm into the esophagus. Although your stomach lining is designed to handle these acidic compounds, your esophagus is not. Constant acid reflux can eventually damage, ulcerate, or even cause a precancerous condition (Barrett’s Esophagus) in your lower throat.

No one knows for sure what causes GERD. However, we have found that many GERD sufferers have inadequate digestive enzymes (acids) or faulty digestive enzyme production and distribution in their stomach and intestines. For most sufferers, the cause of the problem falls into one or more of four general categories:
  • Poor diet, poor food combining, overeating, and a high refined-carbohydrate-sugar intake.
  • Poor or inadequate digestive enzyme function in the stomach, pancreas, and small intestine.
  • Prescription drugs that contribute to reflux problems.
  • Mechanical problems in the diaphragm like a hiatal hernia or diaphragm strain (as discussed previously).
For numbers one and two, relief is pretty easy. Number three can often be readily solved by working with your MD to get off the offending medication. And even if you have mechanical problems (as in number four), or a combination of problems, relief is most often possible. In most cases, it boils down to whether or not you can break bad habits to solve the problem and prevent serious throat disease.

What to Do for Diet and Digestion Problems
When it comes to numbers one and two, perform this experiment: For one week, eat only protein and vegetables. Before each meal, drink half a glass of water. With each meal, take from one to three Zypan and one to three Okra Pepsin E3 tablets (both from Standard Process).

In fact, a good way to test if you have too much or too little stomach acid is to do the Zypan test. Simply take two Zypan tablets with your meal. If your digestion improves, you have too little stomach acid and should continue to use Zypan. If you get a tingling or light burning, you have too much stomach acid; in that case, use one to three Gastrex tablets (from Standard Process) instead of Zypan. The rest of the therapy will be the same.

While on your experimental week, eat until you are only three-quarters full. This is critical, because the stomach needs a little extra space to churn and swirl its contents with the digestive enzymes. If your stomach is stuffed completely full of food, the swirling and churning will force food into the esophagus simply because there’s not enough room in your stomach.

Food allergies can also cause heartburn and GERD. Some of those that most commonly cause GERD are wheat, sugar, chocolate, onions, tomatoes, and citrus. If you are not getting the expected results from other therapies, and if you suspect food allergies, send us a self-addressed, stamped (with two stamps) envelope and write FOOD ALLERGIES.

Prescription Drugs
As stated, drugs can also be a cause of GERD problems. The most common problems come from muscle relaxants, asthma drugs like theophylline, and beta antagonists. Since antacids are most often not necessary, if your doctor prescribes them, be sure to read the article, “Gas and Bloating After Eating: So Common -— It’s ‘Normal’ ”.

Mechanical Problems (Hiatal Hernia)
Nowadays, thousands (perhaps millions) of people are being treated with drugs and even surgery to correct GERD, while no attention is paid to the mechanical or structural causes of the problem. Even those doctors who suggest a nutritional/dietary approach generally ignore mechanical/structural causes. That’s not surprising since probably not one in 1,000 physicians knows how to detect and correct the underlying and mechanical causes of GERD.

Thanks to people like George Goodheart, DC, and in particular the now deceased Richard Van Rumpt, DC, the critical information needed to detect and correct hiatal hernia and mechanical causes of GERD is available. It is usually a chiropractor or kinesiologist who knows how to perform this service. But you can often detect and treat a GERD problem yourself with the right data.

Upwards of 50% of the general population over age 60 may have the structural weakness likened to a hiatal hernia, when a portion of the stomach or stomach contents are allowed up through the diaphragm into the chest cavity or esophagus (see schematic). The general complaints of this condition are indigestion, heartburn, angina, vomiting, ulcers, left-arm pain, palpitations, difficult breathing, or just plain chronic fullness and bloating.

Diagnosis and Treatment
If you wish to test someone else or yourself, try this treatment with the help of a partner. You will need a watch or clock with a second hand. For the sake of my instructions, your partner will be the patient.

(Reverse roles if you are the actual patient.) Have your partner hold his or her breath for as long as possible. Record the time in seconds. Now place your hand on the upper abdomen just under the “V” of the breastbone and ribs [see photo].

Use a steady, heavy, inward and downward pressure for ten to 15 seconds while the patient relaxes and breathes normally. Repeat this three or four times. Now test your partner’s breath-holding time again. Compare this time with the original. If the breath-holding time increases by 50% or more, this is diagnostic of hiatal hernia or a mechanical problem with the diaphragm and stomach.

The procedure used in diagnosing this problem is also the same procedure used to treat the condition. While it may have to be repeated several times until successful, it will usually provide some immediate relief from the first treatment. If you have problems with the standing treatment, you can also perform the treatment with the patient lying down with the head and shoulders supported by pillows [as shown in the next photo]. In this case, you will use the fleshy part of your hand and wrist to apply the inward and downward pressure. Your hand makes contact under the ribs, slightly left of center. Apply pressure inward and downward toward the patient’s left foot. Hold the pressure the same as in the standing treatment.

In all cases, be sure you are free of the patient’s ribs and rib ends. Ribs can snap (especially if the ribs are brittle). If you are squeamish, or if the patient is old and has brittle bones, it is best to have a professional perform this therapy. Generally chiropractors, osteopaths, and kinesiologists know how to perform this treatment. To find a referral for one of these doctors near you, call the International College of Applied Kinesiology (1-913-384-5336) or e-mail

Once you get a list of doctors near your home, call them up and tell them you are a Health Alert reader and you want to know if they are familiar with correcting a hiatal hernia with the technique described in this article. The one who tells you that he or she does this treatment all the time is most likely the one you want to visit.

How Many Treatments?
The general rule is to treat until successful. In some instances, the problem within the muscle of the diaphragm is so great, treatment may need to continue periodically throughout life. In most cases, relief comes quickly. With some people, during treatment, the stomach will actually be pulled back through the diaphragm out of the chest and into the abdomen with a feeling similar to pulling a cork out of a bottle. In general, treat daily, then three times per week, then weekly, then biweekly, then monthly, and so on.

While the dietary changes are absolutely necessary when it comes to indigestion, the reason so many doctors and patients fail to manage this problem is that the mechanics of the stomach are overlooked. So keep this in mind. And even if your doctor tells you that you do not have a hiatal hernia or any problem in your diaphragm, perform the test I’ve recommended anyway. It is diagnostic and no matter what your doctor’s tests say (including x-rays and scope tests of the GI tract), treatment is needed when your diagnosis is positive.

If you eliminate the mechanical problem and follow the dietary and nutritional supplement advice in this article, you will be performing a vital service for your entire body. Instead of making yourself permanently sick with antacids, you will allow for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients, thereby providing your body with its priceless source of energy and life. If you need more information about what to eat and what not to eat, as well as what to combine with what, send us a self-addressed, stamped (with two stamps) envelope and write FOOD COMBINING.

Return To Hands-On Healing
Health care professionals of all types have gotten away from hands-on healing. Every day, the body is inundated with all kinds of forces, some emotional and many physical. Occasionally something gets knocked out of place. For the most part, the body is capable of adjusting itself back to normal. But sometimes, something gets stuck.

This occurs all the time in the spine, and now you know it can also occur in the diaphragm and stomach. To think that all treatment should be shots, prescriptions, vitamins, or some other nonphysical therapy is absurd. There is a time when the doctor’s hands need to be placed on the patient and some form of force or adjustment needs to be delivered. If this is the situation with you (such as the hiatal hernia problem), all the pills, shots, potions, and lotions in the world will not suffice.

Remember, bodies get stuck and often need some physical help. In particular, the problem with the diaphragm and hiatal hernia is serious and extremely common. It is almost always treated improperly, and the wrong treatment causes untold cases of iatrogenic disease. The cost is astronomical and the suffering is unnecessary.

This problem can be treated at home with the help of a spouse or a friend. But if you feel frail and at risk from this or any other treatment, do not try it on your own. Go straight to a professional.

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Except for those with heart disease or those at the highest risk for heart disease, all the standard medical risk factors added up to mostly nothing when it comes to predicting heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. And for healthy adults, even the "alternative" risk factors, like homocysteine and C-Reactive protein findings were next to useless.

This is a big one since so many multiple risk factor intervention programs are in full swing, with more planned, throughout the US and Europe. The typical risk factors include cholesterol, smoking, blood pressure and diabetes. And programs include prescription drugs as their centerpiece, with counseling and education as adjunct treatments.

These are led up by the American Heart Association, the AMA, local and state governments, and even the federal government.

Yet just as was found 10 years ago by the Cochrane Heart Group and Cochrane Collaboration treating risk factors was "ineffective in achieving reductions in total or cardiovascular disease mortality (death)."

Indeed the findings of these interventional programs showed that some people actually got worse. Overall deaths actually increased among the drug-treated group with high blood pressure. And some did benefit. Those were the folks at the very highest risk of heart disease.

But in the end, it showed once again that high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. were poor predictors of heart disease, stroke or death in healthy people. And the same can be said for the biomarker risk factors like homocysteine, C-Reactive protein, B-type natriuretic peptide. The conclusions were that the costs of using these risk factors and treating for the same are very high, and these resources would be better spent in other areas, or simply on those at the highest risk levels.

If you are healthy, and when your health screening finds your cholesterol at 250 (which is normal), or your blood pressure to be 140/90 (which is normal), do not be fooled into powerful, dangerous, usually life-long prescription drug treatments. This is "not particularly effective in terms of reducing the risk of clinical events (stroke, heart attack, angina, etc.)"

But What About CRP and Homocysteine?
Around about 2005 I began wondering about the relevance of homocysteine levels. After all, synthetic B vitamins would often lower homocysteine to safe levels, yet do nothing to help heal the heart. Was this finding not as important as I previously thought. That may indeed be the case. I now feel that the lowering of the homocysteine levels has little direct correlation to heart disease.

And while I still monitor the C-Reactive protein (CRP) levels in heart patients, I now feel that a high CRP level is just an ancillary finding. In some cases, it can help diagnose inflammation or infection in the coronary arteries. But it is probably not the major risk factor that many of us were convinced of.

So it is back to basics. Taking all the tests, getting all the counseling, following the low-fat diet, taking the drugs like Caduet (a cholesterol-lowering and blood pressure drug combined into one), doesn't amount to much, and can even hurt you. Instead, eat whole foods, exercise, drink pure water, keep a positive attitude, and use phytonutrients when needed. This is the formula for heart success.

This will be a hard pill for most in the medical profession to swallow. After all, screenings, interventions, and drugs are critical to their ongoing control over people and patients. There are thousands of well-meaning physicians right now that truly believe that a statin (cholesterol-lowering) drug should be prescribed for every American over age 50!

More Medical Myths
The risk factors for heart disease are taking their place among medical myths. While the list of myths is growing, some of the classics are:

1. Taking an aspirin a day forever will make you live longer.

2. Low-carbohydrate diets are unsafe and ineffective for losing weight.

3. Nearly everyone would benefit by using statin (cholesterol-lowering) drugs.

4. Nearly everyone over age 50 should take blood pressure drugs.

5. All radiation is dangerous unless administered by an oncologist.

6. Annual mammograms and follow-up treatment prolong life.

7. Cancer treatments are better than ever-with cure rates of over 60%.

8. Water fluoridation prevents tooth decay and is perfectly safe.

These are classic medical myths. They become malignant myths when they are prolonged for more than 15 years. Almost all of these fit that definition.

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